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4/4 Afternoon News - Taxes and an Ironic Meeting...

News Items
Clintons report $109.2M for 7 years
"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Clinton reported $20.4 million in income for 2007 and more than $109 million since 2000 as they gave the public the most detailed look at their finances in eight years. ..."
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Clinton aide sorry for trade meeting
"Hillary Rodham Clinton's chief strategist apologized Friday for meeting with Colombian officials pushing a free trade agreement that the presidential candidate opposes. ..."
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Clinton returns: Assets and liabilities
"The 2006 return also contains a foreign tax credit worth $285,368, which could be an issue in a race that has been hostile to the notion of overseas jobs — though the details of that figure (line 47 of the 1040 from 2006) aren't immediately obvious. ..."

Obama Refutes Colombian President
"Sen. Barack Obama pushed back against criticism from Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who said Obama opposes the free-trade deal between Washington and Bogota because of election politics. ..."

On Obama in Indiana, Not Memphis
"All the presidential candidates will be in Memphis to offer condolences today, save one: Obama. The Illinois senator today chose to speak instead in Indiana -- a long way from the civil rights struggles of the '60s. But his absence, intended or not, may still be a lesson. ..."

More on Obama in Indiana
"Obama tied the downturn in the economy to Dr. King’s struggle for social equality at a town hall here today. ..."

Pledged to Hillary—But Predicting Obama
"A Clinton superdelegate talks about race, black oratory and why he's sticking with his longshot candidate. ..."

Candidates Remember King, Clinton Chokes Up
"At the top of his prepared remarks solely devoted to the anniversary, the Illinois senator said he had spoken to the King family this morning and then prompted the crowd to observe a moment of silence. ..."
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My Conversation with David Axelrod
"I spoke to David Axelrod, Chief Strategist for the Obama campaign, last night about where he sees the race. Here is part of what he said: ..."

Clinton Accepts CBS Debate; Obama Deciding
"Hillary Rodham Clinton has signed off on a Democratic debate in North Carolina to be aired live on CBS News, but Barack Obama's campaign is still deciding on whether to accept the offer. ..."

Reid: Clinton, Obama Fight Does "Zero Damage" To Democrats
"The protracted battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination is doing 'zero damage' to the party and instead is helping it prepare for the November election," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told Bloomberg Television. ..."

Obama: Economy sliding into recession
"As economy worsens, Obama says rivals are behind the curve ..."

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama by 5 Points Over Clinton
"Barack Obama holds a 5-percentage point advantage over Hillary Clinton in national Democratic voters' nomination preferences, at 49% to 44%. ..."

New Poll Shows Tight Indiana Race
"There has been little polling out of Indiana in this election cycle, but yesterday brought new numbers showing Hillary Clinton with a three-point lead over Barack Obama in the state. ..."

Meet the Oboptimists
"The latest New York Times/CBS News poll found a striking difference between the way that Senator Barack Obama’s voters think about the future and the that way Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s voters do ..."

With John on Her Side
"As news of Hillary Clinton's latest electoral gambit spread through political circles this morning, it wasn't hard to imagine Barack Obama snapping at aide aboard ObamaAir: Why didn't I think of that? ..."

Cafferty: Should superdelegates make up their minds early?
"Another day closer to the slow, painful, but inevitable end that seems more and more to be staring Hillary Clinton square in the face. Barack Obama has now drawn almost even with Clinton among the superdelegates. ..."

The Democrats and the black vote
"Were the superdelegates to nominate Clinton, despite Obama gaining a plurality among the pledged delegates, they would run the risk of alienating black voters in November. ..."

Um....Rocky Lost. And Lying Is Like Farting.
"Lying is when you say something you know to be false. Shameful is when you tell that lie repeatedly over many years. Shameless is what happens when you joke about it as if it's something that just kinda happens. ..."

The Popular Vote Fallacy
"But while most media types treated Corzine and Murtha's mirror-image remarks as evidence of an exit strategy, they failed to acknowledge the fallacious assumption underlying the whole discussion: that there's even a popular vote for Clinton to win.Sadly, there's not. ..."

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