Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3/19 Morning News: Words Sinking In

Obama Cracks My TV in Half
"It didn't make sense. A politician responding to a TV news scandal during an election and he's not on the attack or the defensive. Instead he's asking us to look at the forces that shape our feelings on race and understand them. ..."

The Impact Of Obama's Speech: A Pennsylvania Political Expert Weighs In
"Barack Obama delivered a speech yesterday that is a rarity in the world of politics. Some called it historic. His speech addressed the controversy regarding the comments of his former pastor Jeremiah Wright, and race relations in America. ..."

Hillary's Foreign Policy Memories
"I'm delighted to be here with Ambassador Wilson. He and I did travel together to Africa ..." That Africa trip was in March 1997. Wilson didn't start as Senior Director for African Affairs at the NSC until later that year. ..."

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama now leads Clinton 47% to 42%. Yesterday, Obama led 45% to 44% ..."

Black, White & Gray
"Overriding aides who objected to putting race center stage, he addressed a painful, difficult subject straightforwardly with a subtlety and decency rare in American politics. ..."

More on Obama
"I am a biracial woman, under 30, who identifies as black, just as Obama does. ... As an adult I have found myself in both white and black churches but rarely a mixed church. Obama's statement about that segregation on Sunday morning could not ring any truer for me. ..."

Obama's message resonates
"Audience members tout his appeal to bridge gap between public and private responses to realities of race. ..."

FirstRead: New PA Radio Ads
"Obama launches two radio ads in the state, focusing on Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. One is aimed at students and focuses on the war and student loans; the other targets independents ..."

The Delegate Fight - Getting Desperate
"Is Clinton looking too desperate in her need for more contests? "In a sign of how badly she thinks she needs the Michigan delegates to catch the Democratic front-runner, Senator Barack Obama, Mrs. Clinton made a last-minute schedule change and planned to fly to Detroit ..."

Opinion from the Right: Wright's Rantings Won't Sink Obama
"As the controversy matures, he can increasingly depict those who fan its flames as trying to live in the past and re-fight the civil wars of race that have divided America. All these themes were evident and articulately presented in Obama's Tuesday speech on race. ..."

The Church of Contradictions
"Why Obama's place of worship looks so different to different people. ..."

Obama stands his unique ground on race
"On Tuesday, Obama tried to explain that anger to voters who have been repelled by racially incendiary comments from his longtime pastor. ... "That anger is not always productive. . . . But the anger is real; it is powerful," Obama said. ..."

Clinton to blame Obama for holding up Michigan revote
"Sen. Hillary Clinton has scheduled a last-minute campaign stop Wednesday in Detroit, where she is expected to push for a revote in Michigan and blame Sen. Barack Obama's camp for holding up efforts for a new primary. ..." (Note: It's ironic that Clinton Adviser Harold Ickes was one of those involved in stripping Michigan of its votes to begin with.)

Dems seize on McCain's Iran gaffe
"The Democratic National Committee seized on John McCain's apparent gaffe while discussing Iran Tuesday, saying it raises questions whether the Arizona senator "can be trusted to offer a clear way forward. ..."

McCain: Whoops
"File this story in the "if Clinton or Obama had done this it would have been front-page news" file. ..."

Obama Plans Another Major Address, This Time on Iraq
"Giving the speech in Fayetteville, North Carolina, serves two purposes for Obama: the first is that Fayetteville is home to Ft. Bragg, the largest Army base in the world, and ... this could give him a chance to establish some foreign policy bona fides. ..."

Reactions To Obama's Speech On Race
"Could the candidate whose campaign is premised on lifting the country past its divisions elevate himself above the rift exposed by his former minister? The speech wowed her. ..."

Clinton records from ’90s to be released
"Watchdog group, press have sought schedules from her years as first lady ..."

Obama chooses reconciliation over rancor
"Experts say 'nonpartisan' speech on race is almost without precedent ..."

The Obama Campaign's Argument on Michigan
"... the chief [concern] being that Republicans, independents, and even Democrats who voted in the January 15 GOP primary would be disqualified from participating in the do-over. ..."

The DNC Weighs in on Michigan
"We have recently been asked whether the legislation as proposed by Michigan would fit within the framework of the National Party’s Delegate Selection Rules. Our review of this legislation indicates that it would, in fact, fit within the framework of the Rules if ..."

The Note: March From Madness
" You can throw away your brackets -- here's a region's worth of match-ups that matter: ..."

CBS Poll: Gender Matters More Than Race
"Voters Say Woman Candidate Faces Slightly Bigger Barriers To Presidency Than A Black Candidate ..."

Liberals don't want convention fight
"Liberals cheer voter enthusiasm, worry about divisive Democratic convention ..."

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