Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3/26 Evening News: Poll - New Clinton Low

News Items
New: NY Mayor Bloomberg to appear with Obama at economy speech
"Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has said his endorsement is up for grabs in the presidential race, planned to appear Thursday at an event with Democratic candidate Barack Obama. ..."

Another Superdelegate: Congressman Lipinski backs Obama for president
"Lipinski had been one of the two remaining holdouts among Democratic superdelegates in Illinois' congressional delegation. He says he's endorsed Obama because of the candidate's emphasis on overcoming partisanship and uniting the country. ..."

Clinton Tactics Turn Off Some Superdelegates
"At a time when Sen. Hillary Clinton is increasingly relying on superdelegates to vault her to the Democratic Party's nomination, a handful of undecided and pledged superdelegates are coming forward to say her campaign's tactics in recent weeks are doing more harm than good. ..."
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Clinton backers scold Pelosi on superdelegate comment
"Nearly 20 high-profile Hillary Clinton backers strongly criticized Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday over her recent suggestion that Democratic party superdelegates should not overturn the pledged delegate outcome at the party's convention this August. ..."
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Obama Calls Wright Issue a Distraction
"Obama added, "I do have to remind people though this is somebody who was preaching at least three sermons at least a week for 30 years. And so, [sic] got boiled down; They found five or six of his most offensive statements, boiled that down to a … half-minute sound clip ..."

Federal judge: Michigan's presidential primary law unconstitutional
"If the Michigan Democratic Party cannot get the lists, then our friends at the ACLU may have driven the final nail in the coffin of any re-vote in Michigan," Brewer said. ..."

Florida Superdelegate Introduces New Argument To Seat The State's Superdelegates
"Starting to percolate on the newswire is an appeal by DNC Floridian Jon Ausman. He is stating that DNC rules prohibit the Rules Committee from: stripping Florida's superdelegates of being seated at the national convention and stripping Florida of all of its pledged delegates. ..."

Bill Clinton: 'Let's just saddle up and have an argument'
"Clinton: “If a football player doesn't want to get tackled or want the risk of an occasional clip he shouldn't put the pads on. ..."

Dangers of a Democratic Catfight
"Democrats Concerned About Collateral Damage; Bill Clinton Doesn't 'Give a Rip' ..."

Obama Takes Manhattan (And Draws a Crowd ... And Makes Tongues Wag)
"Thursday Gotham City highlights include ..."

Hillary’s Other Fabrication
"Interviewed on the “Today Show” one week after Sept. 11, she spun an elaborate yarn. The kindest thing we could say was that it was a fantasy. Or a fabrication. ..."

Ron Sims Wavers, Wanders, and Wonders About His Superdelegate Responsibilities
"There’s quite a bit of rambling and hedging, but the take-away, for me, is that Sims may be open to the idea of using his superdelegate power to help end the contest before it harms the party’s chances in November ..."

Polling Results
NBC-WSJ Poll: New Clinton Lows
"Hillary Clinton is sporting the lowest personal ratings of the campaign. Moreover, her 37 percent positive rating is the lowest the NBC/WSJ poll has recorded since March 2001 ..."

Delegate Math Myth and Fact
"A case in point comes from a recent memo by Peter Daou ... Two days ago, he released a memo entitled "Three Myths About the Democratic Race", that included a section arguing that "the delegate 'math' works decisively against Hillary" is a myth. This just isn't true ..."

Hillary's History of Lies
"Asked whether the candidates were “honest and trustworthy,” ... Hillary scored only 44 percent, the lowest rating for any candidate for any attribute in the poll. Hillary simply cannot tell the truth. Here's her scorecard: ..."

Clinton Owes Obama An Apology
"As a New Yorker, I have been proud of Hillary Clinton's service in the Senate, and I harbor no ill will toward her. ... But I cannot remain silent any longer while my own senator destroys the Democratic Party ..."

Obama Provides A Way for the Evangelicals to Redeem Themselves
"... I'll make a prediction: if Senator Obama is the Democratic Party candidate, the 2008 election will provide a watershed moment for the evangelical community, perhaps even a second chance. ..."

Say Hillary, What About The Religious "Family" You Have Chosen To Be Part Of?
"This is an interesting choice of words, since -- while we mostly hear about her Methodist upbringing -- Hillary Clinton has chosen to associate herself with The Family (also known as the Fellowship), a very conservative, fundamentalist organization started by Abraham Vereide ..."

Memo to Democrats: Grow Up
"To which I say: grow up. Elections aren't about spite. They're about picking a president. If you truly think that McCain would make a better POTUS than Obama, go ahead and defect. But I doubt that nearly 30 percent of Clinton's Democratic base would rather elect a Republican ..."

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