Sunday, March 16, 2008

Next Update!

Note: due to the slow news day on Sundays there will be one news update today. You will see it go up this afternoon! - Cris


Anonymous said...

Hi Cris,

I love your blog so much! I'm addicted to this primary and I check your site about as many times a day as you update it (even more in anticipation of an update, pathetic, I know).

I actually wrote you in another forum asking what it was (facts, information, so on) that persuaded you to become an Obama supporter. You make a statement that 'after much research' which I think, indicates that yours was a thoughtful process.

Thanks for this blog!

Mary from Vermont

ali1265 said...

Ditto, we love you Cris! this is such a wonderful Blog and very thoughtful of you to do this, keep up the terrific work you're doing on behalf of our pick for the next President of the United States!!!

Cris said...

Hi all! Thank you for the comments and support! I'm sorry if I missed your question on the other forum.

My research entailed reading through his 'Blueprint for Change,' researching his background and upbringing, reading 'The Audacity of Hope,' and watching the majority of the debates. To put my reasoning succinctly, he is the only candidate whose platform is built upon the premise of reducing the influence of special interest groups, encouraging transparency in government, and getting ordinary individuals interested and involved in the political process. Further, he seems to have the balance between idealism and pragmatism necessary to actually encourage cooperation across party lines.

I'm sure this isn't necessarily new to anyone, but it's my firm belief that these qualities are what is necessary in America today.

Thank you,
- Cris

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Cris. I check your blog more than CNN or even BO. You are doing an amazing job!