Thursday, March 13, 2008

3/13 Morning News: Race Resurfaces

Ex-Military in Tow, Democrats Make Case
"In a news conference here, Mr. Obama was flanked by 10 retired generals and admirals who have endorsed his candidacy. ..."

More Kitchen Sink Please
"But for all the commotion, there is reason to believe that the Clinton kitchen sink strategy will actually be quite beneficial for Obama. ..."

Pat Buchanan Loses His Cool During Discussion Of Obama's Race On MSNBC
"Pat Buchanan, who took Ferraro's side, sparked the ire of his fellow guests as he explained why Ferraro's comments revealed certain truths about Obama's success. ... Buchanan, struggling to get his point across, resorted to that oldest of debate tactics: simply telling the other person to "Shut up for a second, please!"

In Private Pep-Talk To Top Donors, Hillary Predicts: 'We're Gonna Win This'
"In a series of closed-door meetings in Washington today, fundraisers were given extensive presentations from top Hillary advisers and surrogates about strategy and about what needs to be done to win over super-delegates should she fail to close the pledged delegate gap ..."

A Virtual Tie: Clinton, Obama Divide the Democratic Primary Vote
"Yet one of the most striking features of this year's Democratic dead heat is the feast or famine nature of the competition between Clinton and Obama. ..."

Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary
"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Pennsylvania shows Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama 51% to 38%. Those numbers are little changed from a week ago. ..."

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton 48% to 41% in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination ..."

Clinton's Experience Debate
"In her race to win the democratic nomination against a first-term Senator from Illinois, Hillary Clinton has put the criterion of experience front and center. ..."

Obama Won Texas
"You may think Hillary Clinton won Texas, but she didn't, at least not by the rules of the game. ..."

The Dream Ticket Won't Happen
"But with all necessary cautions, the talk of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama winding up as partners seems truly far-fetched. ..."

The primary is April 22, but the winner could be determined on March 24
"But here's a thought: For Obama, the primary is actually March 24. I exaggerate, but only a little. ..."

Untraceable e-mails spread Obama rumor
"But rather than vanish, the whispered smear campaign appears to have gone underground, and in its purest form: Obama himself, according to a pair of widely circulated anonymous e-mails, is a Muslim. ..."

Fla. Democratic Party Proposes June 3 Primary Plan
"The Florida Democratic Party’s plan calls for a combination vote-by-mail and in-person voting in the June 3 primary. The proposal was sent tonight to the Clinton and Obama campaigns ..."

Obama's Spiritual Mentor: "Hillary Ain't Never Been Called a N-----"
"Wright talks about Obama being hated because he "doesn't fit the model -- he ain't white, he ain't rich, and he ain't privileged. ..."

The Note: Race About Race
"As the presidential campaign stands in an odd state of pre-Pennsylvania, post-Ferraro-Spitzer (and Kristen) abeyance, we're back pondering the politics of race. ..."

Democrats fight over defining ‘winner’
"Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are battling to define what it means to be winning — and, in some instances, they are overstating their own advantage and understating the gains of the other. ..."

Clinton vs. Obama: Ferraro Resigns
"Earlier yesterday, [Ferraro] apologized to those who thought it racially insensitive for her to suggest that Obama wouldn't be the Democratic front-runner if he were not black. But she then declared: ‘It wasn't a racist comment. It was a statement of fact. ..."

First Thoughts: The Great '08 Paradox
"Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the latest NBC/WSJ poll is the poor shape the GOP finds itself in today: ... And yet … McCain seems like he’ll be more than competitive come November. ..."

Delegate Update: Clinton Gains 5 in CO
"Clinton picked up a net of five delegates of the remaining unallocated nine delegates in Colorado. Obama now wins a 35-20 split there. ..."

Clinton apologizes to black voters
"Sen. Hillary Clinton did something Wednesday night that she almost never does.
She apologized. ..."

Ex-Obama aide explains self after 'monster' mistake
"Samantha Power admits she has "aged 25 years in the last week. ..."

Traps Ahead For Candidates On Capitol Hill
"Votes On The Senate Designed For Political Impact With Three Presidential Candidates In Attendance ..."

Newsweek: Politics of race and gender
"Talk about good timing. A week ago, Cornell law student Gregory S. Parks emailed me a law review article that he had just coauthored with university professor Jeffrey Rachlinski. The subject? "Unconscious race and gender bias in the 2008 election. ..."

Racial issue bubbles up again for Democrats
"Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have sought to move beyond race and sex, but each has used the issue against the other. ..."

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blog. I've been reading it since the media has been paying lip-service to Clinton's "bias" complaint and Republicans/Clinton supporters have been posting all sorts of vicious op-ed pieces out there.

I just came across this one, the best argument I've come across for Obama having a positive influence in down-ticket races.

Eyeing Obama coattails