Thursday, March 20, 2008

Daily Show: Barack's Wright Response

Worth watching, if only for the final 10 seconds.

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Bilmardre said...

The question is why did BO stay in Reverend Wrights church for
20 years knowing some of the controversial, unAmerican, and some say hateful things
he has said. As a black American I can say the answer is easy. Please read past the
statistics listed below.

1. 46.9 % of homicide victims are black.

2. 52.2 % of homicide offenders are black.

3. 10.4 % of black males between age 25 to 29 in prison.

4. 1/2 of black teen girls with STD's

5. 50% new aids diagnoses are black people.

6. 49.8% of High School dropouts are black.

I could go on ad-nauseum with single parent homes, unemployment, etc, etc, but you
get the point.

Words do matter. But it is a truism that actions are always more important than words.
I strongly disagree with the way Rev Wright stated some things and BO has stated the same.
In his speech on race BO explained why Rev Wright may feel anger in his heart. That with the absolute
frustration he must feel living with the statistics which are listed above, I can understand
his rage. I wish Rev Wright had expressed things differently, but do I fault BO for staying in his church.
No, funny thing is I actually admire him for it. The politically expedient thing for him to do would
have been to run like he was on fire. He didn't, because every day Rev Wright is working with actions,
not words, to try and resolve the ABSOLUTE CRISIS within the AA community.

Rev. Wright has said some extremely harsh things. What he has never advocated was doing harm to
anyone, he never spoke any black superiority rhetoric, or any segregationist rhetoric. In fact on their web site
the church honors the dignity of all people, regardless of race.

When guys like Sean Hannity (who by the way never served in the military as Rev Wright did), can
get as outraged over the absolute tragedy which is happening in the AA community as he can about
some words that Rev Wright has spoken, I might take him seriously as opposed to believing he is
just another race pimp.

What I'm trying to say is that the house is on fire and there are people burning
up inside and, guys like Rev. Wright say, "God damnit America, the house is on fire!"
People like Barak Obama stay and try to help put the fire out no matter the cost.
People like Sean Hannity run the clip of the Reverends statement over and over and
express how outraged they are by it, while fanning the flames.

Anonymous said...

Well said!!
Agree 100%.

Obama 08