Wednesday, March 5, 2008

News for Mar 05 (Midday Edition)

General Tone of Media Coverage: Hillary has stopped Obama's momentum. The process will continue at least until Pennsylvania. Will Obama play Clinton's game and go negative?

Obama Camp Asks: Tax Returns - What does Clinton have to hide?
"The Clinton campaign today maintained that “the vetting of Barack Obama has just begun.” The truth is, more than a year into this campaign, some very simple vetting of Hillary Clinton has yet to start. ..."

She Lives - But is it Too Little, Too Late?
"But what exactly did Clinton gain with her extraordinary win? The Democratic race has come down to a contest of numbers versus narrative. ..."

Obama Challenges Experience Claim
"Fresh off defeats in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island, Barack Obama signaled Wednesday he will be more aggressive in targeting Hillary Clinton's claim she is the more experienced candidate. ..."

Ohio Superdelegate for Obama
"Mirroring the unofficial results of the Democratic Presidential race in Montgomery County, Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin today announced her endorsement of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. ..."

Clinton's Lesson: Attacking Obama Works
"So she will have to prove to the party leaders known as superdelegates not just that she's a qualified contender — but also that Obama is so weak, so risky, that the typically cautious superdelegates should overrule the pledged delegates. ..."

Race for Democratic Presidential Nomination Set to Continue for a Long Time
"It is now clear that the race will be determined by the Superdelegates. Neither Obama nor Clinton will be able to garner enough pledged delegates to wrap up the nomination. ..."

Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama nationally by five percentage points ..."

How Will Obama Fight Back?
"But while the math may not have noticeably shifted—Obama will likely have close to the same hundred-plus delegate lead he enjoyed before Tuesday—there is little denying that the narrative of the race has been altered. ..."

Clinton Wins Big, But Math is Troubling
"But the March 4 results have not changed Obama's strongest talking point (and reality point) for why Clinton should exit the Democratic race: Math. It appears numerically impossible for her to overtake his lead among elected delegates. ..."

She's B-a-a-ck
"The vetting of Obama has just begun," the memo says. "If the primary contest ends prematurely and Obama is the nominee, Democrats may have a nominee who will be a lightning rod of controversy." Cue the thunder. It's going to be a stormy couple of months. ..."

Obama Regains Ground in Texas Caucus
"Barack Obama regained lost ground in the fierce competition for Democratic convention delegates on Wednesday based on results from the Texas caucuses, partially negating the impact of Hillary Rodham Clinton's string of comeback primary victories. ..."

Clinton Wins. Now What?
"Congratulations, Hillary Rodham Clinton. You did what your husband said you had to do and won Ohio and Texas. Now what?..."

Obama Says It Is 'Premature to Talk About a Joint Ticket'
"We are just focused on winning the nomination. That is my focus. I respect Sen. Clinton. She has been a tenacious opponent. It is premature to talk about a joint ticket. ..."

Obama Says He Has a "Close to an Insurmountable" Delegate Lead
"Just hours after losing the Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island primaries, Barack Obama appeared on the CBS' The Early Show where he diffused concerns about losing momentum to Hillary Clinton ..."

Buyer's Hesitation
"Hillary Clinton did something last night she had not been able to do since New Hampshire – stop Barack Obama’s momentum in the Democratic primary contest. Or at least blunt it. ..."

Difficult Delegate Math For Clinton
"As Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton raced from border towns on the Rio Grande to farm communities in the Midwest ..., advisers at her Arlington headquarters were awash in mixed feelings about whether she should go on. ..."

Costly Two-Front Battle Coming for Obama
"Sen. Barack Obama and his campaign face a scenario that a barrage of advertising, phone calls and door-knocking could not avert -- a protracted, two-front war against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and the presumptive Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain. ..."

Will Obama Hit Back Hard?
"After losing Ohio and Texas, his camp hints that they'll target the Clintons more harshly ..."

Clinton Hails 3 Wins; Obama Downplays Losses
"Obama, who had hoped to knock Clinton out on Tuesday, said he would prevail against a tenacious candidate who "just keeps on ticking. ..."

First Thoughts: We Move On
"In short, she did what she had to do, and more. But that also doesn’t change the delegate math or the fact that Ohio and Texas always favored her. ..."

Video: Obama Holds On to Delegates
"The senator from Illinois maintains his lead in the delegate count. ..."

Analysis: GOP Focuses on November, Democrats on Each Other
"While Sen. John McCain can now fully focus on the general election, the race for the Democratic nomination goes on with no clear end in sight. ..."

Clinton: This May Be Headed For a Joint Ticket
"The morning after primary wins in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island, Hillary Clinton said she would consider being part of a Democratic “dream ticket” that would include both her and presidential rival Barack Obama. ..."

CNN: Rhode Island Results

CNN: Texas Results

CNN: Ohio Results

CNN: Vermont Results

CNN: Clinton Takes Ohio, Texas Primaries; Obama Cites Delegates
"Hillary Clinton took the most votes in two pivotal Democratic primary contests on Tuesday, scoring wins in Texas and Ohio that were considered critical to keeping alive her White House hopes, CNN projects. ..."

CNN: Clinton Bounces Back with Key Wins; Race Stretches On
"Democrats faced the prospect of at least six more weeks of tough campaigning after Hillary Clinton's Tuesday night wins in Tuesday's primaries in Ohio and Texas as she escaped a knockout blow by Barack Obama. ..."

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