Friday, March 7, 2008

3/7 Morning News: Moving Forward

Account of Clinton Appearance in Mississippi
"I must say that the Obama crowd came in force, with me included. I would venture to say the numbers were very close, if not an advantgae for Obama. ..."

Puerto Rico Changes to a Primary
"Puerto Rico's Democrats tonight voted to ditch their June 7 caucus, and to replace it with a June 1 primary. ..."

Obamaworld vs. Hillaryland
"Obamaworld is a universe of liberal professionals and young people—plus blacks from all economic segments. Hillaryland, by contrast, is a place of working-class voters, particularly working-class women, and the old. ..."

Go Already!
"That means, as we all have grown tired of hearing, that she would need to win with superdelegates. But, with most superdelegates already committed, Clinton would need to capture the remaining ones by a margin of better than two to one. ..."

Clintons Just Ken't Get It Right
"But it didn't take the Clinton campaign long to run wildly off track, by returning yesterday to the sort of sloppy and absurd criticisms that have only backfired on it thus far. ..."

Path to the Nomination: Obama
"First of two parts; the second part will lay out Clinton's strategy for the nomination ..."

Clinton Supporter is Armed and Dangerous
"Rendell, a strong Clinton supporter, is the exact opposite, a loose-lipped, gregarious backslapper whose gaffe-prone ways only underscore his genuineness. ..."

What Next?
"But it depends even more, as is becoming clearer each day, on how party leaders and elected officials, not to mention the courts that I'm betting will be involved soon, deal with the problem of the Michigan and Florida delegations. ..."

Is the Media Biased ... Against Obama?
"The big problem for Obama going forward doesn't have anything to do with reporters ragging on Tony Rezko, flogging the Austan Goolsbee flap or sharpening their stories in shame after SNL mocks their presumed Obamamania. It has to do with the need for drama in the news. ..."

Clinton Stumps in Obama-Friendly Mississippi
"It's kind of clear what she was doing. She was trying to curry favor with Iowa because there was an election going up there," Mabus said. "It's also clear that she didn't expect ever to have to be in Mississippi. ..."

Clinton, Obama Take Aim At Pennsylvania
"We're going to campaign hard in Pennsylvania," said David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager. "It's a big, important state. We have a lot of support there. ..."

Commentary: Now It's Obama's Turn To Make Adjustments
"Ask any boxing trainer and they'll tell you that you can walk into the ring with a well-designed plan to beat your opponent, but as the fight progresses, you might have to alter your plans. ..."

A Fact Check on Clinton's Foreign Policy Claims
"George Mitchell, who was a U.S. special envoy to Northern Ireland, told CNN that while Clinton was not directly involved in negotiations, she did play a helpful role in bringing in women's groups that made a difference. ..."

Clinton: Monster's Ball
"The New York Post: “Hil launches Starr wars: Aides whine: Obama acts like Bill’s 90s nemesis. ..."

Next Contests: WY Coming Up
"Tickets are sold out to today’s Obama town hall, but there are still some available to the 15,000-seater. ..."

First Thoughts: How Ugly Can It Get?
"Doesn't the Clinton campaign want a knife fight? Just as David Brooks notes today, if it drags Obama down to trench warfare ... So perhaps it wasn’t surprising that the Clinton camp accused Obama’s team yesterday of acting like Ken Starr ..."

Obama Adviser Apologizes for 'Monster' Comment
"One of Barack Obama's top foreign policy advisers apologized late Thursday after a Scottish newspaper quoted her as calling Hillary Clinton a "monster. ..."


Anonymous said...


You have it all wrong!! I am West Indian/Hispanic and the One person that will help people like us are Hillary Clinton. Her husband already helped your parents and grandparents. Please take a really good look at Obama, do you honestly think he will help you!! If he is President he will owe favors to all the rich people that bankroled his campaign first. Did he refused Rezko deal on his house and land? He is all in it for himself and his buddies.


Cris said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment. However, I respectfully disagree with your assertions, for a couple of reasons:

1. Obama's approach to Cuba, especially re: eliminating the limits for how often we can visit our family members in Cuba, and his desire to speak directly with Raul Castro to move forward change in Cuba is very personally beneficial and important.

2. I don't believe Bill Clinton helped Cubans. I think most Cubans would agree - hence most Cuban Americans have voted republican (until now perhaps :)).

3. I have taken a very thorough look at Obama and I do honestly feel he has the proper combination of idealism and pragmatism to move us forward.

4. I'm not certain which "rich people" you are referring to, but Obama's campaign has first and foremost been funded by the American people. Unlike Clinton, NONE of his support has come from federal lobbyists and he doesn't take PAC money either.

5. Once he learned of Rezko's issues with the law, he donated all the money that Rezko gave him to charity. Further, 3 out of the 5 other people involved in the Rezko trial have given money to Senator Clinton.

That said, there are a variety of other reasons why I support Senator Obama, but I hope I have been able to answer your specific points.

Anonymous said...


This is my first visit to your site, and I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.

I hope you will be able to did deeper into issues, especially lies the Clinton folks are spreading, and point these out.

I agree with the Obama campaign's policy of staying positive. But his supporters should not be letting the negative campaigning go unprotested.

-MS in Maryland