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4/1 Morning News

Note: Due to a day of air travel (starting in about 45 minutes) there will only be a morning and evening news update today.

News Items
Video: Ann Curry Interviews Senator Obama

Pelosi says Democratic race should go on
"These superdelegates have the right to vote their conscience and who they think would be the better president, or who can win, but they also then should get involved in the campaigns and make their power known there," Pelosi said ..."
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Clinton-Obama race spurs party switches
"Like nearly 10,000 Oregonians — and thousands more voters in other late-primary states — Buckingham has temporarily switched his party affiliation in order to be able to vote in the red-hot Democratic primary. ..."

Obama Continues to Focus on Economy
"Barack Obama continues to focus on the economy today, an issue that has been the center of his campaign message during his Pennsylvania bus tour. ..."

Clinton Backer: “I’d Say Barack Obama is Going to Be the Next President”
"If I had to make a prediction right now, I'd say Barack Obama is going to be the next president," he said just after 18:00. "I will be stunned if he's not the next president of the United States. ..."
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Casey Says Dems Will Come Together
"Casey, who endorsed Obama with much fanfare last week, struck a conciliatory tone, saying that while he had made a choice, he believed both Democratic candidates would enjoy strong union support. ..."

Delegate Update: Obama Wins Texas
"NBC News has allocated the remaining nine Texas caucus delegates, 7-2, in favor of Obama. That means the Illinois senator has won the most delegates, 99-94, as a result of both the Texas primary and caucuses. ..."

Mississippi certified returns have been updated - Obama +1, Clinton -1
"That gives Obama a heads-up 62.512% victory, which WILL switch another state-wide at-large delegate to him (there are 4 statewide pledged PLEO's in Mississippi, so 62.5% is the tipping point for them to break 3-1 instead of 2-2). ..."

Tempting Obama on the Trail
"Presidential trail life is a study in the embrace of absurdity. To accept the game is to get used to a cast-iron stomach as a way of (possibly shortened) life. Some candidates dig it. ... But Barack Obama is a more fastidious, not to mention fit, fellow. ..."

Democrats Hit the Campaign Trail in Pennsylvania
"The Democratic campaign took on the feel of the early voting states on Monday, back when the candidates’ buses would crisscross paths in a single state. ..."

Clinton accuses Obama of suppressing votes
"Hillary Clinton continued to push back pressure to drop out of the presidential race Monday night, once again accusing rival Barack Obama and his supporters of trying to stop voting before every state can weigh in. ..."

It's the "Rocky" Road for Hillary Clinton
"Well, could you imagine if Rocky Balboa had gotten half way up those Art Museum steps and said, 'Well, I guess that’s about far enough?'" Clinton will ask, according to her prepared remarks released to the press. ..."

Obama Speech Fails to Assuage White Indiana Voters (Update1)
"Interviews with dozens of Democrats in this overwhelmingly white region -- where voters will go to the polls in the May 6 primary -- suggest residual concerns over the controversy involving Obama's former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. ..."

Obama, McCain bicker on Iraq
"In one of their sharpest exchanges of the presidential campaign, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama clashed over the Iraq war on Monday, with each challenging the other's credentials on national security. ..."

Obama dons a blue collar
"Part of his new effort to get closer to working-class voters, the presidential candidate grabbed a bite at Altoona's Original Texas Hotdogs, then strapped on a pair of size 13 1/2 shoes at Pleasant Valley lanes, to cheers from patrons. ..."

Gwyneth Paltrow, Elisabeth Murdoch (heart) Obama :-)

Polling Results
Rasmussen Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary
"For Clinton, that five-point edge is down from a ten-point lead a week ago, a thirteen-point lead in mid-March and a fifteen-point advantage in early March. ..."
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Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"Barack Obama attracts 46% of the vote while Hillary Clinton earns 45% ..."

SurveyUSA: Hillary Ahead By 12 Points In Pennsylvania Primary
"This morning's SurveyUSA poll of Pennsylvania give Hillary Clinton a 12-point lead in the Democratic primary — statistically significant, but narrower than her lead from three weeks ago: ..."

Clinton Slipping on Trust
"In the weeks before the Pennsylvania primary, Sen. Hillary Clinton not only lags Sen. Barack Obama in the race for delegates, she also is losing ground in her effort to convince voters that she is trustworthy. ..."

Who decides - delegates or voters?
"It's generally believed that Pennsylvania voters will decide in the April 22 primary who gets most of the state's delegates to the Democratic convention in Denver in late August. But will they? ..."

Starting Gate: April Fools
"Who's more foolish on this first day of April, those Barack Obama supporters who think that they can somehow pressure Hillary Clinton to drop out of the presidential race before the next round of voting or her supporters who still think they see a realistic pathway to the nomination? ..."

Obama-Clinton Fuel Record Primary Turnout, But Will Enthusiasm Last?
"Democratic voters have smashed primary turnout records in more than 20 states, and Republicans have set new marks in nine states. Yet campaign experts do not expect voter enthusiasm to keep up that pace through the November election. ..."

FirstRead: The Campaign Gap
"That gap appears to be hurting Clinton this week in the same vein that the five-week gap between New Hampshire and Super Tuesday in 2000 hurt Bill Bradley when he had nothing to point to after narrowly losing New Hampshire that year ..."

Dems Can Go the Nine Innings
"If the Democratic contest lasts until the convention in late August, so what? That leaves two months for Democrats to "coalesce" around their candidate and fight the Republican. ..."

Carrying primary scars into the general election
"Convention fights often spell ruin for a party. The 1980 experience for Democrats — as well as a fight in 1968, and one in 1976 for Republicans — all suggest that a bruising primary carried through the summer can contribute to defeat in November. ..."

Projection: Clinton Wins Popular Vote, Obama Wins Delegate Count
"Thus the Clinton campaign could argue that Obama cannot win states with most of the nation's people even if he wins all the remaining eight primaries. Could argue—but I don't think that's going to persuade any superdelegates that Clinton is the real winner. ..."

Obama's Disappointing Incrementalism on Cuba
"I asked a serious person, Susan Rice, what she thought of our US-Cuba policy on a recent Obama campaign conference call. I respect Rice ... However, her response on the embargo seemed the same kind of triangulation on the issue that a calculating political cynic might offer ..."

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