Friday, March 21, 2008

3/21 Morning News: Richardson Endorses Obama

News Items
Bill Richardson to endorse Obama
"In an e-mail to supporters, Richardson said Obama will be a "historic and a great president, who can bring us the change we so desperately need by bringing us together as a nation here at home and with our allies abroad. ..."
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Motive sought for Obama passport breach
"Govt. asking whether workers had political motive for looking at Obama's passport file ..."
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Obama outdoes Clinton in finance game
"Barack Obama outspends and outraises Hillary Rodham Clinton, ends month with more cash on hand ..."
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Michigan Ends Revote Bid
"Collapse of Effort to Hold New Primary Is a Setback for Clinton ..."

Civil War: Split Decision Divides Democrats
"It didn't take long for bloggers to render their verdict when 11,000 pages of Hillary Clinton's White House schedules were made public this week. ..."

Edwards Still Not Endorsing
"Even while former Governor Bill Richardson was preparing his endorsement of a former rival, former Sen. John Edwards chose to remain neutral. ..."

Clinton treats Obama pastor with caution
"Political allies told not to mention racially incendiary comments ..."

Photo shows President Clinton, controversial Obama minister
"Barack Obama’s former minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, attended a 1998 Clinton White House prayer breakfast, and met former President Bill Clinton – a moment which was documented by official photographers in a photo that surfaced Thursday. ..."

Clinton, Obama are Wall Street darlings
"Donations to Democratic campaigns prompt concern that the candidates will go soft on regulation of the financial markets. ..."

Clinton's Experience Is Debated
"While Not a Foreign Crisis Player, She Carried U.S. Message ..."

Obama camp says records prove Clinton supported NAFTA
"Barack Obama's campaign tried yesterday to capitalize on the release of Hillary Clinton's schedules as first lady by highlighting evidence of her early support for the North American Free Trade Agreement, even though she now criticizes it. ..."

Presidential candidates pull in $790 million
"Obama has the lead in fundraising among both parties, reporting $192.7 million total. Also-rans are busy paying money back. ..."

Obama Camp Memo on Clinton “Misleading” Voters
"Senator Clinton likes to claim that she’s been vetted. But there is a salient theme emerging that has not been examined at all in this race: Senator Clinton has consistently made political calculations to deliberately mislead the American people ..."

McCain getting crushed by Obama in money war
"... that was less than the $11.7 million the senator from Arizona senator raised in January, when he was still locked in a tight four-way race for his party's nomination, suggesting Republican donors have yet to coalesce behind their standard bearer. ..."
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Polling Results
Poll: Divisive Dem Contest Could Boost McCain
"Among Obama supporters, 20 percent said they would vote for Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the Republican nominee, if Clinton beats their candidate for the nomination. Among Clinton supporters, 19 percent ..."

Obama Speech Grades: 51% Good or Excellent, 26% Fair, 21% Poor
"Among those who have seen or heard some of the speech, 51% said it was good or excellent, 26% said fair, and 21% gave the Senator’s remarks a grade of poor. ..."

The Note: After Midnight
"Sometimes, like a Cinderella team marching through March, Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign seems nothing short of charmed. ..."

Who Has the Power to End the Clinton-Obama Race?
"From a brokered convention to a superdelegate primary, contemplating the latest what-if- scenarios in the Democratic race for the White House has left some wondering if the time is now for the party's panchayat to step into the fray ..."

FirstRead: A Bad Week For Everyone
"... we imagine there haven’t been many that have been this bad for all three campaigns. It was an odd war of attrition, a contest of who had the LESS bad week. ..."

Starting Gate: Hope Fades
"It was supposed to be the "big" campaign, devoid of petty arguments about boxers and briefs, sexual witch hunts and whether or not the candidates inhaled. ..."

'O' What a Lucky Break This Fellow is Getting
"The very week he faces his toughest obstacle ever - one that may still derail his candidacy - Obama gets a near-game-ending pot of gold. ..."

Can Clinton win popular vote, superdelegates?
"The apparent collapse of planned new votes in Florida and Michigan could push victory on a key symbolic measure — the primary season popular vote — beyond Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s grasp. ..."

Another Angry Black Preacher
" Let's ask the hard question about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Is he as far outside the African American mainstream as many of us would like to think? ..."

Democrats in Stalemate
"The collapse of efforts to conduct new primaries in Michigan and Florida leaves the Democratic Party in a pickle partly of its own making. ..."

Obama: Watching NCAA Hoops
"Senator Obama you sat down, talked, ate some chicken wings and watched basketball in March. You just got my vote," Michael Cross from St. Albans, West Virginia told Obama. ..."

Who's unelectable now?
"It will be next to impossible to win a general election if more than half of the people think that you are not trustworthy," he said, after citing Clinton's poor Gallup rating on honesty and trustworthiness. ..."

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