Thursday, April 3, 2008

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Clinton denies Obama electability remark
"Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared Thursday to deny published reports that she told New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson that Barack Obama cannot win the general election. But her campaign aides later said the New York senator had misunderstood the question. ..."
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Richardson Camp Response to Accusations That He Questioned Obama’s Electability
"Governor Richardson has never questioned Senator Obama’s electability. He believes Barack Obama is the right person to lead this country and he will be America’s next President. ..."

Obama recruits for post-primary fight
"In an e-mail Thursday, the campaign announced the launch of an "Obama Fellows" program, to train young volunteers and assign them as grassroots organizers for at least six weeks over the summer. ..."

Oregon: 26 Elected Leaders Endorse Obama
"Demonstrating how much support Sen. Obama has here in Oregon, yesterday morning on the capitol steps in Salem group of 26 elected Oregon officials enthusiastically announced their endorsement of Barack in the presidential primary. ..."

Clinton: ‘There Is No Such Thing as a Pledged Delegate’
"Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is unlikely to catch rival Barack Obama in pledged delegates, hinted on Thursday that she hoped to persuade a few to back her instead of him. “There is no such thing as a pledged delegate,” Clinton said at a news conference ..."

Obama Running Spanish-Language TV Ad In Philly
"Barack Obama has a new Spanish-language TV ad in the Philadelphia market, focusing on issues like education and children's health care: ..."

McCain March haul 'not competitive with Obama'
"A senior McCain adviser tells CNN that the campaign’s March fundraising numbers will be “better than they usually are for us, but not competitive with Obama. ..."

Clinton agrees to debate Obama in NC
"Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have both signed off on a Democratic debate in North Carolina. Now comes the debate over when to have it. ..."

Obama’s Church Asks Reporters for Some Respect, Privacy
"Leaders of Obama’s church ... asked reporters for respect, saying threats and a media onslaught are disrupting worship at the South Side church. The church has increased security in response to threatening telephone calls, letters and e-mails, they said. ..."
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Clinton’s Rendell: There’s 50% About Obama We Don’t Know Yet
"I will grant you that, let's say that there's 10% about Hillary Clinton that we don't know yet, I will grant you that, but I would say there's also about 50% about Barack Obama that we don't know yet," Rendell said. ..."

Republicans feel good about Obama match-up
"Hillary Clinton may be the Democrat who Republicans love to hate, but some Republican strategists say they have no fear of a match-up with her rival Barack Obama in November's presidential election. ..."

Polling Results
Poll: 76 percent say U.S. ready for black president
"More than three quarters, 76 percent, of respondents in a CNN/Essence Magazine/Opinion Research Corp. poll said the country is ready to be led by an African-American, up 14 percentage points since December 2006. ..."

Poll: Clinton, Obama neck and neck in Hoosier state
"In a sample of 400 likely Democratic primary voters, Clinton would reap 49 percent of the vote and Obama would earn 46 percent of the vote if the election were held today. But that’s within the poll’s 5 percent margin of error. ..."

New CBS/NYT Sounding
"The internals look significantly better for Obama than Clinton. ... Democrats overwhelmingly think Obama's the stronger general election candidate -- 56% to 32%. ..."
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A values question
"This, from a CBS/NYT poll of 1368 registered voters (.pdf) out this evening, cuts across quite a bit of conventional wisdom, and seems to suggest that attacks which really centered on Obama's values and patriotism haven't, yet, cut. ..."

Strategic Vision: PA Poll: Clinton 49, Obama 41
"A new Strategic Vision (R) poll shows Clinton ahead 49% to 41% with Obama having gained ground in the past two weeks. ..."

Could Money Woes Eventually Force Clinton from the Race?
"I bring this up because we've suddenly reached the end of another month (and the start of another money-maniacal news cycle)--and only by looking back at February can we see how bleak March looks for Clinton. ..."

Knockout try could be risky for Obama
"At no time in this tightly fought presidential primary has there been such a stark imbalance between the two Democrats. So, why not go in for the kill? ... While it may be tempting for Obama to launch a final assault, some experts say, there are limits to what he can expect ..."

Friends Don't Let Friends...
"Bill's comments are ever more inappropriate. Hillary looks exhausted. Get her a bed soon and some hot tea or she may end up ducking sniper fire on the train to Cukoo-ville. If you love them...set them free. ..."

Clinton's New Ad Is Plea for Relevance
"Clinton's rationale for preparing an anti-McCain ad when she barely has enough money contesting against Obama can seem puzzling, but there a number of very clear reasons justifying this move. Clinton wants to stay relevant. ..."

Hillary's speaking style
"Hillary Clinton's oratorical skills are less easy to define than Obama's. She aims more for a plainspoken wonkiness -- sort of a midwestern political nerd. ..."

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