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3/17 Morning News: Superdelegates

Another Superdelegate for Obama
"Margie Gavin Woods, a superdelegate from Illinois, announced she is supporting Senator Barack Obama for President today, citing his ability to unite the country ..."

Superdelegates: A Shift Toward Obama
"The number of undecided superdelegates has fallen in recent weeks as both candidates have picked up support — Barack Obama more so than Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to a survey by The New York Times and CBS News. ..."

Clinton's superdelegate problem
"By our count, the Clinton campaign hasn’t publicly announced the support of a new superdelegate since just after February 5. Indeed, since Super Tuesday, Obama has gained 47 new superdelegates, while Clinton has lost seven (including Eliot Spitzer). ..."

Time: The Fight for Freshman Superdelegates
"They've been in office just 14 months — about as long as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been running for President — but it's possible that the fate of the Democratic Party may just lie in their tender hands. ..."

Oregon AFSCME Endorses Obama
"The union took action prior to the upcoming Oregon primary because Obama has a history of standing up and fighting for working people,” said Oregon AFSCME Executive Director Ken Allen. ..."

Kristol Fails To Check His Sources, Bungles Key Fact In Anti-Obama Column
"The error is in trusting the source without checking. The truth is that Obama did not attend church on July 22. He was on his way to campaign in Miami. ..."

Democratic Racial Divide
"The Ferraro fiasco provides more evidence that Obama, as the first African-American with a real chance to become president, has exposed an ugly racial divide in what was supposed to be a colorblind Democratic Party. ..."

Hillary Whines to the Refs
"Now, to Hillary Clinton's credit, she doesn't accept this paradigm. She is fully aware of this game and knows how to play it with the best of them. And I say this with utter ambivalence. ..."

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"Monday’s numbers show Obama with 46% support from Likely Democratic Primary Voters while Clinton earns 44% of the vote ..."

Clinton Campaign Ducks a Simple Question About Tibet
"During the subsequent Q&A, however, Clinton's National Security Advisor ... ducked my question about the Bush Administration's decision last week to remove China from its list of human rights violators ..."

Obama Press Conference Call: To Discuss The State Of The Race
Audio of the conference call can be found here.

Obama Press Conference Call: To Discuss Results Of Iowa County Conventions
Audio of the conference call can be found here.

Washington Post: Late Calls Rarely Merit Snap Decisions
"... none of these cases were presidents asked to make major decisions. Instead, former White House advisers say, these calls -- and countless others like them -- were largely aimed at keeping the president informed of critical developments ..."

Obama's Crisis and MLK's Hard Truths
"In order for his campaign to move beyond this crisis, he must do far more than prove that he does not stand for inflammatory rhetoric. Obama must redefine the meaning of love for America. ..."

Clinton, Obama name N.C. teams
"The Democratic presidential campaigns for Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have named their North Carolina state directors as both teams gear up for the May 6 primary. ..."

Views on Pa. primary race continue to evolve
"The latest: State is important but not the clincher. ..."

FirstRead: Clinton v. Obama: The Obama Offensive
"If yesterday's back-and-forth conference calls were any indication, the Clinton v. Obama race is going to nastier and more personal. ..."

FirstRead: The Delegate Fight - Trench Warfare Time
Commentary on the news coverage of the upcoming weeks in the battle for the presidential nomination.

Responding rapidly
"The Obama campaign had an item up disputing Newsmax's claim about Obama's attendance at a Wright sermon around 6:00 p.m. yesterday ... That is to say, before most of us had actually made it to original column ..."

Clinton on Sinbad: 'He's a comedian, you know'
"Hillary responded to Sinbad's recollection of their trip together to Bosnia, which Hillary has portrayed as perilous, and at which Sinbad said the most difficult choice was where to get lunch. ..."

Bill's image damaged by campaign role
"Bill Clinton’s reentry into the political arena appears to have come at some cost to his legacy. New polling now suggests that Clinton’s involvement in the Democratic nomination battle ... has significantly tarnished the former president’s image. ..."

Clinton, Obama Camps Brainstorm to Get Upper Hand
"Strategists for the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton exchanged calculated barbs Sunday over accountability and ethics and who is engaging in personal attacks. ..."

Obama Denies Attending Controversial July ‘07 Wright Sermon; Official Schedule and Video Places Him in Miami
"Reports circulated over the weekend that Obama had attended the fiery sermon ... But a copy of Obama’s schedule viewed by FOX News as well as video of Obama speaking appear to place him in Miami that day at a convention of the National Council of La Raza. ..."

Bill Clinton: 'Chill Out,' Let Voters Decide
"Former President Clinton, in an exclusive interview today with Robin Roberts, said that he thinks Democrats are torn between two candidates they like and that it's time to "chill out" and let the voters decide ..."

The Note: Bills & Chills in Battle of Wills
"The question the Clinton campaign doesn't want asked: If voters are having second thoughts about Sen. Barack Obama (if, that is, the "downward spiral" has begun), why does Obama have a bigger delegate edge than he did two weeks ago? ..."

Starting Gate: Primary Bracketology
"It's an area the Obama campaign has sought to dive into at many points this year – not only over the tax returns but also about papers and documents related to Hillary Clinton's years in the White House that remain unreleased ..."

Obama’s Church Says Pastor’s Comments Taken Out of Context
“If you don’t know the context, it can be very shocking, very disturbing,” said University of Chicago professor Dr. Dwight Hopkins ... “If we see the entire sermons, we would see the context of those 10 snippets that we’ve seen…all of his sermons fall within the social gospel. ..."

White Men Emerge As Dems' Key Swing Vote
"The competition for the support of white men, particularly those defined as working class, will shape the showdown between Clinton and Obama in Pennsylvania's Democratic presidential primary on April 22. ..."

For Democrats, increased fears of a long fight
"While many superdelegates said they intended to keep their options open as the race continued to play out over the next three months, the interviews suggested that the playing field was tilting slightly toward Mr. Obama in one potentially vital respect. ..."

Road to Democratic nomination gets easier
"The number of delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination fell [by one] to 2,024 because of several changes among superdelegates. ..."

As campaign drags on, aides put lives on hold
"Weddings are delayed, sleep is deferred — and there's no end in sight ..."

Bill Clinton: We did not play race card
"Former President Bill Clinton defended his actions in the days leading up to the South Carolina primary, telling CNN Monday the notion that he went negative toward Barack Obama "is a total myth and a mugging. ..."

Obama's Minister Committed "Treason" But When My Father Said the Same Thing He Was a Republican Hero
"... when my late father -- Religious Right leader Francis Schaeffer -- denounced America and even called for the violent overthrow of the US government, he was invited to lunch with presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Sr. ..."

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