Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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Obama Says He'd Consider Gore for Cabinet
"Not only will I, but I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we solve this problem. He’s someone that I talk to on a regular basis, I’m already consulting with him in terms of these issues," Obama said. ..."
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Obama Has Testy Exchange In Philadelphia
"Barack Obama’s six-day bus tour has been chock-full of local stops through out the state, ... However, during a stop at the Italian Market in Philadelphia, Obama had several testy run-ins with a man who wanted to take a picture with the senator. ..."
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Forget Bowling. How About Some Hoops?
"Here’s the plan: high school students who will turn 18 before the November election are being urged to register 20 friends or classmates to vote. From those who reach that goal, one will be chosen and allowed to pick two friends to play on their home court against Mr. Obama ..."

Obama Camp: Ickes Story Shows Hillary Campaign Taking "Low Road"
"The Obama camp has now taken a direct shot at the Hillary campaign over our story yesterday reporting that Jeremiah Wright is a topic in discussions between senior Hillary adviser Harold Ickes and the uncommitted super-dels the Clinton camp is wooing. ..."

In Fundraising Letter, Obama Attacks Hillary For "Standing Behind Bush's Policy Of Non-Engagement"
"I've just obtained a copy of a new and rather voluminous fundraising letter that the Obama campaign sent out in Maryland, attacking Hillary for dirty politics and suggesting that she embraces President Bush's opposition to negotiating with hostile foreign leaders. ..."

NAFTA, Take Two
"I find it rather interesting,” Miller said, adding there’s “hard evidence” that in a “number of instances, she spoke in favor of” NAFTA … “lobbied for NAFTA. Why didn’t she speak to those of us” working against it? ..."

Obama Counters with Own 'Rocky' Jab
"I know there’s been some talk about Rocky Balboa over the last couple of days. And you know, we all love Rocky. We all love Rocky,” he said. “And last time I checked, I was the underdog in this state. ..."

Black Clinton Backer Concerned Obama Win Could Stifle Racial Progress
"... Cleaver said he thought the Illinois senator will win the Democratic presidential nomination, but that doesn’t mean the work will be done trying to improve race relations in America. ..."

Obama March money tomorrow
"Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs says a Time report that his campaign raised between $30 and $40 million isn't accurate, and that they'll have the number -- which they're very good at keeping secret -- tomorrow. ..."

Obama Changes Approach In Pennsylvania
"Despite a few stumbles -- at an Altoona bowling alley, Obama rolled a ball into a gutter on his first try -- political observers say he has started to make the inroads with voters he will need to cut into Clinton's lead. ..."

Teresa: Don't be so numerical
"No one counts the 8 years he was in the State Senate in Illinois, the years he was in south side of Chicago working as a community organizer. ..."

Polling Results
Presidential Candidates’ Weaknesses in Depth
"When Americans are asked which of the leading candidates left in the race for president they least want to see elected president this year, 40% name John McCain, 36% Hillary Clinton, and 20% Barack Obama. ..."

McCain Says Obama is Short on 'Specifics.' Try the Other Way Around.
"While McCain's remarks were heavy on the "past"--his rambunctious adolescence, his favorite teacher--they were relatively vague in regard to "the challenges of the future. ..."

Clinton’s Persistence Could Help Obama
"Another theory: She recognizes that she probably will not win the nomination. But a couple of possibilities are at play here. One is that lightning will strike, ... Or, perhaps more plausibly though counter-intuitively, she is actually helping the party by staying in. ..."

How to win superdelegates quickly
"Here are three policy proposals Clinton or Obama could pursue that would sway large blocs of superdelegates quickly. ..."

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