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Clinton Supporter Barney Frank: Trailing Democrat should drop out
Rep. Barney Frank said the trailing Democratic presidential candidate should drop out of the race by no later than June 3 _ the date of the two last Democratic primaries _ even if it is the candidate he supports, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama: 'Hope and Anger' Go Hand in Hand
Barack Obama made a new argument in trying to quell the fire that his remarks over "bitter" Pennsylvania voters have drawn: that hope and anger go hand and hand.

'Bitter' Pill Hard to Swallow in Pennsylvania Town
Hinckles' waitress Donna Berthizel, however, says she doesn't buy it, that Obama's words are being twisted by the Clinton campaign. "I think her campaign will take anything that he says out of context and put their own malicious spin on it," Bernthizel says.

Obama: Clinton using Republican playbook
After days on the campaign defensive, Democrat Barack Obama accused rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday of leveling criticism straight from the Republican playbook and said even so, he will win the White House over John McCain and an "out of touch" GOP.

'Bitter' Sweet Symphony, Day 4
Obama told the Philly Inquirer that people find stability in their traditions and are vulnerable to politicians exploiting wedge issues. “‘As a wise old woman who was talking to me the other day said, “You misspoke, but you didn’t lie,”’” he said.”

Starting Gate: Static “Cling”
Despite a stumble which appears destined to drive campaign discussions for the week, Barack Obama may prove again that his is a charmed campaign. Here’s why: ...

The Note: Genuine Draft
What do you say we settle this thing with a friendly game of beer pong? History will record that the Democratic primary campaign descended into full pander-a-thon mode somewhere in Pennsylvania ...

GOP lawmaker apologizes for Obama remark
Davis' campaign said it sent a letter to Obama apologizing for the remark, which was widely reported on blogs and newspaper Web sites, including the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Adwatch: Casey vouches for Obama
Key Images: Casey, dressed in casual clothes, talks as he walks toward the camera in a town labeled as Scranton. Obama is shown in two still photos wearing a business suit, and in videos wearing an open-collar shirt, with his sleeves rolled up ...

BET founder takes on Obama, race
The billionaire founder of Black Entertainment Television says Barack Obama would not be a leading presidential candidate if he were white and that the Illinois senator's campaign has "a hair-trigger on anything racial."
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Clinton and Obama Appear at Religious College that Categorizes Homosexuality with Stealing, Adultery & Sexual Abuse
As such, its "community covenant" states that members of the Messiah College community "avoid such sinful practices as drunkenness, stealing, dishonesty, profanity, occult practices, sexual intercourse outside of marriage, homosexual behavior ..."
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ABC News: LGBT Rights Group Faults CNN, Not Candidates, for Choosing Messiah College

Waiting for Barack
Indonesia's defense minister looks at how an Obama presidency could reshape foreign perception of the United States.

It's A Poison Penn
Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said "proving once again that she'll say or do anything to get elected, Senator Clinton's latest negative ad attacks Barack Obama for words he's already said he chose poorly."

What, That? Negative?
The Clinton campaign dismissed the characterization that its latest ad in Pennsylvania -- pivoting off the Obama “bitter” remarks -- is the first truly negative ad of this campaign
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Gun rights, gun deaths divide Pa. voters
Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are gingerly threading their way between two of the most politically charged numbers in Pennsylvania: the state's almost 1 million licensed hunters and Philadelphia's nearly one-a-day rate of gun murders.

Clinton Rates Slim Edge Over Obama in PA District Delegate Race
Is Barack Obama trailing Hillary Rodham Clinton in Pennsylvania by double digit percentages? Or has he closed the gap to single digits, as recent polls suggest?

Democrats on fence look at viability
For them, it's not a question of which candidate is right on the issues. They believe either one would pull the troops out of Iraq. They believe either one would be an advocate for the environment and a friend of the middle class.

'Bittergate' sparks new look at candidates and guns
The battle over the word "bitter" between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has sparked a new look at the candidates and their stance on the Second Amendment.

Lieberman Vs. Obama
I will tell ya that during this campaign, I’ve learned some things about him, about the kind of environment from which he came ideologically. And I wouldn’t…I’d hesitate to say he’s a Marxist, but he’s got some positions that are far to the left of me and I think mainstream America.

For Obama and McCain, the Bitter and the Sweet
John McCain and Barack Obama both appeared before the nation's newspaper editors yesterday. The putative Republican presidential nominee was given a box of doughnuts and a standing ovation. The likely Democratic nominee was likened to a terrorist.

Long-lost article by Obama's dad surfaces
Barack Obama's dad was such an important but absent figure in his life that he devoted his first book, Dreams From My Father, to the search for details about his father's life and how the quest helped forge a son's identity.

Polling Results
New Quinnipiac PA Poll Numbers
Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., maintains a 50 - 44 percent lead over Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., among likely primary voters, reports a Quinnipiac University poll released just now. Those numbers are unchanged from April 8 numbers ...
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Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama leads Clinton 50% to 41%. New polling data released today shows that, with just one week to go, Clinton has opened a nine-percentage point lead in Pennsylvania.

Rasmussen Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary
With a week to go until Pennsylvania voters render their final verdict, Hillary Clinton has opened a nine-percentage point lead over Barack Obama in the Keystone State.

Numbers Steady in Pennsylvania; Democratic Race Turns on Obama ‘Bitter’ Comment
Hillary Clinton continues to hold the line as the front-runner in Pennsylvania, with Barack Obama six points back one week before the April 22 Democratic primary vote.

Polls: Clinton up slightly in Pennsylvania
In the latest "poll of polls," the New York senator holds a 6-point lead over Sen. Barack Obama in Pennsylvania, 49 percent to 43 percent. Eight percent of likely Democratic voters there remain unsure.

Battle has become a clash of class - and Hillary Clinton proves she has none
We are supposed to believe that Sen. Barack Obama hates you if you live in a small town. At the same time we are supposed to believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton - who have banked more than $100 million since he left office - are more regular than Bingo Night.

Obama's Flaws Multiply
All of this makes Democrats wonder if Mr. Obama is ready for prime time. But they have themselves to blame for letting him get this far largely unexamined.

"Parallel Public Financing System"? Not Quite, But Don't Lose Hope
It is indisputable that having more small donations and less reliance on a tiny pool of wealthy people is a happy development in a democracy.

Woe Is He
Obama does have an astounding eloquence, and an ability to put a position across, but that eloquence has been reserved largely for anti-war and good-government positions.

Hillary Clinton the straight shooter
I am not sure that Hillary Clinton of Wellesley College and Yale Law School feels the pain of ordinary people any more keenly than Barack Obama of Columbia University and Harvard Law School.

People Have Every Right to Be Bitter
The whole dust-up about Obama's statement about people being bitter is, well, overdone. Consider the following facts.

Is Obama "Elitist" and "Out Of Touch" About Religion?
The only way to know who they really are and what they really think, is to find out what they were saying about it long before the issue came up. So who is Obama when it comes to religion? In 2006, he told us.

Dear Barack
It used to be that the press was considered 'the people's representative in Washington.' Today, they're Washington's representatives to the people.

Judis Exaggerates Barack Obama's Electoral Death
Political scientist John B. Judis has a New Republic piece which seems to say that Obama surely cannot win the presidency against McCain -- especially after his San Francisco comments.

Lessons from a Tough Campaign
As we head into the debate this week in Pennsylvania -- only a week from the Democratic primary there -- let’s take a look at lessons learned this week in this rough and tumble campaign.

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