Sunday, March 9, 2008

3/9 Sunday News

Gallup Daily Poll
"Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are roughly tied in national Democratic preferences -- 47% for Obama vs. 45% for Clinton ..."

Mississippi Clarion-Ledger Endorses Obama
"Sen. Obama is the best choice. He provides a broad vision that motivates not only minorities, but old and new Democrats of all stripes. He also is popular with independents and young, unaffiliated voters - giving Democrats their best shot for the White House. ..."

Rasmussen: North Carolina Democratic Primary Poll
"An early look at North Carolina’s Democratic Presidential Primary shows Barack Obama with a seven-point advantage over Hillary Clinton. ..."

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"... the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll continues to show a very tight race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. It’s Clinton 47% Obama 45% ..."

It's Still Over for Hillary
"The real message of Tuesday’s primaries is not that Hillary won. It’s that she didn’t win by enough. The race is over. ..."

Sure, Obama's a Smart, Sweet Guy - But Can He Fight?

"On the court, Price wrote, Obama was "unselfish but unafraid to shoot" and "could talk trash without seeming mean, compete feverishly without seeming angry. ..."

Clinton Campaign's Awkward Electoral College Argument
"For those who decided to sleep through the time change, here is what Hillary Clinton Campaign surrogate Ed Rendell said this morning on Meet the Press: ..."

Obama Wins in Wyoming, Adds 7 Delegates
"Barack Obama trounces Hillary Clinton in Wyoming caucuses, wins 7 delegates to Clinton's 5 ..."

Obama's Black Support Shows Limits
"But Obama's campaign saw the limits of black support in last week's losses in Ohio and Texas, which kept Clinton's campaign alive. And the role black voters will play in the next big contest, Pennsylvania's April 22 primary, is unclear. ..."

Hey Barack, Hillary: It's Spring Break!
"Barack Obama has got to be really annoyed with Hillary Clinton right now. ..."

Hillary Comes in Second in Wyoming
"Clinton's campaign manager Maggie Williams said, "We are thrilled with this near split in delegates and are grateful to the people of Wyoming for their support. ..."

Sunday Reading: Slouching Toward a Re-Vote
"That was the theme of the Sunday shows. ..."

The Clintons - A Horror Film That Never Ends
"Last week was like one of those moments in a horror movie when the worst terror recedes, the screen goes blank and then reopens on green fields or a lover’s tender embrace. ... The plot twists have all been resolved; the threat is gone; the quiet spreads. And then ..."

Democrat Claims Hastert's Former Congressional Seat
"The race had shaped up to be a presidential face-off of sorts, with McCain stumping for Oberweis and Obama backing Foster. ..."

'Raw Politics': Dems Should Have Seen it Coming
"But even back then, other troubling questions were rising: Are you really going to tell all those Democrats they can't play? Don't you worry that they'll be angry and will punish the party in the general election? ..."

Pete's Pistols Pilfered by Secret Service
"For this one Friday night, Pistol Pete—the University of Wyoming's gun-totin' larger than life cowboy mascot—was without his holster and western-style cap guns at Barack Obama's evening event at the campus' Arena Auditorium. ..."

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