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Obama's Response Ad
After Clinton hit Obama over his "bitter" and "cling to" remarks, Obama is up with this response: ...
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Equal Time From Bitter Penn.

Obama Tries to Turn Anger Into "Hope"
Barack Obama today linked his message of “hope” to his new message of anger and frustration, arguing that the two are interrelated. At the Builders Trade Conference here, Obama told union members that they need to be angry in order to bring about change.

Michelle Obama on Elitism
Michelle Obama, appearing at Haverford College, gave a strong response to criticism that her husband’s remarks at a San Francisco fund-raising event were elitist.

Obama Outraises Clinton Among Small Town Pennsylvanians
But a review of campaign finance records -- conducted for The Huffington Post by the Spotfire Division of software firm TIBCO -- reveals that it is Obama, not Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has received the majority of donations from these very same Keystone State communities.

Obama Has Chance At Debate To Mute — Or Stoke — Controversy Over ‘Small Town’ Comments
Barack Obama will have to put on his game face Wednesday night at a crucial debate in Philadelphia if he wants to ensure his controversial comments about small-town American voters don’t become a game changer.

Dems Target McCain's Record on Pork
As we noted earlier today, one of McCain's strongest economic credentials is his reputation as a anti-pork crusader. But Democrats are now circulating oppo on McCain to put a dent in those credentials.

Obama Says Basketball Played A 'Powerful' Role In His Youth
Barack Obama says growing up without a father led him to play basketball and the game offered him a chance to identify racially in Hawaii, a state without a large black population.

The City That Loves You Back
A senior McCain adviser vowed Tuesday to keep Barack Obama's controversial depiction of small-town Americans alive through November.

Woman Who Broke "Small Town" Story Says Obama Campaign's Response Was "Classy"
"They haven't denied me any kind of access," Fowler said. "From the time I started following them around last June, they have been a classy operation, and I still think they are. They haven't treated me any differently than before."

North Carolina Debate in Doubt
The first debate in nearly two months is coming up in Philadelphia tomorrow, but it’s unclear how long we’ll have to go until the next one. There is a debate scheduled in North Carolina on April 27.

Obama: No earmarks for 2009
This year, as the Senate funding request deadline approaches and the final primaries of the Democratic nomination process draw near, Obama's staff told CNN the junior senator from Illinois will request no earmarks for fiscal year 2009.

Harry Reid has a sense of humor!
It was one of those typical questions from a reporter gaggle on Capitol Hill: Does Harry Reid think the protracted nomination fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will harm the party? Reid didn't miss a beat. "It makes me bitter," he deadpanned.
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Reid jokes Dem race making him 'bitter'

Obama: 'It's Politics' Not Race
Don’t read Clinton’s “elitist” attacks as racist Obamacautioned a voter at a town hall meeting with veterans and military families. An older man, taking the mic for the first question, claimed Clinton’s attacks were trying to cast Obama as an “uppity” Black man.
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Obama Denies Race Involved in ‘Elitist’ Comments

Obama Leans On Poor Upbringing To Dismiss Elitism Charges As 'Silly'
Barack Obama, under attack for his “condescending” remarks about small-town America, told Pennsylvania voters on Tuesday that it’s just “silly” to call someone who was raised by a single mother and who was on food stamps an elitist.

Clinton Warns of Electing a President Who Is "Unready"
Hillary Clinton warned Americans of the risks that come with electing a president who isn’t up for the job. "We have seen the power of the presidency placed in hands unready or unwilling to address the tasks that lie ahead," Clinton said ...
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Clinton: Bush was 'unready' for presidency

Montana Pol: Clinton Endorsement Preceded Obama 'Cling' Flap
The Clinton campaign has suggested the Yellowstone County commissioner picked Clinton only after he heard Barack Obama’s now famous “bitter” comments. But Kennedy told FOX News on Tuesday that he decided on Clinton long before that.

Ad Hawk: The Big Picture
What's more, the latest TV trifecta happens to say it all, neatly summing up the shape of the race and revealing more about the candidates' strategies for survival ... So ditch the reading glasses and grab some popcorn. Here's the state of play in three easy, breezy videos.

Obama Tries Again
So far, we haven't seen much, if any evidence in the polling to suggest this event has damaged Obama badly in the primary. By and large, it seems Obama's supporters have been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt ...

Obama dons flag pin once again
For the first time since a mini dust-up back in October, Democrat Barack Obama wore an American flag pin Tuesday at a town hall meeting with veterans in Pennsylvania.

On Cable, Obama Deluges Pa. with Ads
As the Democratic candidates for president close in on Pennsylvania primary day, Sen. Barack Obama continues to vastly outspend Sen. Hillary Clinton on television advertising in the state, an imbalance that is allowing him to pursue voters on specialty channels such as ESPN and MTV, where Clinton has no presence.

ABC Restricts Debate Clips to 30 Seconds; Cable Channels May Cite ‘Fair Use’
Maybe Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton can sum up their policy differences in 30 seconds or less on Wednesday night. They will have to if they are going to get their points across well on networks other than ABC.

Clinton, Obama go negative on special interest influence
Hillary Clinton’s campaign debuted a new 30-second television spot Tuesday that accuses Barack Obama of accepting donations from energy executives and supporting the Bush-Cheney energy bill – as the Illinois senator’s campaign unveiled a new mailer and Web ad that says she has accepted more lobbyist money than any other candidate.
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New Obama Mailer In Pennsylvania Hits Hillary For Taking Money From Lobbyists And PACs

Dwelling on lobbyists
A Pittsburgh reader sends in another Obama mailer, this one all positive, and also talking about lobbyists -- which must be polling well.

The Phone Rings. It’s Hannah Montana …
Those presidential candidates, always phoning some group or another. Now they’re going after the ‘tween crowd, by way of its patron idol, Hannah Montana.

Now Clinton Wants To See Obama's Tax Returns
It's national tax day, and in honor of this event Hillary Clinton's campaign began its conference call with reporters by calling on Barack Obama to release his tax returns from the late 1990s.

In N.C. this year, almost 53,000 people under 25 registered to vote
Students for Barack Obama set up a sound system in front of the clock tower at Winston-Salem State University one recent afternoon and cranked up the music. Speakers encouraged political activism while others worked the crowd to sign up new voters. In two hours, 110 students had registered to vote.
Video: Barack Playing Basketball

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama 51%, Clinton 40%
Barack Obama is maintaining his lead over Hillary Clinton among Democrats nationally in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking, with a 51% to 40% margin in the April 12-14 average.

Clinton losing traction over Obama in Pennsylvania, Indiana
Her formerly double-digit lead is now just a five-point margin in Pennsylvania, survey finds. The reduced margin makes a win for her there less significant. She trails Obama among Hoosiers.

FirstRead: More Good Polling News for Obama?
New LA Times/Bloomberg polls for Pennsylvania, Indiana, and North Carolina are out...

CNN: Poll shows Obama gaining, holding steady in key states
Despite a weekend of negative coverage following his controversial remarks about some small town Americans, Barack Obama appears to be holding steady or making gains in the next three primary states, according to a just released poll.

S.D., N.D. Democratic voters prefer Obama
The economy is on the minds of voters, and Democrats in South Dakota and North Dakota prefer Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

Poll: Clinton Ahead By Nine Points In Pennsylvania
A new poll of Pennsylvania from Strategic Vision (R) shows a slight increase in Hillary Clinton's primary lead since last week, though the change is not statistically significant: ...

No poll damage so far

That's the RealClearPolitics Pennsylvania average, which now includes a couple polls taken wholly after the "cling" story broke April 11.

'Bittergate' too late to save Clinton campaign
Alone, this incident is hardly enough to derail Obama's nomination. It would take much more than that.

Cafferty: BET founder brings race back into the race
Here’s my question to you: What is your reaction to BET founder and Clinton supporter Bob Johnson saying Barack Obama wouldn’t be where he is if he were white?

Analysis: Voter Economic Beliefs Unknown
"It's the economy, stupid." Those immortal words of the political philosopher James Carville in 1992 have been reverberating increasingly in the 2008 campaign.

People who cling to guns vote, too
Barack Obama thought he was among friends. That was his problem. He is an urban sophisticate, and he was talking to other urban sophisticates.

An Obama-McCain General Election Agreement: Neutering The 527s
Without a solution to the inevitable 527 problem, however, Barack Obama should not agree to restrict his general election funds to the federal grant. John McCain cannot control 527 expenditures.

Where are Dem "Leaders" While Barack Twists and Hillary Burns the Party Down?
Where has the leadership of the Democratic Party been during these relentless attempts to slander and destroy the electability of their likely presidential nominee?

Confessions of an Elitist
But what I don't have this week is patience with those who have come down hard on Barack Obama by calling him an elitist (read: snob) for making a clumsy but rational and compassionate statement

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