Tuesday, March 4, 2008

News for Mar 04 (Morning Edition)

Hi Everyone! Welcome to today's Super Tuesday 2 News Coverage!

Tom Brokaw Says Obama has 50 More Superdelegates in His Back Pocket
"NBC News superreporter cites a source “very close to the Obama campaign” who says the additional superdelegates are “ready to go public before too long. ..."

Hillary Banks on Game Changing Event
"Without a clearly marked path to victory, Clinton’s campaign is barreling forward into the climactic March 4 primaries and beyond ..."

Obama Thanks Namesake Japanese Town
"Now, on the eve of crucial primaries in Texas and Ohio, the mayor of Obama the town is all smiles after hearing from Obama the man. ..."

First Thoughts: Judgment Day
"Clinton’s back is yet again against the wall as we head into today’s contests Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Does she follow the pattern and pull out impressive wins in these states? Or does she meet the same fate Romney did on Super Tuesday ..."

Day of Reckoning for Clinton, Obama
"Barack Obama sought a knockout against rival Hillary Rodham Clinton as voting began Tuesday in crucial contests in Texas and Ohio, where the former first lady desperately needs a win to salvage her once-powerful candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. ..."

The Note: Project Survival
"Throw out the poll numbers, the fundraising figures, the ad wars, even the delegate math: On Tuesday, the challenge for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., is no more and no less than survival. ..."

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