Sunday, March 2, 2008

News for Mar 02 (Evening Edition)

Early Voting Points Toward Enthusiasm in Ohio
"Much has been made of record-breaking turnout for early voting in Texas, and if one county is any indication, Ohioans are similarly excited about the primary election. ..."

The Other Obama
"Michelle Obama and the politics of candor..."

Sunday Political Outlook
"Who would have ever thought after more than a year of campaigning, hundreds of millions of dollars and 20 debates, the Democratic presidential race would come down to this: a must-win situation for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton in two large states? ..."

Private Worries as Team Clinton Looks for Best Case Scenarios
"But privately, Clinton campaign advisors say their own internal polls show the race tightening in Ohio and remaining very close in Texas. ..."

Obama and Rockefeller Campaign Across Ohio
"I think Senator Obama’s experience is substantially greater than Senator McCain’s,” Rockefeller said, “and I know that seems like an odd statement to make right now given McCain’s service in Vietnam. ..."

Dems Cross Paths on Homestrech to Tuesday
"Democrat Barack Obama worked to fend off an intensified attack on his foreign policy credentials from rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday as their paths crossed two days ahead of a potentially race-ending showdown in Ohio and Texas. ..."

All Eyes on Ohio
"Correspondent Steve Kroft talked with Sen. Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama as 60 Minutes followed their campaigns in Ohio this past week. ..."

How Texas’ Fuzzy Math, and Bush, Help Obama
"Texas - Barack Obama has a secret weapon in Tuesday's Democratic primary in Texas, pretty well-known in these parts: George W. Bush. ..."


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