Wednesday, April 30, 2008

4/30 Morning News: Two More Supers

News Items
Obama Picks Up Another Superdelegate
Representative Bruce Braley of Iowa intends to announce his support this afternoon for Barack Obama.
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Indiana Superdelegate Rep. Baron Hill Will Endorse Obama Today
The Obama campaign confirms that he's going to pick up the endorsement tonight of super-delegate and Indiana Rep. Baron Hill.

The Note: Wrighting the Ship
In seeking to put an end to the firestorm -- and, essentially (and finally), to his relationship with his long-time pastor -- Obama flashed the anger and indignation of a man wronged personally and professionally -- just maybe the qualities an undecided superdelegate wants to see in a presidential nominee.
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Obama can transform America's image, says Jimmy Carter
Former President Jimmy Carter has given Barack Obama a major boost by calling for the bitter Democratic nomination battle to end on June 3rd and speaking glowingly of his ability to “transform the image” of America.

Candidates' Plans Could Indirectly Raise Gas Prices
Although the major presidential candidates are making record gasoline prices a campaign issue, they are avoiding mention of measures they each support that would indirectly raise prices at the pump.

Obama campaign files FEC complaint against pro-Clinton group
Barack Obama’s campaign has filed a formal complaint over a pro-Hillary Clinton group running ads attacking the Illinois senator on jobs and the economy in the critical primary state of Indiana.

Obama backer predicts victory in Hill war
Capitol Hill insiders say the battle for congressional superdelegates is over, and one Senate supporter of Barack Obama is hinting strongly that he has prevailed over Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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First Thoughts: Dumping Wright
Clearly, superdelegates were the most important audience yesterday. They may be relieved Obama finally showed an ability to deal with a baggage crisis head-on, but they still will want to know if Wright will continue to dog him. Obama's back was against the wall and he delievered.

New Obama Ad: "Return"
A new North Carolina spot casts Obama as commander-in-chief, and touts his record on veterans' issues.

Will Obama's Move Win Over Whites, Anger Blacks?
Several referred to Obama's speech as his "Sista Souljah moment," referring to Bill Clinton's condemnation of the strident rap performer during the 1992 campaign, which broadened his appeal to centrist voters.

Obama’s Test: Will Offensive Against Wright Pay Off in the Primaries?
Former Bill Clinton adviser and columnist Dick Morris said Obama’s stand Tuesday was a “good move,” because Wright continued to threaten his non-racial image as “a guy running for president who happened to be dark-skinned.”

In Indiana, Hillary Attacks On the Airwaves
The Obama campaign calls the spot “a misleading attack ad that’s emblematic of why Washington has failed to make progress on the tough issues that face Indiana families.”
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GOP gives Clinton the silent treatment
Hillary Clinton’s decisive Pennsylvania primary win last week may have reinvigorated her campaign, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to the Republican party.

Starting Gate: Hoosier Winner?
For the first time in a long time the expectations game may be working in Obama’s favor. Although expected to win comfortably in North Carolina next Tuesday, Indiana is where most of the attention will likely be focused.

Clinton Stops at the Pumps
The Democratic candidate pushes her plan for lower gas prices; but doesn't fill the tank herself.

Clinton adds third new superdelegate in 24 hours
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO president and superdelegate Bill George announced his support for Hillary Clinton Wednesday.

Obama Has Republicans Dusting Off `Liberal' Attacks
Republicans plan to paint Obama as a liberal who is out of step with mainstream Americans on abortion, crime and health care, the same label used against failed Democratic candidates George McGovern and John Kerry.

2 Minutes of Late Night
Here's Jay Leno on the Reverend Wright and Obama while Craig Ferguson takes on Hillary Clinton and O'Reilly.

Polling Results
Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s Obama 47%, Clinton 43% ...

Gallup Top-of-Mind Candidate Perceptions In-Depth
Barack Obama is much better known today than before the campaign got underway, but the dominant perceptions of him (as being young and inexperienced and a fresh face with new ideas) have changed little.

Poll: Hillary Ahead By Eight In Indiana
A new survey of Indiana from Public Policy Polling (D) gives Hillary Clinton a good-sized lead going into Tuesday's primary: Clinton 50%, Obama 42%.

Poll shows Obama ahead with N.J. Democrats
A Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey poll finds 45 percent of the Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents surveyed would like to see Obama get the party's nomination compared to 38 percent for Hillary Clinton.

52% Say Candidate Policies Matter More Than Character, 36% Disagree
Fifty-two percent (52%) of voters nationwide say that it is more important to understand a candidate’s specific policy proposals rather than the candidate’s character.

Dumb as We Wanna Be
Hillary Clinton has decided to line up with John McCain in pushing to suspend the federal excise tax on gasoline, 18.4 cents a gallon, for this summer’s travel season. This is not an energy policy. This is money laundering ...

Obama The Inevitable
The debate that has now begun comes too late for Hillary Clinton. The superdelegates, who can vote for the candidate of their choice without taking voter preferences into account, in fact have no other choice but to nominate Obama.

Wright, Jefferson and the Wrath of God
Not all of what Wright says is comforting. Nor are his views universally appealing or entirely unassailable. But they are very much within the mainstream of American religious and political discourse.

Wright Way or the Right Way: What Obama Needs to Do Now
Second, Obama's statements in last 24 hours of being passionately critical of Wright and saying he was out of step with America were the only choice he had left. It was his only option and he seized it well.

Embrace Your Inner Elitist
If you're rejecting Obama because he's "an elitist," then I'd like to ask you to turn in your passport and leave the country immediately. The smart people would like it back.

Obama's Chickens Come Home to Roost
The purpose of Obama's famous speech on race was to make Wright seem reasonable, understandable, even mainstream. The Obama campaign's hope, no doubt, was that this would make the Wright story go away. But Wright interpreted it as an invitation.

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