Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3/18 Afternoon News: Reactions on Race

TIME: Obama's Speech
"As others have already said, it was the best speech about race I've ever heard delivered by an American politician. It seems obvious to me that the emotional heart of the speech was this: ..."

FirstRead: The Reviews of Obama's Speech Are In
"The reviews from political analysts and liberal bloggers are mostly positive. Here's a sample of their reviews and/or smart takes ..."

Race, Identity, and Obama's Next Stop
"As he comes off of a sweeping address that thrust the racial politics of America into the spotlight, here's just a few thoughts on the climate that Obama will walk into tomorrow when he visits North Carolina. ..."

Politico: Obama: Our country has 'a choice'
"Drawing a link between anger that has consumed both African Americans and whites, Obama said the country has a choice: It can continue to argue over race as a distraction, or “at this moment, in this election, we can come together and say, ‘Not this time.' ..."

Blitzer: Obama had fine line to walk
"He needed to take pre-emptive action. He did. Now, we wait for the reaction and the fallout. ..."

Obama urges Americans to help heal racial divide
"Unlike many of Obama's campaign events -- where he generally appears onstage backed by an overflow crowd of supporters -- this time Obama took the stage alone, backed by a row of U.S. flags. ..."

CBS Poll: Pastor's Remarks Hurt Obama
"While Most Are Unaffected By Controversy, A Third Of Those Who Have Heard About It View Obama Less Favorably ..."

CBS: Obama Urges End To "Racial Stalemate"
"Forming a more perfect union "requires all Americans to realize that your dreams do not have to come at the expense of my dreams," said the Illinois senator running to be the first black president. ..."

Speech doesn't pander; does it explain?
"It was meant to be calming. It was a speech that attempted to connect the dots of race in American history from slavery to Jim Crow to black anger, to white fear, to, ultimately, the hope of reconciliation. ..."

Newsweek: One for the History Books
"Obama's audacious—and risky—address on race ..."

FOX: Obama Seeks to Stop Wright Coverage ‘Loop’
"As Barack Obama wrapped up his ambitious speech on race, politics and the historical origin of his longtime pastor’s heated sermons Tuesday, advisers questioned whether he had achieved a simple and practical objective: halting the “loop. ..."

Vote: Did Senator Obama's Speech Succeed?
"Do you think Sen. Barack Obama successfully tackled the issue of race in his speech? ..."

MSNBC: Obama tackles race divide in major speech
"Barack Obama confronted the nation's racial divide head-on Tuesday, tackling both black grievance and white resentment in a bold effort to quiet a campaign uproar over race and his former pastor's incendiary statements. ..."

Reactions on the right
"Dean Barnett and Jonah Goldberg admit to instinctive swooning, but promise critiques once they get their bearings. ..."

Hillary "glad he gave" speech
"Clinton, speaking at Philadelphia City Hall, began by preempting questions about Obama's speech: "I did not have a chance to see or to read yet Sen. Obama’s speech, but I’m very glad that he gave it. It’s an important topic, ..."

CBS Poll: Pastor's Remarks Hurt Obama
"While Most Are Unaffected By Controversy, A Third Of Those Who Have Heard About It View Obama Less Favorably ..."

Newsweek: Obama confronts racial division
"Obama tries to halt damage from pastor's comments, encourages US to break "racial stalemate ..."

Poll: Clinton has double digit lead in Pennsylvania
"Clinton holds a 12-point lead over Obama in the state, 53 percent to 41 percent, according to the poll. ..."

'Super delegate' win would be unfair, voters say
"One in 5 Say If Clinton Wins Nomination with Superdelegates They Will Not Vote for Her ..."

ABC News: The Note - Black & White Stall
"A Critical Speech at a Difficult Moment for Obama Campaign ..."

ABC News: Obama Parses Wright & Wrong in Race Speech
"But in an attempt to move beyond the controversy ... Obama used Wright's anger as a way to explain racial grievances of both white and black Americans to focus on "problems that confront us all ..."

WSJ Op Ed: The Obama Bargain
"Geraldine Ferraro may have had sinister motives when she said that Barack Obama would not be "in his position" as a frontrunner but for his race. ... But whatever her motives, she was right: ..."

Analysis: Obama grabs race issue
"On Tuesday in Philadelphia, however, he said discussions of race have "taken a particularly divisive turn" recently, and it was time for a bold and frank airing. ..."

Another blow to Michigan revote
"I don't mean to bore readers to death with the Florida and Michigan posts, but the prospects on the ground do seem to be deteriorating hour by hour. ..."

Twisted Sister's Obama anthem
"So the Twisted Sister guitarist has re-recorded the heavy metal band's anthem, "I Wanna Rock," which has become "I Want Barack. ..."

Congregation Defends Obama's Ex-Pastor
"Washington Post: Criticism Seen As Attempt To Silence Voice Of Black Church ..."

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