Friday, March 14, 2008

3/14 Evening News: Wright Steps Down from Campaign

Controversial minister leaves Obama campaign
"Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign announced Friday that his former pastor had left the campaign’s spiritual advisory committee after the pastor’s inflammatory sermons ignited fierce debate in news accounts and political blogs. ..."

Counter-Attacking Fox
"It's one thing for the conservative news outlet to snipe away at a candidate like Obama. It's quite another to conduct an all-out viral smear campaign. ..."

Bob Graham: Iraq War Vote Was Commander In Chief Test
"... But when it comes to defining the qualities that make a good commander-in-chief, he's espousing talking points that sound eerily similar to Barack Obama's. ..."

Women of My Generation Have Clearly Lost Their Minds
"... only this week, a heroine of mine, Tina Brown, got it utterly wrong in Newsweek, saying all boomer women had to be for Hillary. Tina drank the victim Kool Aid. ..."

Barack Obama and the Politics of Dignity
"Barack Obama is offering Americans dignity, and they're grabbing it with both hands. Dignity permeates his speeches, informs his policies, and is evident in his manner. Whether he intended to or not, Obama has become a herald of the politics of dignity. ..."

Time: Obama: Pastor's Remarks 'Appalling'
"The Senator distances himself from controversial comments by his friend and longtime Chicago pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. ..."

Politico: Wright leaves Obama campaign
"That cuts Wright's only formal tie to Obama, and answers what was sure to be a question in Obama's interviews tonight: If Geraldine Ferraro had to leave the Clinton campaign, why is Wright different. ..."

FOX: Obama Calls Chicago Pastor’s Statements ‘Inflammatory and Appalling’
"Barack Obama on Friday answered critics’ calls to condemn controversial sermons by his longtime Chicago pastor, issuing his firmest denunciation to date and describing the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.’s anti-U.S. remarks as “inflammatory and appalling. ..."

Sneak Peek: Pelosi Hearts Obama
"Although Pelosi offered her assessment without directly referencing Barack Obama, her comments lend considerable support to the Illinois Democrat. ..."

CBS: Obama Condemns Pastor's Fiery Remarks
"Says He Has Looked To Rev. Jeremiah Wright For Spiritual Advice, Not Political Guidance ..."

CNN: Obama denounces Chicago minister's sermons
"I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy," Obama wrote ..."

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