Saturday, March 15, 2008

3/15 Morning News

The Early Word: Losing Baggage
"Senator Barack Obama made the rounds on several evening news shows Friday night as word came out that his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., was stepping down from his campaign’s spiritual advisory committee. ..."

Obama Elaborates on Rezko Relationship
"Senator Barack Obama disclosed today that Antoin Rezko was a more substantial fund-raiser for his previous campaigns than originally established. ..."

A Primal Scream to Superdelegates: Don't Fiddle While the Progressive Movement Burns, There Is No Reason to Delay
"There is no reason for the superdelegates to delay announcing their votes for either Clinton or Obama. Waiting benefits John McCain, and insures nothing but mutually-assured destruction of the two Democratic candidates by each other's campaigns ..."

Obama: Coming within 10 Points in PA is a Victory
"He said his goal is to finish within 10 points, and that that would be a victory for them. He said he'll be making a big effort there, but that she should win it and that the goal is to finish within 10. ..."

Obama Checking In On Aide Who Resigned
"Booker praised Obama for the way he handled the situation, saying that the Illinois senator had been calling up Power in the days following her gaffe, checking in on her, and making sure she was okay. ..."

Holding Up a Mirror To the Clinton Cult
"The hate-filled emails and comments from Hillary Clinton supporters show up every time I criticize the Clinton campaign strategy. They're always the same: rage-filled, reflexive, and personal. ..."

Delegate Battles Snarl Democrats in Two States
"Democrats in Michigan and Florida struggled Friday to resolve the impasse over their disputed January primaries, coming up with a plan to hold a June primary in Michigan while remaining deadlocked in Florida. ..."

Hillary Sends Ferraro After the Race Card
"Geraldine Ferraro, a pioneer and trailblazer in American history, has done more to ruin a sterling reputation in the past few days than anybody but Eliot Spitzer. ..."

Rasmussen: Connecticut Presidential Election
"In Connecticut, Barack Obama currently leads John McCain by twelve percentage points, 50% to 38%. ..."

Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton essentially even in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. It’s Obama 46% Clinton 45% ..."

Candidates for President Put in Calls to Paterson
"A mutual friend of Mr. Obama’s and Mr. Paterson’s has been lobbying the governor-designate to switch his allegiance this week. ..."

Obama supporters push for deal on Florida's delegates
"Prominent Barack Obama supporters are considering compromise plans to ensure Florida Democrats have a voice in the presidential nomination, even leaving open the door for Hillary Rodham Clinton to win more delegates out of Florida than Obama. ..."

Clinton to Keep Pressure on Obama
"Campaign advisers plan afternoon conference call sure to hit on recent Obama flaps involving a Chicago developer and his minister. ..."

CNN: Obama says Rezko raised up to $250K
"Rezko helped raise up to $250,000 for his various political races, Obama's campaign said. The campaign had previously put the figure at $150,000 but now says that amount was only for his 2004 Senate race. ..."

Newsweek: Old polarities persist in Dem race
"Democrats struggle to transcend race, sex divide in Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton contest ..."

The story behind the story: Obama's pastor
"Politicians know a troublesome story has “broken through” the Eastern media echo chamber when Jay Leno is laughing at them. ..."

Rezko's role bigger than admitted
"Obama's acknowledgment that Rezko raised as much as $250,000 for earlier campaigns, initially made in an interview with The Chicago Tribune and confirmed later to Politico ..."

Obama Comments on the Rev. Wright and Rezko
"Obama debunked the "newness" of the information and said, "We talked about the fundraising he has done for my two state races, congressional race as well as a U.S. Senate race. The total amount is the figure they put forward, and is not particularly new or different. ..."

Confessional Friday For Obama
"The Obama campaign has clearly decided that this Friday afternoon and evening is a bad news dump day. ... the campaign also announced Wright would no longer be a member of the campaign's African American Religious Leadership Committee. ..."

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