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Clinton Fundraising For March
"The Clinton campaign reports raising $20 million for the month of March, ABCNews has learned -- about half of what the Obama campaign says it raised that month. ..."
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Obama close to Bush record
"Obama is now just $25 million shy of reaching President Bush's overall record for presidential primary fundraising. In 2004, Bush raised a total of $259 million for his uncontested primary campaign. ..."

The Clinton Tax Returns: What Will They Reveal?
"Hillary Clinton has been pulling out all the stops to win the Democratic nomination for president -- but one: she still has not released her family's tax returns. ..."

Clinton, Obama Use Different Tactics To Court Superdelegates
"Clinton's aggressive attempt at persuasion didn't work in Richardson's case, but that hasn't stopped her campaign from honing its pitch to the party leaders who could decide the nomination. ..."

Report: Edwards rules out being VP
"Former presidential candidate John Edwards said Thursday he will not accept the No. 2 spot on the Democratic presidential ticket, Reuters reports. ..."

Clinton backers: She must win popular vote
"Two prominent supporters of Hillary Clinton suggested Thursday the New York senator needs to best rival Barack Obama in the total popular vote to have any chance at winning her party's presidential nomination. ..."
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Dems to Obama, Clinton: Cut some spending
"DLC warns candidates to show commitment to fiscal discipline ..."

Democrats: The fix is on
"Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean has a plan that will produce a nominee before his party's convention in August, avoiding what he fears could be a "really ugly and nasty" fiasco. ..."

EXCLUSIVE: Clinton and McCain Set to Share the Stage Tomorrow in Memphis. Will Obama Join Them?
"This will be the first time the Democratic and Republican rivals have appeared on the same stage since posing for a photo-op in between the back-to-back Republican and Democratic debates in New Hampshire on Jan. 6. ..."

Clinton Floats Delegate Petition
"Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has been using hardcore civil rights argot in her push to seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan – states she won even though the campaigns pledged not to stump there. ..."

Obama adviser helped Trinity United Church find P.R. help
"One of Barack Obama’s senior advisers helped arrange public relations help for Trinity United Church as it grappled with tough coverage in the wake of the Jeremiah Wright controversy, according to a new report. ..."
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Clinton Still Leads Among Elected Supers
"There is some discussion today about elected superdelegates and which candidate is leading among the group. An NBC News analysis shows Clinton maintains a 94-92 lead among the 306 Democratic U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives and state governors. ..."

Carter hints at support for Obama
"Former President Carter wouldn't quite say it, but he left little doubt this week about who he'd like to see in the White House next year. ..."

Air America Host Suspended for Clinton Remarks
"Randi Rhodes, an afternoon host for the progressive Air America radio network, was suspended Thursday after repeatedly insulting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at an event last month. ..."

Top Hillary Adviser: Richardson Privately Said Obama Is Unelectable
"Bill Richardson repeatedly promised he would not endorse Obama -- and the reason he gave was that Obama wasn't ready -- he couldn't be elected. ..."

Polling Results
Pennsylvania poll shows Clinton campaign on life support
"This could be the beginning of the end of the Clinton campaign. The crosstabs show Obama trailing among white voters, but by only a 49%-40% margin. More importantly, Obama has a lead among African-American voters of 56%-29%, with the remainder undecided. ..."
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Gallup Daily: Race Steady at Obama 49%, Clinton 46%
"National Democratic voters remain closely divided in their preferences for the Democratic presidential nomination, with 49% supporting Barack Obama and 46% backing Hillary Clinton. ..."

Obama found a home in his church
"A young Barack Obama was searching for answers, and perhaps a place to belong, when he decided to visit a fast-growing church recommended by friends. What he heard left him in tears. ..."

Obama and Lincoln
"Both are tall lawyers who came from humble surroundings. Both began their political careers in the Illinois legislature. Lincoln, like Obama, also wrote his own speeches. ..."

Cafferty: Your least favorite pick for president?
"Here’s my question to you: Which of the three remaining candidates – John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama – would you least want to see elected president and why? ..."

Will Dem nominee affect youth vote?
"Obama certainly has dominated the youth vote in the Democratic primaries, winning it in all but three states. But in terms of boosting youth turnout this fall and, by extension, the Democratic Party's chances of taking the White House, it is unclear ..."

Can Ed Rendell Deliver for Clinton?
"I don't think any endorsement for President means jack," Ed Rendell will tell you. But if you spend a morning watching the popular governor of Pennsylvania work the phone for his favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, you quickly see why he is the exception to his own rule. ..."

Expertinent: The 'Authenticity' Election
"Politicians, of course, are fake. Everyone knows that. But more and more it seems that what they're required to fake is being real. ..."

9/11: Where Barack Obama and Condi Rice Sound Alarmingly Alike
"Perhaps Obama might better strengthen his image of having a handle on national security issues by not sounding so much like the disgraceful, incompetent Condoleezza Rice. ..."

FirstRead: Let the Conversation Continue
"I want to be as accessible to the people of North Carolina as possible, but obviously we are campaigning hard in all of the remaining states," Clinton said. "And so I wanted to give folks this opportunity to ask me questions. ..."

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