Monday, March 3, 2008

News for Mar 03 (Morning Edition)

Final 2-Minute Texas Ad - "Leader"

Obama Wins Primary in Sweden
"Barack Obama has handily defeated rival Hillary Clinton in a vote by registered members of the Democratic Party living in Sweden. ..."

RI Poll: Obama Pulling Closer
"Obama has pulled within 5 points of Clinton. ..."

Hillary Imitates Cheney and Rove: "Vote For Me or You'll Die"
"Following 11 straight primary and caucus defeats, Hillary Clinton has now turned to imitating Rove's and Cheney's fear tactics in a last attempt to stop Barack Obama in Ohio and Texas. ..."

Texas Democratic Presidential Primary
"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey, conducted Sunday, finds Barack Obama with a statistically insignificant one-point lead over Hillary Clinton. ..."

Rasmussen: Ohio Democratic Primary Polling Update
"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Ohio shows Clinton with 50% of the vote while Obama attracts 44%. ..."

How Did the Clinton Campaign Get Here?
"Just a few months ago, few imagined she'd be struggling to catch up to Obama. But her team has been riddled with feuding and second-guessing at the top. ..."

Now He Tells Us...
"This is not what you generally hear from a highly paid political strategist who thinks he's about to win ..."

Like Ships From A Sinking Rat
"(The "rat" being a campaign that has as of now lost 11 straight contests...)"

Obama: 'How Do You Know Any President Is Ready?'
"What people can take a look at is how I exercised judgment on key foreign policy questions over the last several years," he said. "And I think they can have confidence. ..."

Clinton, Obama Recast Message on Iraq
"Washington Post: As voters increasingly focus on economic concerns, the war becomes a proxy for other issues ..."

First Thoughts: It's Close
"The Clinton-Obama race has been exciting and fascinating, and according to two new polls released yesterday, it looks like excitement will continue into tomorrow’s pivotal contests. ..."

In Texas, Clinton's Vets Test Obama's Rookies
"Clinton relies on connections, while Obama's effort seems self-generating ..."

It's a Ground Game in Ohio for Clinton and Obama
"How well the campaigns have organized volunteers will be key on Tuesday ..."

Hitting Hillary on the Radio
"Barack Obana opposed the Iraq war from the start, showing insight and courage others did not," says General Merrill McPeak, who narrates the ad. "Hillary Clinton voted to send our troops to war without reading the key intelligence report that raised serious questions about Iraq. ..."

Obama Says Clinton Getting 'Desperate'
"I think she has got a little desperate toward the end of this campaign," Obama told ABC in an interview set to air Monday night. "[She] has been a lot more aggressive in her negative attacks. ..."

Obama Adviser: Memo Misinterprets Stance On Trade
"Barack Obama's senior economic policy adviser said Sunday that Canadian government officials wrote an inaccurate portrayal of his private discussion on the campaign's trade policy in a memo obtained by The Associated Press. ..."

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