Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Obama's Response to Clinton's Attack Ad
Obama is fighting back against Clinton's radio attack in Pennsylvania, saying Clinton's answer to the state's economic problems are “misleading negative ads.”
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Obama Rips McCain's Economic Plan
Barack Obama criticized John McCain’s appearance at an economic roundtable in Brooklyn today, telling voters not to expect much out of his proposals to improve the economy. “I'm glad he finally offered a plan,” Obama said. “Better late than never. But don't expect any real answers.”

Obama Tells Voters He’s in It for 8 Years
If there were any doubt before, Barack Obama wants to serve two terms as president. And, please, don’t mind that buzzing on his hip, he only has good intentions.

Obama: I'm not 'getting fresh or anything'
Barack Obama appeared to have a bit of an awkward moment on the campaign trail in South Bend, Indiana.

Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania
After weeks of double-digit leads in what has become the biggest prize for Hillary Clinton’s survival in the nomination process, Pennsylvania, her lead now seems to be shrinking. New polls indicate Clinton’s lead over Barack Obama in the Keystone State may be as close as 6 points. Sound familiar?

Obama to his Surrogates: Be Careful
Without naming names, at a rally in South Bend, Indiana Obama vaguely addressed another controversy spurred by one of his surrogates, and warned his supporters to be careful what they say about this opponents.

Gasp! Obama's Design Is Not So Perfect After All
A few more tragic incidents like this, and Barack Obama could lose the crucial "graphic designer" vote for good.

Power has a Canadian moment
Samantha Power — understandably nervous about the foreign press — has a rocky interview with the Ottawa Citizen: ...

Obama Delegate Purge -- Slash and Burn in California
By dusk on Wednesday, the California Obama campaign had purged almost all progressive activists from its delegate candidate lists. Names of candidates, people who had filed to run to represent Obama at the August Democratic Party National Convention, disappeared ...

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama 50%, Clinton 42%
Barack Obama continues to lead Hillary Clinton in national Democratic preferences for the Democratic presidential nomination, now by an eight percentage point margin of 50% to 42%, the fourth consecutive day in which Obama has held a significant lead ...

McCain erases Obama lead
Republican Sen. John McCain has erased Sen. Barack Obama's 10-point advantage in a head-to-head matchup, leaving him essentially tied with both Democratic candidates in an Associated Press-Ipsos national poll released Thursday.
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Hillary's Lead In Pennsylvania Dropping Fast, CNN Average Of Polls Finds
CNN has just released an average it has done of recent polls in Pennsylvania, and if the findings are accurate, things are looking pretty rough for her in the state: ...

Rasmussen Election 2008: Ohio Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Ohio shows John McCain leading Barack Obama 47% to 40%. He also leads Hillary Clinton 47% to 42%.

Rasmussen Election 2008: New Mexico Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of New Mexico voters shows Barack Obama attracting 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 42%. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, it’s McCain 46% Clinton 43%.

Rasmussen Election 2008: Alaska Presidential Election
However, it is surprising to note that Barack Obama starts the general election trailing McCain by just five percentage points, 48% to 43%.

Carter's Trip A Problem For Obama?
Carter's decision to meet with Hamas could have blowback for Obama. In Nigeria last week, Carter signaled his support for Obama, without officially endorsing him.

Petraeus Meets His Match
At which point, Obama dropped the hammer. The current situation in Iraq was "messy," he said. "There's still violence; there's still some traces of al-Qaeda; Iran has influence more than we would like. But if we had the current status quo and yet our troops had been drawn down to 30,000, would we consider that a success?"

The Clintons: Still 2 for the price of 1
She can implicitly criticize him and publicly embrace him, sometimes in the same day. But Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot escape the shadow of her husband, the former president whose huge personality and fame sometimes threaten to overwhelm her efforts ...

Why Should Clinton Just Pack It In When Nothing Is Decided?
The calls for New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s exit from the Democratic presidential race have appeared from members of the national media, as well as from some within her own party. She can’t possibly win, they say.

What's So Funny, Hillary?
It is often a measure of Hillary Clinton’s discomfort when she smiles broadly and lets loose with her deep, oft-mocked belly laugh.

An Idea for Obama's Public Financing Quandry
Barack Obama isn't an ordinary candidate running an ordinary campaign. He has made it his mission to upend the status quo in Washington so it is not unfair to demand of him a higher standard of integrity than we ask from the other candidates.

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