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One Year Ago: Obama proposed the summit Clinton is offering today
"Almost one year ago to the day, Barack Obama sent a letter (below) to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson urging them to convene a homeownership preservation summit. Today, Clinton is proposing essentially the same thing. ..."

The Next President's Plan . . .
"To solve the current crisis, Barack Obama would immediately take three steps, addressing the fact that the troubles ultimately result from the squeeze on ordinary Americans in the "real" economy. ..."

"No, I think he recognizes. When some these remarks first came to light were a year ago, and I actually called him and it created some tensions that were reported in the newspapers. He understood that his perspective on some of these issues were very different from mine ..."

Obama Camp Distances Itself, Slightly, From McCarthy Remarks
"Sen. Barack Obama's campaign distanced itself on Monday from recent comments made by a prominent campaign surrogate, General Tony McPeak, who compared former President Bill Clinton's campaigning tactics to McCarthyism. ..."

"Democrats, looking for a way out, are pondering a new idea: an unprecedented "mini convention" to bring their punishing presidential season to an early close. ..."

Convictions: Endorsing Obama
"This endorsement may be of little note or consequence, except perhaps that it comes from an unlikely source: namely, a former constitutional legal counsel to two Republican presidents. ..."

Obama And Clinton Embellish Their Records
"Washington Post: Both Democratic Candidates Overstate Roles In Key Legislation ..."

The Small Dollar Campaign Money Gulf
"41 percent of Obama’s money came from contributors who gave $200 or less. 26 percent of Clinton’s money came from the same category of low-dollar contributors. ..."

Bill Richardson urges unity among Democrats
"If the Democrats hope to retake the White House in November, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama must stop their negative campaigning against each other and start talking about the issues affecting the country ..."

Dems' Battle Hits Easter Pulpit, Airwaves
"Even on the Christian holy day of Easter, the Democratic presidential campaign rhetoric kept on buzzing -- from the pulpit to the airwaves. ..."

Fighting for the White Male Voter
"While Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., may be fashion forward when it comes to his open collars, he's having a real problem with blue collars. ..."

"We've talked about many of the same solutions," he said, trying to refocus on Obama's refusal to accept money from lobbyists. "Senator Clinton has not shown a propensity to support reform in Washington. ..."

Easter sermon at Obama's church addresses Wright controversy
"The new pastor of Barack Obama's Chicago church said during Easter Sunday services that recent national scrutiny of the church is a test that will only make the congregation stronger. ..."

Police: Clinton aide to plead guilty
"A senior adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has agreed to plead guilty to drunken driving after the arresting officer was ordered to Iraq making a trial on a more serious charge impossible ..."

DOJ urged to investigate passport breach
"Lawmakers urge Justice Department to investigate snooping of candidates' passport records ..."

Obama favorite of outside groups
"Political specialists point out that Mr. Obama doesn't have any control over those expenditures because outside groups raise and spend money independent of the presidential campaigns. ..."

Judas vs. Joe McCarthy
"Bill Richardson - dubbed Judas by James Carville in the NY Times on Friday - says he won't "get down on the gutter" and that there's too much negativity on both sides in the Democratic race: ..."

"Understand this, something else that has not been reported on enough is despite these very offensive views, this guy has built one of the finest churches in Chicago. This is not a crackpot church. ... Bill Clinton invited him to the White House when he was having his personal crises. ..."

Polling Results
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"Nationally, Hillary Clinton now holds a very slight advantage over Barack Obama, 46% to 44%. ..."

"Barack Obama leads John McCain 45% to 41% in a poll with a 4.5 percentage point margin of sampling error. Hillary Clinton holds a statistically insignificant one-point edge over McCain, 44% to 43%. ..."

"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in North Carolina finds John McCain leading Hillary Clinton 50% to 34%. The Arizona Senator also leads Barack Obama 51% to 42%. ..."

Trailer: Hillary in Tuzla: The Tale of Bosnian Sniper Fire (Video)

Obama's Great "Bad Week"
"The conventional wisdom falls in line again. On Friday, one commentator after another in the mainstream media, from Brian Williams to Mark Shields, repeated the line: Bill Richardson's endorsement of Barack Obama helped a bit after a very bad week for Obama. Say what? ..."

"Barack Obama is offering the most sweeping liberal foreign-policy critique we've heard from a serious presidential contender in decades. But will voters buy it? ..."

"The only part of the speech that made me shudder was this sentence: “But race is an issue that I believe this nation cannot afford to ignore right now.” As soon as I heard that, I knew what we’d have to endure."

"Reader Mark L. sends through an email that is spot on in pointing out something most people seem to be missing: the crucial importance of North Carolina in determining the outcome of the Democratic primary. ..."

First Thoughts: Clinton's Day
"As for today, it is Clinton’s day. She could dominate the news cycle with a major speech on the housing crisis in Pennsylvania. ..."

Electability in November?
"To put it bluntly, there is no relationship between primary success in any given state and November success in those states. ..."

"The "Reverend Wright is Wrong" refrain has been repeated endlessly this past week as pundits on both sides weigh in on the racial and religious controversy that's rocked the Obama campaign. Martin Luther King, Jr. touched on this not-so-divine divide 45 years ago: ..."

Obama's promise of a new majority, and the question it prompts
"Obama, in an interview, said that "a lot of these old labels don't apply anymore." He said he was a progressive and a pragmatist, eager to tackle the big issues like health care and convinced that the Democrats could rally independents and disaffected Republicans ..."

Swift Boating the Speech
"It was a great piece of oratory, and a good short-term political tactic. But it won’t help him beat McCain. ..."

8 Questions That Will Shape Where the Race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination Goes From Here
"The May 6 primaries in Indiana and North Carolina have the most potential to change the race, although probably only if one candidate wins both. ..."

Slouching Toward Denver
"Any candidate trailing at the convention must employ divisive tactics, almost by definition. For example, much of the bitterness in 1980 arose from the floor votes Kennedy engineered to drive a wedge between Carter and his delegates. ..."

A Present for McCain as the Other Side Fights
"Feuding Democrats have handed Senator John McCain the gift of time. How well he uses it may determine his chance to beat them in November. ..."

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