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3/20 Morning News

Note: Sorry this update took so long - the amount of Obama media coverage seems to have increased! :-)
It's Not About Him Now -- It's About Us
"It was an amazing day ... Before Barack Obama's speech on Tuesday ... the issue seemed to be a test of him. But after what may go down as one of the most significant addresses ever given about the history and future of race in America, the issue may now be a test of us. ..."

Obama Expresses Support for Superdelegate Primary
"Obama said, "I thought that actually Gov. Bredesen of Tennessee had an interesting proposal...That would probably be the best way to insure that at lest there's a couple of months before the convention. ..."

Broadening Our Identities
"Faced with a campaign crisis over incendiary remarks by his former pastor Jerimiah Wright, Barack Obama ... but made use of the teaching moment to deliver a speech that should serve to broaden the understanding and identities of both white and black Americans. That is leadership. ..."

The Meanings of Obama's Speech
"But then, for 45 minutes, I saw a man who for days had appeared somewhat at sea, buffeted by waves that relentlessly pushed him off course, seem to find his compass and chart a course directly into the eye of the storm. ..."

How Obama Became President Of YouTube
A 38-minute clip of Barack Obama's speech on race has more than 2 million views on YouTube since it went up two days ago. How'd that happen? ... we're guessing it may have gotten a professional push or two as well. ..."

Groups Respond to Obama’s Call for National Discussion About Race
"It calls out of you what is already in you,” Dr. Hunter said, predicting that those desiring to address the topic would regard the speech as a spur, while those indifferent to issues of race might pay it little heed. ..."

Obama Gets Real
"Where Obama has most excited me has been in his deflection of responsibility back towards the people. He is willing to occupy the space of charismatic leader, but not of magician race/economy/world fixer. ..."

Speech Summary: Obama Ties Economy, War Together in West Virginia
"Barack Obama delivered a speech this morning at the University of Charleston, addressing the economic woes in the hard-hit region and and tying it directly to the Iraq debacle. The title of the speech? The Cost of War: ..."

Obama wows WIP sports jocks
"Swept up by Obama's words, the hosts bid him goodbye. "If there's anything we can do to help you carry Pennsylvania, let us know," said one jock. ..."

Axelrod on NAFTA: 'She owes an apology to the people of this country.'
"Obama's speech seems to have opened a full-scale examination of race in American and in politics, but his campaign is moving on fast. ..."

Obama racial issues may extend to Pa.
"People are not happy with Obama,” Gill said. “It’s the race stuff.” ... And his speech Tuesday, although widely praised by the pundit caste and Obama supporters, has only seemed to widen the gulf with the Budweiser class here. ..."

The Crapshoot of Presidential Politics
"The superdelegates, reason the Obama forces, will not overturn the popular-vote and elected delegate choice, for to do so risks a party conflagration. This is a powerful argument ... But it must also be said that the argument ignores several possible pitfalls: ..."

Rasmussen: The Impact of Pastor Wright and THE SPEECH on Election 2008
"The good news for Obama is that his numbers have stopped falling since his speech on Tuesday. The bad news is that they haven’t bounced back. ..."

Looking Ahead: West Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary
"Senator Hillary Clinton holds a huge lead over Senator Barack Obama in the West Virginia Presidential Primary. ..."

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama now leads Clinton 46% to 43%. Before the story broke about his former Pastor, Obama led by eight. ..."

Gerry Ferraro, still swinging
"To equate what I said with what this racist bigot has said from the pulpit is unbelievable," Ferraro said today. "[Obama] gave a very good speech on race relations, but he did not address the fact that this man is up there spewing hatred. ..." (Note: Rev. Wright is actually now retired and no longer "up there spewing...")

Joe Klein on Obama's Speech
"Too often in this campaign, Obama's rhetoric has been gorgeous but abstract, ear candy for the educated. But this simple statement, equating his black surrogate father and his white surrogate mother, was something any fair-minded person could understand: ..."

Obama Release on Clinton Schedules; Obama Conference Call
"Whoever told reporters that HRC's schedules held "no smoking guns" must posses a somewhat insensitive fire alarm. The Obama campaign sees things quite differently ..."

The Origin of Obama's Pastor Problem
"For a year, Obama didn't have to explain his relationship with Wright; he didn't even have to deliver a speech outlining his views on race relations. ... the notion [was] that he, and we, had somehow transcended the old racial divisions in America ..."

LA Times: Obama says Iraq war has hurt U.S. security
"We have a security gap when candidates say they will follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell but refuse to follow him where he actually goes," Obama said. ..."

Video: Anderson Cooper - All Access with Obama
"CNN's Anderson Cooper gets behind-the-scenes access to Sen. Barack Obama for a whole day. ..."

Obama Accuses Clinton of “Bankrolling” Re-Vote
"Today’s events are even more evidence that Clinton is willing to do absolutely anything to get elected. ..."

Indiana: It’s the New Pennsylvania
"And as the uncertainty of who will win the nomination quickly becomes a reality, the Clinton campaign is forced to set a whole new set of benchmarks, pushing the goalpost further and further back. ..."

Starting Gate: The Story So Far
"We have seen unprecedented voter turnout in this year’s race for the presidency. In fact, to date, more than 25 million voters have cast ballots in a Democratic primary ... So, who are these Democratic voters? ..."

Analysis: Someone's Going To Feel Cheated
"U.S. News Columnist Gloria Borger Says The Clinton-Obama Race Has Become Just Arguments Made To The Political Class ..."

Obama Works to Shift Campaign Back to Domestic Issues
"Senator Barack Obama on Wednesday tried to steer his campaign from a focus on race that had threatened to envelop his candidacy and back to the economy, war and a host of other concerns. ..."

Obama works to preserve, expand bid
"Republican strategist Jim Dyke said Obama was smart to address race and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's incendiary sermons, and "definitely smart" to change the subject: "You don't want to give the big speech and then just leave it hanging. You want to keep moving. ..."

Will the Answer Outlive Questions?
"The question is which will last longer -- Obama's eloquent words about racial divisions and reconciliation or questions about his relationship with a man whose words have shocked the country. ..."

Obama: How Much Damage Was Done?
"It's possible Obama actually has hit bottom in the primary because he has a base of support that just isn't going to leave him: black voters. ... any progress Obama makes with white voters will actually improve his standing. ..."

Clinton: Scrutiny v. Transparency
"Clinton is one of the most studied figures in public life, but she's also one of the most opaque. This is why the release of these documents seems like much more of the same. Just paper. ..."

Clinton widens PA advantage over Obama in latest poll
"The latest Daily News/Franklin & Marshall poll shows U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton expanding her lead to 16 points over U.S. Sen. Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primary in Pennsylvania. ..."

The Delegate Fight: The Narrow Path
"The New York Times’ Nagourney has CW-setting expectations for Clinton and her fight for the nomination now that FL and MI are essentially dead: ..."

FirstRead: The New Math
"With Florida and Michigan re-dos all but dead, the Obama folks have successfully kept the delegate path very narrow for Clinton. ..."

Obama Fills Out His Brackets
"Obama has his money on the University of North Carolina to win the NCAA tournament this year beating out UCLA in the final. ..."

How Obama's speech played in North Carolina
"But at the K & W Cafeteria in Fayetteville, where roast beef is $3.85, with turnip greens or sweet tea for an extra dollar, the reviews — like the menu — are a little less complicated. ..."

Hillary Clinton's NAFTA Sincerity Problem
"The Clinton campaign sent out talking points for supporters today, which included this odd little "myth" versus "fact. ..."

Clinton Gets Voting Rights Fever
"Down in Delegate Count, Clinton Rallies for Michigan and Florida Votes to Count ..."

The Note: Game, Set . . . ?:
"For Democrats, Undemocratically, Clinton's Window Narrows ..."

Which Candidate Has the Best-Informed Supporters?
"Opponents often dismiss Obama supporters as being as green as their candidate ... Get them talking about real policy issues, it is said, and they fold, clueless. But then along came Derrick Ashong. ... Ashong provided the kind of free advertising every candidate dreams of. ..."

Superdelegates Wait and See
"Amid all the attention to Barack Obama's race-relations speech this week, one group in particular is monitoring the fallout for the senator from his longtime pastor's inflammatory sermons: the uncommitted superdelegates ..."

In Hillary Clinton's Datebook, A Shift
"But after the collapse of her health-care plan in 1994, she largely retreated to a more traditional first lady's calendar ..."

Clinton Facing Narrower Path to Nomination
"For Mrs. Clinton, all this has seemed something of a long shot since her defeats in February. But that shot seems to have grown a little longer. ..."

Stop the Bus!
"I don't know exactly how or why it has suddenly become so popular, but can everyone please stop using any and all variations of the term "throw INSERT NAME HERE under the bus? ..."

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