Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3/25 Evening News

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New CBS Video Contradicts Clinton Again
"She claimed she misspoke and was sleep deprived, but CBS News has found several times in the past few months Senator Clinton used the Bosnia trip to try to show her international experience ..."
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Obama spends quality time with his kids
"Obama takes break from campaign with stop in US Virgin Islands vacation ..."
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Taxes: Obamas prospered as he soared
"Barack Obama and his wife Michelle pulled in $3.9 million from 2000 through 2006, according to tax returns posted Tuesday on his presidential campaign’s website. ..."

Reid: Clinton, Obama close on issues
"Reid says Democratic wounds will heal because Clinton, Obama are so close on the issues ..."

Clinton Sees Fight Continuing for “the Next Three Months”
"I think that what we have to wait and see is what happens in the next three months. There’s been a lot of talk about what if, what if, what if. Let’s wait ..."

Affirmative action foes push ballot measures
"Activists cite Obama’s success as they look to extend ‘civil rights initiatives’ ..."

Dems eager to vote in Pennsylvania primary
"The pivotal presidential campaign in Pennsylvania is beginning a new chapter, and the first pages may be a good sign for Democrats. ..."

Florida Revival Featuring Rev. Wright Canceled
"Longtime Obama pastor and confidante was to give three sermons at Tampa, Florida church, starting Tuesday evening. Was to be his first public appearance since controversy over comments broke out. ..."

Progressives for Obama
"We believe that the movement today supporting Barack Obama continues this great tradition of grass-roots participation drawing millions of people out of apathy and into participation in the decisions that affect all our lives. ..."

Sen. Clinton's Own Religious Cult Includes Brownback, Santorum
"Given Sen. Clinton's remarks today concerning Sen. Obama's choice of pastor, it's about time the cult of religious fanatics to which she belongs got wider notice. ..."

Rove Already Answered the GOP's Question of Who's the Weaker Democrat
"In an open memo which got almost no media play and zilch public attention last December, Rove spit out six things Obama should do to zap Clinton. Obama has followed the script to the letter. ..."

Obama Still Stumps on 2002 Anti-War Declaration
"The speech, delivered five-and-a-half years ago, allows Obama, now the junior senator from Illinois, to say something that his rival for the Democratic nomination, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, cannot: that he never supported the war. ..."

Hillary's Diversionary Tactic Is Feeding The GOP Noise Machine
"Apparently being caught lying on your resume brings out the venomous side in Sen. Clinton. ..."

Activism You Can Do: Help Clinton Produce Her Tax Returns By Sending a "Tax Fax"
"In fact, since 2007's returns are due in less than a month, everyone in America has just finished, or soon will be, filling out, copying (for their own files), and sending off a tax return. In other words, we're all doing exactly what Clinton claims she "doesn't have time" to do! ..."

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I'm Against It said...

Barack Obama’s recent March 18 speech on race relations in America was one of the boldest and most relevant things to come from an American politician in years. Take a listen to my satire, in which I condensed a 40 minute speech down to 2. Mr. Obama urges a revolution on Washington and says the current administration should be taken to prison. Check it out
http://www.associatedcontent.com/audio/2689/barack_obamas_race_in_america_speech.html. Ah, the magic of simple audio editing software!