Monday, March 17, 2008

3/17 Evening News: Make-or-Break Moment

A make-or-break moment for Obama
"Can the candidate turn his speech about the Rev. Wright into a triumph? ..."

Race uproar offers test for Obama
"Democrats who worry that Barack Obama is untested can put their concerns to rest. The inflammatory rhetoric of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has confronted Obama with the most severe test of his presidential campaign ..."

CNN Poll: Majority of Democrats prefer Obama
"A majority of Democrats would like to see Barack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton win their party's presidential nomination, according to a national poll out Monday. ..."

Obama camp: HRC is taking the low road
"Is it possible to win the Democratic nomination in such a way as to make winning not worth it? The Barack Obama campaign thinks so. ..."

Bill Kristol Errs, Times Benefits
"Now, a simple Google search suggests that Obama spent most of the day in Miami," Ambinder writes, adding, "But a simple e-mail or telephone call to Obama's campaign might have cleared things up. ..."

FOX: Bill Clinton: African Americans Naturally Drawn to Obama Candidacy
"Former President Bill Clinton said it is not wrong to note that African-Americans are drawn to Barack Obama because of identity politics, but black voters should support Hillary Clinton anyway. ..."

Obama Web Ad Attacks Clinton's War Vote (See Video Below)
"Barack Obama's campaign responds, in part, by releasing a Web ad featuring various statements on her 2002 vote authorizing the war. ..."

Clinton and Obama: Similar Iraq Plan, Similar Loopholes
"Both of the campaigns for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are locked in a battle of political verbiage over each candidate's proposals to withdraw troops from Iraq, while still leaving it open-ended regarding the amount of troops that would remain there. ..." (Note: Given that he's always said that we need to be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in, I don't understand why this is viewed as a "loophole.")

Obama: Ties To Rezko Show I'm A Washington Outsider
"... what's true is because I haven't been in Washington as long as Senator Clinton or others that I have not distanced myself from these people for as long a period of time as somebody more steeped in Washington politics might have. ..."

Obama Almost Drew the Ire O' the Irish
"Barack Obama almost made a huge St. Patrick’s Day mistake – forgetting to wear green. ..."

Obama To Army Vet: No Lower Drinking Age
"Obama told Johnson he sympathized, but that setting the legal drinking age at 21 had helped reduce drunken driving incidents and should remain. ..."

PBS Interview with Senator Obama
"In an in-depth interview, Sen. Barack Obama weighs in on the current U.S. economic crisis, the war in Iraq, issues of race and gender and his run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Obama also looks ahead to next month's contest in Pennsylvania ..." (Audio and text available at the link.)

Obama Reviewing Michigan Plan
"We received a very complex proposal for Michigan re-vote legislation today and are reviewing it to make sure that any solution for Michigan is fair and practical. ..."

Campaigns Respond to No-Vote in Florida
"We hope that all parties can agree on a fair seating of the Florida delegates so that Florida can participate in the Democratic Convention, and we look forward to working with the Florida Democratic Party ..."

Florida Democrats drop idea of primary redo
"Facing strong opposition, Florida Democrats on Monday abandoned plans to hold a do-over presidential primary with a mail-in vote and threw the delegate dispute into the lap of the national party. ..."

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