Friday, March 28, 2008

3/28 Evening News

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Obama Campaign Official: People Shouldn't Call On Hillary To Drop Out Of Race
"I don't think people should be calling on a candidate to drop out. The Clintons are smart people. I think it's very hard to see the numbers for them to pull this off..."

Fact Check: Obama and Oil
"However, many of those contributions appear to come from workers at the firm not just executives. For example, Patrice McGowan, an Exxon-Mobil shift supervisor ... has donated $982 to Obama as of January. She also has a blog profile on Obama’s campaign Web site. ..."
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Obama Says on Foreign Policy He's Like Reagan and Bush 41
"Barack Obama argued that his foreign policy proposals are more in line with former presidents George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan than with the current President Bush and Hillary Clinton. ..."

Casey quickly changed tune on endorsement
"Sen. Bob Casey must have caught the Obamamania bug over the past few weeks. ..."

Obama Finds Street Support
"Of the 8.9 million passenger vehicles registered in New York State, only one has license plates spelling out Tibi Vasilescu’s choice for president: OBAMA 08. ..."

RNC calls on Clinton, Obama to denounce Dean comments
"The Republican National Committee called on both Democratic presidential candidates Friday to denounce recent comments from Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean who called John McCain a 'blatant opportunist.' ..."

Pelosi responds to Clinton donors
"Here's what you and I can't let happen," Pelosi wrote in email to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee supporters. "We can't allow the tension and pressures of a spirited presidential contest to spill over and harm hard-working Democratic candidates ..."
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It’s Pittsburgh, With an 'H'
"We all have our issues when it comes to speed-writing and spell-check, but on the day that your candidate begins a six-day bus tour across the Keystone State to allow voters to get to know him, well, maybe you should be careful with your spelling of Pennyslvania’s bigger cities. ..."

Bloomberg: Clinton Risks Credibility Gap Over `Fudged' Claims, Stances
"Hillary Clinton, accused of exaggerating her experience and reversing policy positions, risks a widening credibility gap that may undermine her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. ..."

Rangel “Underestimated” Obama's Strength
"Having read your most recent editorial ….I must admit that my statement that supporters of Senator Barack Obama were motivated solely by black pride grossly underestimated the talent and strength of his candidacy. ..."

The Voice of Reverend Wright
"If your only sense of the mind of Wright comes from YouTube and cable clips, this letter is essential reading. ..."
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Costly Crossfire
"An unpopular president waging an unpopular war during a time of economic meltdown—all of those factors should help make 2008 the Year of the Democrats. But the Clinton-Obama battle ... threatens to short-circuit the opportunity. ..."

Dinner Table Debates
"In Pennsylvania, many young voters are pushing their parents to back Obama. ..."

Obama suggests ex-pastor is contrite
"Barack Obama seemed to suggest in an interview aired Friday that his former pastor has acknowledged that his controversial remarks were inappropriate and hurtful, although there are no public accounts of the minister having done so. ..."

Is Wright Right About Racism?
"Is Jeremiah Wright right about racism? There, I asked the question - a question that should be at the center of the "controversy" surrounding Barack Obama's former pastor, but which has been completely ignored. ..."

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