Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3/11 Evening News: Obama Wins Mississippi

Media Coverage of Obama's Win in Mississippi
CNN: Obama Claims Victory in Mississippi
MSNBC: Obama projected winner in Mississippi
CBS: Obama Scores Easy Win In Mississippi
ABC: Obama Coasts to Victory in Miss. Primary
FOX: Obama Wins Mississippi Democratic Primary
Newsweek: Going Deep in the Deep South
Time News Blog: Obama Wins Mississippi
Rasmussen: Obama Wins Mississippi, Both Campaigns Look to Pennsylvania
Huffington Post: Mississippi Primary: Latest News And Polls

Message from Barack Obama
"But just turn on the news and you'll see that Senator Clinton continues to run an expensive, negative campaign against us. Each day her campaign launches a new set of desperate attacks. They're not just attacking me; they're attacking you. ..."

Color-coded Hillary Alerts
"We are all tired of this. We all have Bush-Clinton fatigue. We need a hopeful, fresh start. Hillary might have made a fine president. But she has turned into an ugly campaigner. This is not her time. ..."

It's Official: Clinton Lost Texas
"Obama: 61 delegates from the popular vote + 38 delegates from caucuses = 99 delegates ... Clinton: 65 delegates from the popular vote + 30 delegates from Caucuses = 95 delegates. ..."

Obama backs green energy in Pennsylvania
"Democratic Sen. Barack Obama promised on Tuesday to encourage trade but to enact new safeguards for workers and the environment, as he opened his campaign for the Pennsylvania primary six weeks away. ..."

McCain scolds Obama, Clinton over NAFTA
"We've got to stop this protectionist, NAFTA-bashing," the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting told a town hall meeting at Savvis Inc., an information technology company. ..."

Pennsylvania isn't a lock for HRC — yet
"... it’s hardly a lock, especially if Barack Obama can make inroads with a few key constituencies ..."

The Mississippi exits
"... a more straightforward explanation is regional: That polarization has been consistent across the Deep South, though only Alabama has had results this starkly divided. ..."

Obama Camp Raises Questions About Mail-In Election for Florida, Michigan
"But obviously there are concerns about a mail-in vote. ... there are concerns about eligibility, ballot security... The state of Oregon has mail-in voting, and it took them more than a decade to perfect it to the point where they felt that they could run a statewide campaign ..."

SNEAK PEEK: An 'Insidious Pattern'?
"There's been this insidious pattern on the part of the Clinton campaign to allow negative, really negative, and out of bounds comments to be made and to simply gloss over them, ..."

Just Words? Clinton Camp Uses Obama's To Defuse Race Comments
"While Barack Obama’s campaign continues to hammer away on Hillary Clinton for comments Geraldine Ferraro made about him, the Clinton camp tried to turn the tables on Obama today. ..."

Hillary on the Attack in Pennsylvania
"After kicking off her Pennsylvania campaign with a positive speech to an energetic crowd in the northeastern part of the state yesterday, Hillary Clinton brought the fight against Obama here to the capital on Tuesday ..."

Ferraro remarks on Obama decried
"Clinton said, "I do not agree with that," and later added, "It's regrettable that any of our supporters — on both sides, because we both have this experience — say things that kind of veer off into the personal. ..."

Bill: Hill Needs 'Big Victory' in PA
"After a rare two-day hiatus, Bill Clinton returned to the campaign trail today in Pennsylvania, a state he promised that his family expects to cover ... The former president again set the bar for his wife’s campaign, saying, “She’s got to win a big victory” in the Keystone State. ..."

Exit Polls: Age gap persists in Mississippi
"Early exit polls indicate the same distinct age gap in Mississippi that has appeared in many states this year: Barack Obama appears to garner the support of younger voters, while Hillary Clinton holds a greater appeal for older voters. ..."

Exit polls: Obama viewed as more honest
"Roughly 7 in 10 voters said Obama was honest and trustworthy, while only a little more than half said the same for Clinton. ..."

Analyzing the Results of the Mississippi Primary
"Sen. Barack Obama won Mississippi's primary on Tuesday night, his second victory since losing three of five contests on March 4. ... CNN's political team weigh's in. ..."

Ferraro: 'They're attacking me because I'm white'
"Geraldine Ferraro defended her controversial comment that Sen. Barack Obama's campaign was successful because he was black, telling an interviewer Tuesday that she was being attacked because she was white. ..."

Florida Dems oppose re-vote
"Florida's House Democratic delegation said in an issued statement Tuesday night they oppose a re-vote in Florida of any kind, including one done by mail. ..."

Exit polls: Mississippi Democrats divide on racial lines
"According to the Associated Press, only two other primary states were as racially polarized — neighboring Alabama, and Clinton's former home state of Arkansas. ..."

Exit Polls: Clinton draws Republican support
"Are some of Mississippi's Republicans trying to cause mischief? ..."

Clinton camp congratulates Obama
"We congratulate Senator Obama for his win in Mississippi and thank our supporters and volunteers there for their support, hard work, and long hours. ..."

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