Thursday, March 6, 2008

3/6 Morning News: Obama Starts Fighting Back

Vermont Superdelegate for Obama
"Ian Carleton, a superdelegate from Vermont, announced he is supporting Senator Barack Obama for President today, citing his ability to unite the country ..."

The Cover of the New Rolling Stone Issue (click for larger version)

"Now the Clinton campaign will have to explain why they demagogued Obama on NAFTAgate while also telling the Canadian government to take their stand on NAFTA itself with "a grain of salt. ..."

Obama Better Battle Back Before It's Too Late
" The battle of Hillary is over. The battle of Obama has begun. ..."

Interview with Obama: Still Confident
"So let's ask a very simple question. Has she negotiated any treaties? When she traveled to these 80 countries, was she involved in policymaking? If so, what? My suspicion is that you're not going to get a bunch of particularly impressive answers. ..."

Can Obama Play Offense?
"If she continues, as over the last week, to bring up real estate transactions and the character of our supporters ... then we will make certain that she has to answer those same questions with respect to herself, her husband and her campaign," he said. ..."

YouTube Video: Texas Caucus Irregularities
"Clinton supporter who was working at a precinct walked off with numerous sign in sheets with votes for Obama along with the signatures of those voters on them. ..."

Clinton Aide Compares Obama to Ken Starr
"Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson, taking the campaign a bit meta on a conference call today, attacked Obama for attacking Clinton, and compared him to a notorious Clinton foe. ..."

Experience vs. Change: Lessons from 1912
"Taft's strategy to stop Roosevelt's momentum bears striking resemblance to those employed by Clinton in her race against Obama. ..."

The Next Big Prize
"Pennsylvania: it’s the new Iowa. It may not be the official state motto, but it’s likely to be true as the two Democratic nominees turn their attention to the next – and last – big prize on the road to the nomination. ..."

Clinton Team Strained By Internal Strife
"Washington Post: Even After Victory, Power Struggles Among Advisers Remain ..."

Expertinent: Is Obama Doomed in Pennsylvania?
"I won't say that Obama can't win. I'm just saying that this is her state. One way to think about Pennsylvania is that it's like New Jersey and Ohio. ..."

Clinton: Everyone vs. Penn?
"Most telling line in any clip this morning come from the Washington Post. "Clinton's advisers turned to their other goal: denying Mark Penn credit. ..."

Tuesday's Post-Mortem
"We're still waiting for 60% of the vote, but Obama is leading 56%-44% in Texas’ caucuses, which would give him seven to nine net delegates and give Obama the most delegates from Texas when you include the primary. ..."

First Thoughts: Obama the Aggressive
"Yesterday, we asked how Obama would respond to his losses in Ohio and Texas. Well, he and his campaign came out swinging. ..."

The Note: Tough Enough?
"As the candidates and their party pause to ponder what it is they've created in this interminable campaign, seven immutable truths about the battle for the Democratic nomination: ..."

Will Delegate Duel Hurt Democrats?

"It may be the ultimate nightmare for Democrats: Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote, Barack Obama wins the delegate count and the party is wracked with infighting headed into this summer's convention. ..."

Obama Leads Clinton in Texas Caucus Count
Note: CNN's headline is incorrect, which is seen as you read the article. "At last report, with 40 percent of precincts counted, Barack Obama led Hillary Clinton 56 percent to 44 percent in the Texas Democratic caucuses. Counting continues today. ..."

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