Monday, March 10, 2008

3/10 Morning News

Details About Military Brass Endorsement
"Today, former service secretaries for each of the Armed Forces ... will host a press conference ... to discuss why Obama has demonstrated the judgment and has the experience to be Commander In Chief. ..."

Obama Favored Over Clinton in Mississippi
"Sen. Barack Obama won the unusually robust Wyoming caucuses Saturday and heads to Mississippi today looking to regain some of the momentum he lost last week when Sen. Hillary Clinton claimed victories in the Texas and Ohio primaries. ..."

Former Military Brass to Vouch for Obama
"Washington press conference scheduled for 1 p.m ET. ..."

New York Post: It's Time to Call in Hatchet Men Against the Clintons
"Clintons are trying to steal the nomination from Barack Obama - and he can't let them. ..."

Clinton Reportedly Would Accept #2 Spot on the Ticket
"He says that Chuck Todd, NBC News political director, has heard from Hillary's people that she would accept the number two spot ..."

Influential Democrats Waiting to Choose Sides
"You're going to see a lot of delegates remaining uncommitted," said Rep. Mike Doyle (Pa.), who has not endorsed either candidate. "There's a sense that this is going to Denver not resolved. ..."

Clinton: Does Management Count?
"Is it fair to judge Clinton's internal campaign strife as a potential example of what a Clinton White House could look like? ..."

Pennsylvania Primary: Latest News, Polls On Democratic Race
"A new American Research Group poll in Pennsylvania shows Sen. Hillary Clinton leading Sen. Barack Obama, 52% to 41%. ..."

Democrats Down the Ticket Worry About an Impasse
"Suddenly the Democratic presidential race is teetering on the edge — not just between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, but between boost or burden for the party’s hopes in the fall. ..."

Obama Plans Trips to Europe, Israel, Asia
"With Pennsylvania looming, Obama has few good options. Some advisers say he should stick to a plan, hatched before Tuesday's defeats, to spend some time in the next weeks traveling to Europe, Israel and Asia to bolster his credentials for the general election. ..."

The Next Contests: Mississippi on Deck
"The Los Angeles Times looks at Clinton's attempts to get aggressive with Obama, and how that could hurt her with blacks. ..."

Internal Sniping Tarnishes Clinton's Image
"Feuding between aides shines spotlight on candidate's management style ..."

The False Assumptions In the "Electability" Arguments
"It seems the longer the presidential nominating contest goes on between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the more idiotic the pontificating and candidate spinning -- especially when it comes to the so-called "electability" argument. ..."

Obama's "Bad" Week (Not So Bad)
"So CW is that last week was the "week from hell" for Obama, and given that he could've closed this thing out and didn't, we can stipulate that it could've been better. But let's see just how horrible the week was: ..."

Will Democrats' Battle End in Brokered Convention?
"So, today, Democrats publicly pondered a nightmare scenario — a brokered convention. ..."

Dems Brace for Six Week Brawl
"... the unprecedented six-week break between Mississippi’s March 11 primary and Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary could end up feeling like an eternity ..."

Clinton: Pledged Delegates Can Switch Candidates
"In an interview with Newsweek, Hillary Clinton raised the specter of pledged delegates, nominated by voters, switching their votes at the Democratic Convention. ..."

Obama's Big Problem: Neophytes
"Every presidential campaign is occasionally bedeviled by two things — media firestorms over controversial remarks and egghead policy advisers who stumble naively into a political mess. ..."

Obama, Clinton Campaign Spar Over Torture
"Earlier, Clinton had said they might be an option if authorities suspected their use might help prevent an imminent attack – a position that was also held by her husband, former President Bill Clinton. ..."

Inside the Mind of a Superdelegate
"I don't think this is going to go down to a backroom deal; nobody wants to overturn what voters have said," Brown said. ..."

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Jena said...

This is SO depressing - forget superdelegates for how, Clinton's already poaching pledged delegates!