Saturday, March 8, 2008

3/8 Late Night News

Major Media Coverage of Wyoming Win:
CNN: Obama Takes Wyoming Caucus (Full Results)
ABC: Obama Wins Unusually Hard-Fought Wyoming Caucuses
MSNBC: Obama Wins Again in Caucuses - Wyoming's
CBS: Obama Wins Wyoming Caucuses
FOX: Obama Begins to Reclaim Momentum with Wyoming Win
APNews: Obama Wins Wyoming, Pads Delegate Lead
Politico: Obama Scores Decisive Win in Wyoming

Obama Rejects Adviser's Comments
"I will end it in 2009," he said. "She doesn't have standing to question my position on this issue. ..."

Obama: Too Early to Discuss Shared Ticket
"Well, you know, I think it's premature," Obama told KTVQ. "You won't see me as a Vice Presidential candidate. I am running for President. ..."

Gallup Daily Poll
"The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking of national Democratic voters' presidential nomination preferences finds Hillary Clinton (46%) and Barack Obama (45%) in a virtual deadlock. ..."

Rasmussen Daily Poll
"Hillary Clinton’s Texas-Ohio bounce may have faded a bit. In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s Clinton 46% Obama 45% ..."

The Question of Veep
"As this game of chicken intensifies between them, it's harder and harder to imagine the loser being willing to swallow their pride and accept second fiddle ..."

The Pennsylvania Polka
"In Pittsburgh, where Clinton leads but Obama has a chance. ..."

The Legacy of My Grandmother
"I know Gloria Steinem might not agree with my decision to be swayed by Obama's poise, intellect, beliefs and, yes, his color. But like my grandmother before me, I can't afford the luxury of fighting two battles when one is so clearly a matter of life and death. ..."

The Spin is Already On in Wyoming
"The Clinton campaign, for one, estimates a 7-5 split. "We are thrilled with this near split in delegates and are grateful to the people of Wyoming for their support, ..."

Hillary Clinton's "My Lai" Strategy?
"She's destroying the party in order to save it….that seems to be the conclusion of a some opinion writers today…"

Will Obama's Vow to Fight Clean Hurt Him?
"Rather, Obama's oft-stated promise to take the high road during the campaign could become a liability as his duel with Clinton intensifies in the next few weeks and months, say political pundits. ..."

Bill Clinton: A Clinton-Obama Ticket Would Be Unstoppable
"Even as Hillary Clinton's campaign attacked her rival, Barack Obama, for failing to "deliver on his promises," her husband, former President Bill Clinton said Saturday that a joint ticket pairing the two would be "almost unstoppable. ..."

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