Friday, March 7, 2008

3/7 Evening News

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Obama Camp: 'Different Standard for HRC'
"The Obama campaign responded on Samantha Power’s resignation and said there “seems to be a different standard in the Clinton campaign” on personal attacks. ..."

Mississippi Democratic Primary
"Obama 46%, Clinton 40% ..."

A Political Proposal On The Situation Room
"TVNewser has learned exclusively that the Barack Obama presidential campaign is in internal discussions tonight, at the highest levels, to decide how to respond to an offer made this evening on CNN's The Situation Room ..."

3/7 Obama Conference Call (w/ Audio)
"In any case, the most outstanding feature of this call, by my lights, was how the reporter (Margaret Talev, McClatchy) introduced her question with, "I'm sorry, this is about policy. ..."

Clinton Lowers Expectations in Wyoming
"A day before Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama were to compete for a small scattering of delegates in Wyoming, Clinton cast herself as the underdog and said the odds are not in her favor. ..."

The Other Obama
"Michelle Obama and the Politics of Candor ..."

The Stalemate Continues
"Hillary Clinton has battled back to a virtual dead heat with Barack Obama, according to the latest NEWSWEEK Poll ..."

Obama, Clinton Campaigns Work Quietly Toward Compromise on Florida, Michigan Delegates
"Very quietly and very delicately, the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns have begun back-channel communications to find common ground that can break the stalemate over the seating of Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates. ..."

Video: Obama Responds to Clinton's Attacks in Casper, Wyoming

Dems Prospect for Votes in Weekend Wyoming Caucuses
"Its population may be sparse, but in a seemingly never-ending Democratic primary season, Wyoming for once is claiming its share of high-stakes national attention. ..."

Hillary Clinton: Fratricide Maniac
"The New Republic: Hillary Clinton's Continued Run Is Damaging The Democrats' Chances ..."

Democrats Have a Big Decision to Make
"Everyone I talk to – everybody - says, “We do not know how to end this. How does this movie end? ..."

Obama Camp Sees Fine Line in Hitting Back
"... after his defeats this week at the hands of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, there is frustration and anger among his supporters, advisers and contributors about the Clinton campaign’s attacks on him ..."

Spotlight Reveals Obama Camp Missteps
"A series of missteps by members of Barack Obama's campaign team illustrate that despite a dazzlingly effective year of campaigning, elements of his inner circle are still dangerously new to the maelstrom of presidential politics. ..."

All the Apologies
"Maybe it's the historic nature of the candidates running, but it seems that a month hasn't gone by without one of them -- or their supporters -- having to apologize. Or clarify something they said. Or distance themselves from a remark. ..."

How Many States Has the Clinton Campaign Dissed?
"Could we possibly have a nominee who hasn’t won any of the significant states — outside of Illinois? That raises some serious questions about Sen. Obama." - Mark Penn ..."

Sneak Peak: Monster's Ball
"Dick Cheney's home state of Wyoming plays host Saturday to the first Democratic contest since Hillary Clinton resurrected her political fortunes. ..."

Obama Defends Iraq Stance
"Don’t be confused," Obama said at a campaign event in Casper. When Senator Clinton is not even willing to acknowledge that she voted for war. She says she voted for diplomacy despite the title that said 'Authorization to use U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq.' ..."

Obama Camp Slams Clinton for Secrecy
"Barack Obama's campaign stepped up its effort Friday to target Hillary Clinton for delaying the release of her income tax returns, saying the New York senator has a "pattern of secrecy" and has yet to be fully vetted by the American people. ..."

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