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4/18 Midday News: More Endorsements

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Heilemann: Robert Reich to Endorse Obama
If the Democratic presidential race were a poker game, by now you'd have to suspect that Barack Obama's campaign is dealing from the bottom of the deck: Rarely a day goes by when it doesn't slap another ace down on the table. The aces in this (possibly strained) metaphor are endorsements, and it often seems as if the Obama operation has an inexhaustible supply at its disposal.

Nunn And Boren Back Obama
Former Senators Sam Nunn and David Boren, in a joint statement, throw their support to Obama -- giving him two high-profile southerners that are both key foreign policy voices in the Democratic Party.
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Philly suburbs key to state primary win
To bisect the heart of the Democratic presidential contest, take the Chester exit of I-95 and wend your way to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. If Sen. Barack Obama has any chance of cultivating an upset on April 22, this 20-mile stretch is fertile land.

Obama Criticizes McCain on Economic Stance
Three days before the Pennsylvania presidential primary, Senator Barack Obama barely mentioned his Democratic rival here today, but rather criticized Senator John McCain’s assessment of the American economy.

Obama Looks To Turn Debate Into a Victory
Sen. Barack Obama attempted to get back on the offensive Thursday, arguing that his candidacy offers a clear departure from the attack politics and trivial issues that he said have dominated presidential campaigns and led to gridlock in Washington.

It's still 'the economy, stupid' in Pennsylvania
In 1992, Bill Clinton used the phrase "it's the economy, stupid" to win the White House amid a recession. Sixteen years later, his wife Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are fighting for the Democratic presidential nomination by promising relief from more hard times.

Corzine says Hillary Clinton needs big win vs. Obama in Pa.
A loss in Pennsylvania would be a "door closer" for Clinton, Corzine said. The New York Senator needs to win the popular vote, Corzine said.

Obama Begins Whistle Stop Tour By Lowering Expectations
Just five days before the highly anticipated Pennsylvania primary, Barack Obama kicks off a statewide campaign blitz today. He begins in the northwestern corner of the state, which is widely perceived as “Clinton country.”

Delegates pressured for support
Virginia's six uncommitted superdelegates are facing new pressure from Democratic activists to back Barack Obama for president. ... 40 party leaders from some of the largest localities express fear that the fight between Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton is weakening the party ...

Dems Set Sights on Pennsylvania Primary
At a town hall event in Raleigh, N.C., Obama literally tried to brush the whole thing off. "She was taking every opportunity to get a dig in there, that's her right to kind of twist the knife a little bit," Obama said before reiterating a point he made during the debate.

The Note: Baggage Check
For Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., a difficult debate can be erased by keeping it close in the Keystone State -- but he can add Bill Ayers to the list of names that will follow him for as long as he's a candidate.

Pa. primary won't sway superdelegates
Dozens of uncommitted superdelegates with sway over the Democratic presidential nomination say Pennsylvania's primary on Tuesday won't be the decisive factor in their choice between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Hopefuls Tweak Images on "Colbert"
Not to be outdone, Sen. Barack Obama, her rival for the Democratic nomination, showed up via satellite to poke fun at what he called the media's fixation on gaffes and trivialities.

McCain camp calls Obama 'recklessly dishonest'
John McCain's campaign is crying foul over what it characterizes as repeated distortions from Barack Obama, saying on Friday the Illinois senator is "recklessly dishonest."

Stephanopoulos Once Criticized The Tactics He Put To Use In Debate
Back when the shoe was on the other foot, and Stephanopoulos' job was that of a campaign insider, he insisted that the media hold itself to a higher standard, as this clip from The War Room demonstrates.

Dem: Clinton Vs. Obama Is A "Tea Party"
Political Players: Pa. Party Chairman, Clinton Supporter Says Primary Hasn't Been Negative Compared To Republican Attacks.

Obama unenthusiasticabout N.C. debate
"I could deliver Senator Clinton's lines," he said. "I'm sure she could deliver mine." He also expressed frustration about Wednesday night's debate in Philadelphia, where he found himself on the defensive over comments about rural Americans and ... Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Clinton to Obama: Stop Your Crying
You had to see this one coming. After all the carping about Wednesday night's Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton took the opportunity this morning on Fox 29 Good Morning Philadelphia to... well, call Barack Obama a girly-man.
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Clinton's Goal: Win Big in Pennsylvania, Sow Doubts Over Obama
With Sen. Hillary Clinton widely expected to win Pennsylvania's Democratic primary on Tuesday, most of the focus is on the margin. Anything less than a double-digit victory could solidify the perception that Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is the inevitable Democratic nominee ...

Hillary Hammers China Trade, Bill Took $1.25 Mil From Chinese Businesses
Indeed, since leaving the White House, the former president, according to a review of his records, has earned $1.25 million for six speaking engagements from Chinese businesses and forums.

There's no debate: Pens trump politics
About 57,000 more households in the Pittsburgh region tuned in to watch the Penguins beat up on the Ottawa Senators than tuned in to see two senators (Obama and Clinton) beat up on each other in the Democratic presidential debate, according to Nielsen Media Research.

How Obama and the radical became news
It began as a blog entry in 2005 from a woman to the left of Barack Obama. It turned into a conservative cause célèbre. Then it entered the mainstream consciousness in a prime-time debate on ABC. And that's when political emotions erupted on the campaign trail.

Obama and the former radicals
Evidence linking him to the ex-leaders of the Weather Underground is thin. But a YouTube video is making noise.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Clinton Moves Within 3 Points of Obama
Gallup Poll Daily tracking shows a tightening of the national Democratic race, with Barack Obama now holding just a 3-percentage point advantage over Hillary Clinton, 47% to 44%.

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama leads Clinton nationally 46% to 41% ...

Rasmussen Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary
The Democratic Presidential Primary in Pennsylvania is getting even closer. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state shows Hillary Clinton with 47% of the vote and Barack Obama with 44%.

PA Poll: Clinton Edges Up
This morning's Zogby tracking poll shows Clinton with a slight uptick versus yesterday.

Poll: Obama overtaking Clinton despite bruises
But Obama's positive ratings have climbed as well, while Clinton — widely known since the early 1990s — has been less able to change people's views of her. And when those views have shifted, it has hurt her more than helped.

Poll shows Obama leading Clinton in Indiana
A poll released Friday morning by the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics located on the campus of IPFW shows Hoosier voters prefer Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton. Obama received 50% of the support and Clinton received 45% with 5% undecided.

CBS Poll: Obama Dominant At Pa. Colleges
Most students attending four-year colleges and universities in Pennsylvania are enthusiastic about voting in the presidential campaign, according to a poll conducted by CBS News and UWIRE, and Barack Obama is the overwhelming favorite ...

FirstThoughts: Obamanation's Power
Curious of what the bitterness and anger could look like if Obama is somehow denied the Democratic nomination? Check out the reaction from the ObamaNation over Wednesday’s debate. To put it simply, ABC was under siege yesterday.

It's Getting Close to Over
Obama needs to start his general campaign now by responding to character attacks unrestrained by his desire not to offend fellow Democrats. My guess: a superdelegate tidal wave is about to begin.

The ABC News Debate: As Bad As FEMA's Response To Katrina
Last night, we witnessed the television journalism equivalent to FEMA's response to the Katrina disaster. And the faster we realize that's what happened, the faster we'll be able to save the socioeconomic fabric of our society.

The Dean 25 could decide Clinton's fate
If, as Hillary Rodham Clinton has suggested, her campaign takes the fight ... all the way to the Democratic National Convention this summer, the fate of her challenge is all but certain to hinge on 25 individuals appointed to the Credentials Committee by party Chairman Howard Dean.

And it occurred to me that we have now crossed an important threshold where the Republican operative cadre has sufficiently disciplined and trained the press (and more than a few Democrats) that their own role may simply be redundant.

Clinging to a Stereotype
Will Barack Obama’s now famous “bitter” quote turn out to have been a big deal politically? Frankly, I have no idea. But here’s a different question: was Mr. Obama right?

Starting Gate: Better Now Than November?
If there’s one thing that has been proven after a years worth of campaigning, it’s that the differences between the Democratic candidates are far more about tone, likeability and personality than on policy differences.

How Obama Fell to Earth
But he did not knock her out, and the aura around Obama has changed. Furiously courting Democratic primary voters and apparently exhausted, Obama has emerged as a more conventional politician and a more orthodox liberal.

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