Friday, March 14, 2008

3/14 Morning News

Wisconsin Superdelegate Endorses Barack Obama for President
"After much consideration, I have decided to endorse Senator Barack Obama. My decision came down to electability and who I felt would do a better job of unifying this country for a common purpose. ..."

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton 50% to 42% in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination ... This is the first time Obama has ever reached 50% ..."

Super Delegates Lining Up for Barack Obama
"A funny thing is happening. While Hillary and Bill appeal to super delegates to override the will of the voters and back Hillary, the super delegates are doing just the opposite. ..."

Obama Cuts Into Clinton's Superdelegate Lead
"Barack Obama has pulled almost even with Hillary Clinton in endorsements from top elected officials and has cut into her lead among the other superdelegates she's relying on ..."

So Who Really Won Texas?
"And then it happens: "Madame Chairwoman — The Lone Star State of Texas ... proudly casts its 228 votes, hang on, a minute, Madame Chairwoman, we're still counting..."

Video: Rendell on Carrying Pennsylvania
"Either one of them is going to carry the state in the fall," says the Pennsylvania governor. ..."

Obama addresses Pa.'s importance, pastor's remarks
"... excerpts of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's telephone interview Thursday with Tribune-Review reporter David. M. Brown. ..."

Obama works to convert in Pennsylvania
"In the days after the March 24 voter registration deadline, state election officials will release figures that measure the almost singular focus of Obama’s field operation until then: political conversions. ..."

Clinton role in health program disputed
"Hillary Clinton, who has frequently described herself on the campaign trail as playing a pivotal role in forging a children's health insurance plan, had little to do with crafting the landmark legislation or ushering it through Congress ..."

Dem fight conflicts some women, blacks
"The passion fueling the Democrats' history-making presidential campaign is putting two of the party's most important constituencies — women and African-Americans — on what could be a collision course. ..."

Tim Russert: Candidates, start your calculators
"Democrats need to show Florida, Michigan some love ..."

Obama Tries to Allay Jewish Concerns
"Barack Obama has a solid Senate record in support of Israel. ... he says he wants to patch up "a historically powerful bond between the African-American and Jewish communities."
Yet there is unease among some Jewish voters ... Why? ..."

'Preparedness' and the Democratic Nomination
"There is a pattern of Sen. Clinton overstating her role in a number of specific instances to justify this notion that as first lady she garnered crisis management experience," Rice said. ..."

Controversial Religious Advisers Bring Scrutiny
"Political Candidates Gently Distance Themselves From Controversial Views of Political Advisers ..."

The Delegate Fight: Wooing Supers
"After the Clinton reception, Chris Haylor, a campaign official, sent out a memo listing the undecided lawmakers who had attended and asking for help with lobbying them. ..."

Clinton vs. Obama: Earmark Wars
Obama released every request he's made since coming to the Senate. "Philippe Reines, a senior adviser to Clinton, said in an e-mail that she ‘will make public the requests she submits this year,’ though he did not say when that will happen. ..."

Clinton Woos Unaligned Lawmakers At Home
"Washington Post: Democratic Candidate Holds Reception For Members Of Congress At Her Washington Home ..."

First Thoughts: Michigan Re-Vote Mo'
"While the idea of a Florida re-vote seems to be fading after yesterday, there’s a lot of momentum in Michigan for a June 3 re-vote, according to informed sources in the state. ..."

Video: Weighing the Candidates' Foreign Policy Claims

Free-spirited mom set Obama's path
"She had high expectations for her children. In Indonesia, she would wake her son at 4 a.m. for correspondence courses in English before school; she brought home recordings of Mahalia Jackson, speeches by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ..."

New Michigan primary proposal takes shape
"Under the proposal, the state of Michigan would hold a new primary on June 3, and the Democratic Party would reimburse the state for the cost of running the election, ensuring the state had the cash in hand before voting began. ..."

Obama minister under scrutiny
"Barack Obama's Chicago minister, the Rev. Jeremiah White, is under fresh scrutiny, after an ABC News report Thursday shed light on some of his controversial sermons. ..."

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Anonymous said...

Here's an in depth CBS opinion on the smearing:
(3 parts to cut and paste the link)

The media running with all the garbage that they are is turning me off following the campaign. It’s like tuning into or reading the National Enquirer on every channel or in every paper. Sadly, I think it’s having a negative effect - distorting the perception of Obama. I’m finding it hard to watch or read about. At times, it seems overwhelming.
(6 parts to cut and paste the link)

The above article refers to a poll showing that those thinking Obama is a Muslim has increased from 8% to 13%. What else can one conclude but that the smearing is working like it did before Texas and Ohio. The next President may be elected on the basis that she was the best liar and perpetrator of deception of the electorate. Meanwhile, a large proportion of the media who are supposed to be journalists with a duty to vigilance for the truth are playing along for ratings and subscriptions at the expense of muddying the messages to the voters on which to base their decision.

I was actually wondering for a moment if we'd all be better off with a raffle for the presidency than all this divisive BS ugliness serving as some grotesque gauntlet for change. There’s no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is behind a bunch of this. Because of that, I’m dumbfounded on how she could still be regarded seriously as a candidate for President of the United States.

It’s worrisome and discouraging.

My hope is that the Obama supporters will rise up and let these media outlets know what they think of this.

Yes we can.

C Watson

Cris said...

Thank you for the heads up on the story! It's been added to the midday news.

And Yes, we can!