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4/30 Evening News: Closing the Super Gap

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Expert Support For Gas Tax Holiday Appears Nonexistent
Over the past several days, some of the nation's leading economic and political pundits have weighed in critically on the proposal of both Sens. Hillary Clinton and John McCain to institute a gas tax holiday this summer.

Kerry Rips MSNBC On Wright: 'You People Need To Let Go Of This'
Kerry, who's maybe a little sensitive toward these sorts of issues, wasn't having it, and his displeasure manifested itself in the closest thing Kerry does that resembles losing his ever-loving mind.

Political Pandering
Suspending the federal gas tax is a crass ploy for votes. Why Hillary Clinton and John McCain should know better.

Obama closing in on Clinton's advantage among superdelegates
Barack Obama is closing in on Democratic presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton's advantage among superdelegates, building on his lead in the primary race even as he faces troubled times.

Delegate Update: Obama 3, Clinton 2
Today, Obama has three superdelegates to Clinton's two. To recap: OBAMA: Rep. Baron Hill (IN), Rep. Bruce Braley (IA), Rep. Lois Capps. CLINTON: Bill George (PA AFL-CIO president), Luisette Cabanas (PR DNC member).
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Obama Responds On Gas Price Debate In New Spot
Excellent ad countering the obvious pandering of the gas tax holiday proposal.
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Obama Gets Back To "Change" Theme In Indiana Ads
While the Clinton campaign has launched an ad in Indiana attacking Obama's record, the Illinois senator is staying positive with his two TV ads in the state.

It's Time to Play the Superdelegate Sweepstakes!
We never tire of reminding the American people that they have very little influence over the outcome of the Democratic nominating contest. It's always fun to call people insignificant. Instead, all the power rests with the party poobahs and elected officials known as superdelegates.

Obama, Clinton Court Working Families
Barack Obama teamed up with wife Michelle on Wednesday to court working families with a little kitchen table conversation about tax cuts. Rival Hillary Rodham Clinton hitched a ride in a pickup truck to a gas pump to illustrate the pain inflicted on ordinary families ...

Indiana Black Voters Feeling Ignored
The state's African-American constituency remains strongly in Obama's camp. But is the candidate taking them for granted?

Rev. Wright Still On Voter's Minds
Barack Obama tried to put the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy behind him today by focusing his message on the economy and middle class tax cuts. However, at his first campaign stop here, Obama was asked about Wright right off the bat.
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Obama’s lawmakers try to shrug off Rev. Wright
Lawmakers supporting Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) say they have no fears about a backlash against Democrats or their candidate because of the controversial remarks by Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Fact Check: Obama and the gas taxes
Obama's presidential campaign says the lessons of that Illinois tax holiday influenced his decision to oppose a national tax holiday. The lack of clear results then make him dubious about suspending the national tax now.

Hillary Clinton: Wright Remarks 'Offensive and Outrageous'
Sen. Clinton, D-N.Y., speaking exclusively to FOX News, called Wright's comments "offensive and outrageous," telling conservative talk show host Bill O'Reilly that she going to leave the controversy "up to voters to decide."
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Clinton calls Wright comments 'offensive and outrageous'

Obama Takes Heat for Opposing Gas Tax Holiday
Barack Obama, on the stump and over the airwaves Wednesday, stood by his opposition to a proposed gas tax holiday, decrying it as a quick-fix campaign gimmick as Hillary Clinton and John McCain continued to hammer him for not getting on board.
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Hillary And Obama Now Spending Almost Equally In NC and IN
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have now reached parity in TV ads for the two upcoming primary states, an indication that Hillary's pre-Pennsylvania cash-flow problems have been fixed for the time being and she's able to compete on roughly equal terms.

SEIU Hits Airwaves For Obama In Indiana
Here's a first look at a new ad the SEIU is going to run in Indiana on behalf of Barack Obama.

Obama seeks to quell supporters' concern
Obama said he belatedly condemned Wright's remarks because he did not see a transcript or video of Monday's appearance until the next day.

Obama Says Clinton's Advantage Is Name Recognition
Yesterday, Obama attributed Hillary Clinton’s success with working class Democrats in Pennsylvania and Ohio to her name recognition. “Many of them view me favorably, it’s just that they’ve known her longer and feel loyal to her,” Obama said.

Mum's the word for Michelle on Rev. Wright
Democrat Barack Obama's wife Michelle chose silence Wednesday when the couple were asked about recent comments made by their former pastor, and the harsh words Sen. Obama had for him Tuesday.

McCain directs '100 year' fire at Obama
John McCain responded to a question about groups that continue to use his "100 years" remark in negative ads by directing his fire at Barack Obama.

Obama Camp's FEC Complaint
The Obama camp held a conference call Wednesday morning to publicize a 64-page complaint it has filed with the Federal Election Commission against the American Leadership Project, which is running an anti-Obama ad in Indiana and which Obama's lawyer called Swift Boat wannabes.
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Clyburn to Wright: ‘Silence is golden’
The Democratic congressman – who has not yet publicly backed a candidate – expressed relief over the controversial minister’s absence from the campaign trail the day after Barack Obama expressed called his comments “divisive and destructive.”

Wright uproar boosts Clinton confidence
Aides have stopped rolling eyes at their own campaign bluster, even if evidence of her comeback is less than assured.

Angry Floridians
A small but very fired up group of Floridians rallied in the street outside the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters here today, demanding that their primary votes be counted and threatening to literally block the doors of the Democratic Convention if they aren't.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Virtual Tie Persists in Democratic Race
National Democratic voters are essentially divided in their presidential nomination preferences between Hillary Clinton (47%) and Barack Obama (46%), according to April 27-29 Gallup Poll Daily tracking results.

Polls: Clinton, Obama are close nationally
Polls: Clinton, Obama are close nationally, but growing numbers see Obama unfavorably.

Obama's Negatives Rise, Clinton Tops McCain in New Poll
A new CBS/New York Times poll released on Wednesday shows Sen. Obama, D-Ill., and presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., tied in a hypothetical general election match-up, while Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., edges out McCain by a five-point margin.
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Poll: Obama Edges Into National Lead
The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that Obama has edged back into a national lead over Hillary.

Poll finds Wright impact
A Fox poll finds that Obama may lose some voters over his now-severed relationship with Wright.

Obama's Lebron Moment
It's Showtime for Obama and while this isn't the Apollo, his critics can be an equally cruel crowd of onlookers as they try to chide and boo him off the political stage.

Can Clinton Take the Tar Heel State?
Now it's Obamaniacs who are shaking in their boots. The source of stress? A pair of North Carolina polls that show Clinton slashing the Illinois senator's initial lead--a "Clinton in the Keystone State"-esque 15 to 20 points earlier this month--in half.

Fathers and Sons
Obama is the first black leader to suggest that we are on the verge of arriving at a post-racist society. If Obama is right, Jeremiah Wright goes out of business.

ABC Digs Into Clinton Trade Hypocrisy
This is a pristine example of Clintonian deception. First comes the pander, then revelation that the whole thing was originally brought about by the Clinton administration, and finally there's the lying.

Clinton playing by her own set of rules
Hillary Clinton is living in a fantasy world where she makes the rules.

Can Obama close the door on Wright?
Obama made clear his disgust with Wright's remarks made Monday at the National Press Club, saying he was "outraged" and "saddened by the spectacle." What's unclear is its effect on voters.

Cafferty: Has Rev. Wright swayed the superdelegates?
Yesterday on this program former President Carter, who is a superdelegate, was asked if he would support the candidate he voted for in the Georgia primary. His answer was, "Yes, unless I change my mind." And therein lies the problem for Barack Obama.

Blitzer: Has Wright been advised to shut up? And will he?
Like dozens of reporters, I called Wright’s spokesperson to get his reaction. She told me he has so far not issued any written statement or made any public statement. I don’t know if that silence will remain in place.

While Clinton Focuses, Obama Is Distracted
The Indiana and North Carolina primaries are perhaps the best chance yet for Hillary Rodham Clinton to prove that she is the stronger candidate.

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