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News for Mar 01 (Compiled)

Barnstorming Obama Plans to Pick Republicans for Cabinet
"As he jets across two key states whipping up the support that could finish off Hillary Clinton this week, the Democratic frontrunner is already mapping out a government of all the talents. Our writer joins him aboard Obama One ..."

Can Clinton Overcome Obamania
"A year ago, Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-Inevitable, was joshing about whether she could appoint her husband secretary of state when she became president, and Barack Obama was urging a throng to be realistic about his own chances. ..."

The Cincinnati Enquirer Endorses Obama
"These are both extraordinarily talented candidates, but it is Obama's ability to reach beyond the partisan divide and gather in support that prompts The Enquirer to give him our endorsement for the Democratic nomination. ..."

Why Barack Got My Vote
"Which is why I am formally coming out of the closet with my support for Senator Barack Obama. Of all the candidates running now, he is the leader on understanding the threat to the Constitution and actually taking action, not just mouthing soundbites ..."

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Me & Barack
"I've been all over cyberspace as one of the participants in's music video supporting Barack Obama. I'm very pleased to be one of those who feel that he has what it takes to be president. ..."

Obama Says Clinton is a Political Shifter
"Democrat Barack Obama, on his first visit to Rhode Island as a presidential candidate, sought Saturday to portray Hillary Rodham Clinton as a candidate who shifted positions for political expediency. ..."

Obama Spends Heavily to Seek Knockout Blow
"Taking advantage of his huge financial edge, Senator Barack Obama is buying large amounts of advertising and building extensive get-out-the-vote operations in Ohio and Texas ..."

Obama Mocks Clinton ... Mocking Obama (Direct Link to Video)
"Now, this Saturday, the Illinois senator took that same stage and couldn't resist bringing up her comments, now immortalized on Web sites like YouTube. ..."

Two More Obama Texas Ads

--------- Afternoon News ---------

We Don't Just Need a Democratic President. We Need a Movement to Change Washington.
"But in 2008, America needs more than a competent, progressive chief executive. We need a movement to fundamentally change how things are done in Washington. That's why we need Barack Obama. ..."

Why So Many Women Are Voting For Obama
" celebrate, take a look at some of the nation's most prominent women on why they support Barack Obama. ..."

The Death Stare Isn't Working Anymore
Of the many measures of how Obama has evolved as a candidate, few were as apparent as his demeanor during the debate last week in Cleveland. The cower is gone. Now, Obama looks Clinton directly in the eye, with an air of confidence and no sign of fear. ...

Pregnant Pause
"John Dickerson asked the obvious question: 'What foreign policy moment would you point to in Hillary's career where she's been tested by crisis?' he said. Silence on the call. You could've knit a sweater in the time it took the usually verbose team ... to find a cogent answer. ..."

Obama Making Inroads in Rhode Island
"I don't know who to vote for," Almada said, shaking his head on a breezy day in Providence's old downtown. "I normally would support Hillary," he said. "She has a serious answer for every question you can come up with. . . . But I want to hear more from Obama. ..."

Obama's Statement on Women's History Month

"Women's History Month isn't just a chance to celebrate women's history; it's a chance to honor the extraordinary role women have played in shaping American history. ..."

Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008
"Barack Obama maintains a 49% to 43% lead over Hillary Clinton in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update on nationwide Democratic voters' presidential nomination preferences. ..."

Great Chronology of Clinton Camp Changing Rhetoric
"We get mail. An email this afternoon was better than most ..."

How Much Change is Change?
"Obama is showing signs of a quality ascribed to FDR: an ability to look farther downfield than most. ..."

Game On! Obama and Clinton To Trade Blows Over National Security in Speeches Today
"With less than 72 hours to go until the voting begins in what could be the race's final contests, Obama and Hillary are set to hit each other hard in speeches today ..."

Obama Switches Gears, Goes After Clinton
"Frustration over the release of Clinton’s “Children” ad yesterday and the tightening polls, though, has caused the campaign to rethink their strategy a bit ..."

Obama's Girls Not Fans of Britney, Paris
"Barack Obama says his two daughters are fans of Hannah Montana and Beyonce, but think anything to do with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is "yuck. ..."

Obama Talks 'Real Change'
"Attempting to change the storyline away from national security and “the red-phone” moment that dominated the news coverage yesterday, Obama introduced a new slogan on the stump: “real change. ..."

--------- Morning News ---------

Barack Meets With Jewish Community Leaders
"Last Sunday, Barack held a meeting in Cleveland, Ohio with about 100 Jewish community leaders. He discussed his commitment to the security of Israel and the friendship between the United States and Israel, reaching out to people of different faiths ..."

Koolth: What Barack Has
"Ever since that last debate in which Hillary sounded like a scold and Barack came across as the prince of America, I've been trying to find a word for Obama's style. Koolth is what I've come up with. ..."

Gay Clinton Backers Defect to Obama
"Now some gay voters, who have been among Clinton's most stalwart supporters and helped her defeat Barack Obama in Democratic presidential primaries earlier this month, may be drifting toward the Illinois senator ..."

Cincinnatti Enquirer
" This morning the Cincinnati Enquirer joined a chorus of other Ohio papers in endorsing Barack Obama. ..."

Rasmussen: Expectations for Obama to Win Nomination Nearing 90%
"On the Saturday before the Texas and Ohio Primaries, data from the Rasmussen Markets shows that Barack Obama is given an 87% chance of winning the Democratic Presidential Nomination. ..."

Kenyan Elders May Demand Clinton Pay Cattle Fine For Photo Smear
"Reuters reports that Kenyan elders are considering imposing a fine — traditionally payable in goats, cattle or camels — on the New York senator over the photo that surfaced earlier this week showing rival Barack Obama in traditional robes ..."

Big Weekend Ahead of Big Showdown in Texas
"And for the Democrats, Texas could be the Big Enchilada of primaries -- one that may determine the Democratic nominee, Texas style. ..."

Clinton Schedules Election Night in Ohio, Obama in Texas
"It may not be obvious at first, but hosting a “victory rally” after an election can be tricky. For one thing, the campaign would like to schedule the rally in a state where they plan on doing well, which is why it is interesting that Clinton is choosing Ohio over Texas. ..."

Obama, Clinton Send Message About NAFTA
"Obama and Clinton, in their Cleveland debate on Tuesday, sounded every bit as belligerent as they threatened to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement unless Mexico and Canada agreed to rewrite the deal's provisions ..."

Exit Polls: Voters Defy Conventional Wisdom
"Female, conservative and white Southern males not as predictable ..."

Obama Courts Jewish Voters
"As he battles for the Democratic nomination, Senator Barack Obama is trying to strengthen his support among Jewish voters and in doing so, is navigating one of the more treacherous paths of Democratic politics. ..."

Arcade Fire to Perform For Obama in Ohio
"The celebrated indie rock group Arcade Fire will perform two concerts for Obama in Ohio on Sunday and Monday in advance of the state’s crucial primary contest ..."

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