Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bonus Sunday Video Update!

Video: Barack on Gas Prices in Beckley, WV

New Ads in Pennsylvania




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bacalove said...

Hillary in Tuzla: The Tale of Bosnian Sniper Fire (TRAILER)
by JedReport ,Sun Mar 23, 2008 at 07:07:29 AM PDT
Coming soon to a superdelegate near you: Hillary in Tuzla.
It's an unbelievable tale of heroism. The Baltimore Sun calls it a "whopper." - "Four Pinocchios!" says the Washington Post. "Requires enormous suspension of disbelief" raves the Huffington Post.

Here's the URL:

It's is all about distribution -- and it's entirely free.
If you think this video makes the point, please spread the word, send it to friends, family, even superdelegates. Let's just get it out there. Let's seal the deal.

Anonymous said...


Here's a good one at slate:

Cris said...

Thank you for the news items - I added the Hillary/Bosnia movie trailer. :) The story re: the former constitutional legal counsel to two Republican presidents is already there. :)