Friday, March 14, 2008

3/14 Midday News

The Smear Machine Grinds On
"The Nation: The Media And Rival Campaigns Lend A Helping Hand Smearing Obama ..."

Gallup Daily: Obama Leads Clinton 50% to 44%
"Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton in national Democratic nomination preferences by a statistically significant 6-percentage point margin, 50% to 44% ..."

Rasmussen: California 2008 Presidential Election
"Obama Leads McCain by 15, Clinton Leads By 7 ..."

Breaking the Rules
"The Democratic Party is not operating in a logical world, in a logical way, in a logical fashion. It is is kow-towing to the Clintons. ..."

How Hillary's PA Campaign Is Like Bush's Pre-War Intelligence About Iraq
"With the Clinton campaign's pre-existing determination to find any weakness in Obama that they can exploit, Plouffe's memo is being treated as a document that reveals that Obama has given up on PA. ..."

Hillary's Ridiculous Northern Ireland Claims
"Nobel Prize winner Lord David Trimble, who was the instrumental figure on Unionist side in the Good Friday Peace process, can't quite remember her involvement and describes Hillary's claims as a "wee bit silly. ..."

Bill's Ex-Counsel: Hillary Is "Misleading The American Public"
"Craig Gregg, former counsel to Bill Clinton and now Obama supporter, sat down for an interview with National Journal. His comments reflected more strongly a memo he had penned last week, suggesting that Hillary's claims of experience were overblown. ..."

Obama has wider net, leakier boat
"In a recent Pew Research Center survey, for instance, Obama carried independents against McCain by 6 percentage points, while McCain carried them against Clinton by the same amount ..."

The Dark Side of 'Corking Up'
"Minstrelsy may be dead, but white actors playing people of color is still a thorny issue. ..."

Obama Disagrees With Pastor's 'God Damn America' Sermon
"Obama on His Pastor: 'I Profoundly Disagree With Some of These Statements' ..."

Fancy Meeting You Here
"On the day after the reunited on the Senate floor, Hillary Clinton is on Barack Obama's tail - literally. ..."

Pennsylvania political power players courted
"Bill George can't believe his luck. Suddenly, the head of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO labor union federation finds himself courted by both Democratic presidential candidates' campaigns. ..."

The Battle for Iowa Continues
"Remember Iowa? It's been more than two months and nearly four dozen primaries and caucuses since the Hawkeye State kicked off the 2008 election season back on Jan. 3, but Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama haven't quite moved on. ..."

FirstRead: About That Senate Conversation...
"Remember that caught on C-SPAN Clinton-Obama conversation in the seats of the Senate yesterday? AP reports that they spoke about trying to change the tone -- at least of their surrogates. ..."

Cafferty: How can Dems heal the wounds before November?
"As a wise man once said, “it’s getting ugly out there. ..."

Democratic rivals agree to play nicer
"On this presidential rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton can agree: They sometimes disagree with their trash-talking supporters and will try to cool it. ..."

Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Topic A On Peruvian TV
Video Available at the Link: "Jaime Bayly's show, transmitted via MegaTV around the Globe, focused last night on Rev. Wright. When has an American election ever before so captivated a global audience? ..."

McCain campaign crosses signals on Wright
"... the McCain campaign sent out a scathing Wall Street Journal op-ed on Jeremiah Wright in its morning clips. Which seems standard, but for the fact that Charlie Black this morning seemed to explicitly say the campaign wouldn't be pressing that line. ..."

Kilpatrick wants June 3 primary
"Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Michigan, told CNN that she is continuing to work with Michigan Democratic leaders and the Clinton and Obama campaigns on a plan for another vote to ensure that all of Michigan’s 156 delegates get seated at the convention. ..."

Obama backer takes aim at Clinton's experience
"Former Clinton State Department official Greg Craig continued to take aim at Hillary Clinton's foreign policy claims Friday, telling the National Journal that the former first lady has "grossly exaggerated the nature of her experience. ..."

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