Saturday, March 29, 2008

3/29 Evening News

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TX Presidential Primary Convention Results
You can find updated results for the Texas Presidential Primary Convention here. Refresh throughout the day.

Pennsylvania, meet Barack Obama
"Barack Obama, one of the most debated and publicized figures around, wound his way through western Pennsylvania this weekend on a bus tour with a formidable task: reshaping perceptions of him on unfriendly turf. ..."

Clinton, Obama camps still battling in Texas
"Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama scrambled to secure Texas' last remaining Democratic National Convention delegates Saturday as the state pushed to settle the outcome of the March 4 caucus. ..."
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Obama: 'Clinton Can Run as Long as She Wants'
"I hadn't talked to Pat about it," Obama said. "My attitude is that Sen. Clinton can run as long as she wants. Her name is on the ballot ... she should be able to compete and her supporters should be able to support her for as long as they are willing or able. ..."
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Obama Calls Treasury Plan ‘Inadequate’
"Sen. Barack Obama described the Bush administration’s sweeping changes to financial market regulation as “inadequate” on Saturday. ..."

Party Fears Tight Obama-Clinton Finish
"For all their delight in soaring voter registration and strong poll numbers, some Democrats fear the contest between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton might have a nightmarish end, which could wreck a promising election year. ..."

Paterno thinks hard, then shuns Clinton
"Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, a noted Republican, says he thought long and hard before deciding against greeting Bill Clinton when the former president visited campus on behalf of his wife’s presidential campaign. ..."

Edwards declines to endorse Obama, Clinton
"I have a very high opinion of both of them," Edwards said at the Young Democrats of North Carolina convention. "We would be blessed as a nation to have either one of them as president. ..."

Curveballs for Obama on the Long Trail
"So Denny, a middle-aged man, rises in the bleachers. I’m a PhD in economics, he says by way of throat-clearing, and I want to know your position on the penny. ..."

The Tales Hillary Tells
"Politicians by nature construct personal narratives about themselves that make them seem shinier, if not larger than life. ..."

A Complicated Record On Race
"All sides of the affirmative-action debate think Barack Obama agrees with them. And he might. ..."

How to Win in a Knife Fight
"The Democratic race could well come down to the first contested convention in years. Lessons on how to prevail. ..."

The Game’s Not Over, Clinton Backers Agree
"In the height of basketball season, here in the heart of basketball country, it was perhaps inevitable that the state of the Democratic presidential race would be boiled down in championship terminology. ..."

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