Friday, March 28, 2008

3/28 Afternoon News: New Ads

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New Obama Ads


North Carolina (originally aired in Iowa)

Obama on Casey Endorsement
"You know, I did not press him on this endorsement, you know there were some people that I was nagging all the time," ... "But when he called me and said, ‘I think this is the right thing to do,’ it meant as much to me as any endorsement that I've received ..."
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Obama Kicks Off Pennsylvania Tour
"Barack Obama kicked off a six day tour of Pennsylvania today by nabbing his first major endorsement in the state. Sen. Bob Casey Jr, D-Pa., a superdelegate, announced his endorsement at a community gathering here. ..."

Obama to play 3-on-3 basketball to register Indiana voters
"Barack Obama will put his well-reputed basketball skills on the line in an effort to register young voters in this hoops-obsessed primary state, his campaign announced Friday. ..."

Obama Defends Wright on ABC's 'The View'
"Obama described Wright as a "brilliant man who was still stuck in a time warp. ..."

Obama Campaign Memo: Voters and Superdelegates Rejecting Clinton’s Tactics
"The Clintons have made no secret of the fact that they relish negative campaigning. Just before the first votes were cast in this race, Senator Clinton called attacking Senator Obama “the fun part. ..."

University of Chicago: Obama was a 'professor'
"The University of Chicago said Friday Barack Obama accurately described himself as a onetime law professor at the school, despite the fact his formal title was "Senior Lecturer. ..."

Guess What? Obama Is Not 'Poaching' Delegates in Texas
"Turns out that the Obama campaign was correct to claim that the Clinton delegate in question, Christopher Cohen, was misidentified on their working list as an Obama supporter. ..."

Obama IA Director to Head PA Campaign
"Tewes has a strong track record. Under his leadership, the Obama campaign conducted an extensive grassroots effort in Iowa that helped the campaign win by 8 points. ..."

Scrutiny For Clinton's Role In N. Ireland
"Her critics point to an empty, wind-swept Belfast park - which Clinton a decade ago proclaimed would become Northern Ireland's first Catholic-Protestant playground - as evidence that her contribution as peacemaker was more symbolic than substantive. ..."

Why Clinton floated the delegate switch idea
"The delegates Obama won in primaries could switch sides, but likely won't ..."

Clinton's Indiana Expectations Game
"As Hillary Clinton kicked off a long day of campaigning in the Hoosier State Friday, her campaign painted the fight here as an uphill struggle. ..."
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There's a Slip
"Sestak replied that he's not, that he's confident that if Obama were to lose the nomination, he'd turn around and say, "Support her." And if Clinton were to lose the nomination, she would turn around and say, "Support me. ..."

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama Back Into Lead in Democratic Race
"Today's Gallup Poll Daily tracking update finds Barack Obama with an eight percentage point advantage over Hillary Clinton (50% to 42%), this gives him a statistically significant advantage for the first time since before the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy. ..."

Edwards Donors Prefer Obama to Clinton
"John Edwards ’ former donors broke toward Barack Obama by a 2-to-1 margin over Hillary Rodham Clinton in February, the first full month after Edwards dropped out of the Democratic presidential nomination fight. ..."

Hillary’s Consolation Prize?
"Some Democrats terrified that their bloody primary campaign will doom them in November are floating a consolation prize for Hillary Clinton: Governor of New York. ..."

Clinton has made the right call… so far
"It is amazing how loud some of the buzz is for Sen. Hillary Clinton to "do what's best for the party" and get out. ..."

Expertinent: What You Won't Learn from Clinton's Long-Awaited Tax Returns
"The fact that they have been reluctant to release them on the one hand raises an eyebrow and makes you wonder if there's something in there ... "On the other hand, this is the Clintons normal modus operandi with everything. You have to pry disclosures out of them. ..."

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