Monday, March 17, 2008

3/17 Midday News: Obama On Offense

Senator Obama Speaks with Irish Prime Minister on St. Patrick's Day
"This morning, I spoke by phone with the Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, to wish him a Happy St. Patrick's Day and to reiterate my strong commitment that my Administration will be a good friend of Ireland and Northern Ireland. ..."

Response to Clinton Attacks on Military Contractors
"Proving once again that she will say anything to win an election, Hillary Clinton is attacking Barack Obama on an issue where he has led and she did nothing until her campaign fell behind. ..."

Barack in Beaver County, Pennsylvania: Clarity on Iraq and Military Contractors

Obama: Clinton a "Late-Comer" on Opposing Iraq
"It’s not enough to stand up five years later in the heat of a campaign and say that you’re ready on day one – you have to be right on day one,” Obama said. ..."

Transcript of Obama’s Interview on “NewsHour”
"What Senator Clinton really means is that she has won certain states and those are the states she’s decided are important is the ones that she has won. ..."

Obama Criticizes Bush on the Economy
"History will not judge President bush kindly," Obama said of the economic downturn over the weekend, arguing that Bush appeared nonchalant over the potential crisis in remarks last week. ..."

Obama Press Conference Call, Responding to Senator Clinton’s Iraq Speech
Audio not available as of 3:37 PM Central, but will be available at this link at the conclusion of the call.

On Clinton's Tax Returns, a "Frankly Disturbing" Lack of Transparency, and Surrogate-ancholy
"It's hard out there for a surrogate. Especially for a Clinton surrogate being asked why Hillary Clinton has not released the last eight years of her tax returns. ..."

Clinton Camp Hedges, Then Backpedals, On Troop Withdrawal
"On a conference call later that day, however, aides to the New York senator fumbled a bit, giving the impression that their Iraq plans could also change depending on circumstance -- and then abruptly back-peddling. ..."

Gallup Daily: Clinton Now at 47%, Obama at 45%
"Hillary Clinton's bid for the 2008 Democratic nomination supported by 47% of national Democratic voters, and Barack Obama's candidacy favored by 45%. ..."

Clinton Internet Staffer Pushes Panic Button
"So he wants the “Clinton bloggers” to fight back against any suggestion that their candidate’s refusal to disclose four key categories of information - tax filings, White House schedules, funders and a list of budget “earmarks” ..."

Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP
"For a party that loves to hate the Clintons, Republican voters have cast an awful lot of ballots lately for Senator Hillary Clinton: About 100,000 GOP loyalists voted for her in Ohio, 119,000 in Texas, and about 38,000 in Mississippi ... A sudden change of heart? Hardly. ..."

Cafferty: Should superdelegates end Dems’ bloody fight?
"Here’s my question to you: Should the superdelegates step in and end the fight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama before the convention? ..."

Clintons prod Dems on delegate strength
"Clintons counter Pelosi's take on Democratic presidential nomination, delegate math outcome ..."

Michigan leaders propose June 3 primary
"Designate June 3, 2008 as the date of a state presidential primary election in Michigan. The election would be conducted in the same manner as a regular election in Michigan, except for procedures specific to presidential primaries ..."

Obama set to deliver speech on race, Wright
"I am going to be talking not just about Reverend Wright, but the larger issue of race in this campaign — which has ramped up over the last couple of weeks," Obama told reporters in Monaca, Pennsylvania. ..."

Presidential Candidates Address Economic Woes
"Both Democratic candidates veered off their scheduled speeches Monday to address the jittery U.S. economy and slammed President Bush for not doing enough to stop the mortgage lending crisis from spilling over into the wider economy. ..."

Iraq Vote As Career Ender?
"Lincoln Chafee, the only Republican Senator to vote against authorizing the war in Iraq in 2002 is ... supporting Barack Obama in the presidential campaign and, in a new book, Chafee doesn't hold back on what he thinks about his colleagues who supported the war in 2002. ..."

Obama and Clinton Argue Over Iraq
"Barack Obama’s campaign woke up this morning with a press release from his Democratic nemesis lauding Hillary Clinton’s “35 years of public service” and reminding them that she is a “U.S. Senator who sits on the Armed Services Committee. ..."

Newsweek: Foreign Battleground
"The commander-in-chief test is no breeze. Obama and Clinton pass some sections, but need help in others. ..."

Obama urges middle class tax cut
"Democratic Sen. Barack Obama urged the government Monday to cut middle class taxes this year to ease the spreading economic crisis, as he and rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized President Bush for failing to take the lead ..."

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