Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Note: The Strong Rebuttal Has Finally Come

Second Update - Video Excerpt:

Updated: Excerpts from Barack Obama’s remarks at the beginning of a Columbia, Mississippi town meeting

Obama has just stated his most direct and effective rebuttal of both the "hasn't crossed the Commander-in-Chief threshhold" and the "we should run together" tactics. Excellent reply and should get lots of play in the media. Video to come later on today.


Anonymous said...

YES!!! I have been waiting for this rebuttal for several days now... Clinton would actually need Obama for votes in a general election. But she would only be a liability to him, if she were to be his VP...
It is best for him to distance himself from her, and to remind voters of his unique strengths and gifts...

MKSinSA said...

Hi Cris,

I clicked on your blog link over at DemConWatch after launching a campaign to help Pennsylvanians and I need your help.

Here's what I proposed. To get to the heart of the Pennsylvania voters, why don't a bunch of us start at the grassroots level and put into action something our candidate espouses? It makes sense that we start a drive for food, books and clothing to help some of the poverty-stricken folks in Appalachian Pennsylvania working in concert with some of the local anti-poverty organizations in the region. I realize we have just a few weeks to put this together, but what a powerful statement it would be!. I think it would do three things for us:

1. put our money where our mouths are,

2. demonstrate that the "cult" gets the message and

3. a possibile outcome might be that we get the attention (endorsement?) of John Edwards, who recently made an anti-poverty tour through this region following the footsteps of JFK many years ago and LBJ after.

I think we could quietly put Obama over the top with some real altruism and heartfelt outpouring. I know this is short notice, but I'm going to start checking things out today and I believe we can get this together in a couple of weeks. We're starting to get information about food banks and community organizations in the region (we're hoping to focus on PA CD-12 and nearby West Virginia) and need your help. If you need more information, please email. Thank you so much.

PLEASE pass this on and blog for us!

Best regards,

M. Katherine Scheidel
San Antonio, TX 78247-1836