Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quick Post: Mississippi Results

Update (as of 7:05 PM Central Time): CNN first said "Obama Wins MS Primary," but it has now been updated to say: "Exit polls show Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton in the Mississippi Democratic primary."

The next full news update will take place at approximately 12:30 PM Central Time and will include all news coverage of the results of today's Mississippi Primary.

Between now and then, you can follow the vote count here: CNN Primary Results for Mississippi

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Anonymous said...

What happens to Obama's delegate lead if there is a redo with FL and MI. Can he keep his delegate lead if he does not win both states? I love your blog.

BarackByPopularDemand said...

Yes, he can win - even if they redo, and she got massive wins - 30 pts, he'd still have delegate lead. This scenario was just run through on CNN...
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