Monday, March 10, 2008

3/10 Midday News: Fighting Back

News Coverage: Obama's Rejection of VP Tactic
CNN Ticker: Obama Rejects Being Clinton's No. 2
CNN Full Article: Obama Rejects Being Clinton's No. 2
ABC News Blog: Obama: I'm not running for VP
ABC News: Obama Hits Clinton on Democratic 'Dream Ticket'
MSNBC First Read: How Can You Want Him as VP, If ...?
MSNBC: Obama: Don't assume I'll take V.P. slot
CBS: Obama Rips Clinton's VP Suggestion
FOX: Obama: I am Not Running to be Hillary's No. 2
Politico: Obama: 'If I am not ready, why do you think I would be such a great vice president?'
Huffington Post: Obama: If I'm Not Ready, Why Suggest Vice Presidency?

Full Video of the Response:

Mississippi Superdelegate Endorses Obama
"Today, Mississippi Superdelegate and Democratic National Committee Member Everett Sanders endorsed Barack Obama, citing his plan to provide affordable health care coverage to every American, improve education and his leadership on Katrina. ..."

The Case for Obama's Readiness
"The readiness debate will no doubt continue. But from any honest perspective, the answer to Hillary Clinton's threshold question is clear. Can Barack Obama be an effective commander in chief? Yes he can. ..."

Political "Earthquake" in Hastert's Illinois CD Boosts Case for Obama
"Last Saturday a political "earthquake" struck in the ex-urban Republican leaning 14th Congressional District of Illinois. ..."

Gallup Daily: Obama Recaptures Lead
"Forty-nine percent of Democratic voters nationally support Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination compared with 44% backing Hillary Clinton ..."

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"... the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows—for the first time in a week--Barack Obama with a slight advantage over Hillary Clinton ..."

The Press, Pennsylvania and Obama
"Unable to catch Barack Obama in the pledged delegate count, Clinton wants to reframe the race as a Battle for the Big States ..."

Obama Accuses Clinton of Deception
"It characterized Clinton's strategy for victory as "tearing Barack Obama down" and said her campaign "should stop telling the American people things that they know aren't true. ..."

Delegate Update
"Obama leads Clinton: 1,595-1,484 (overall with pledged and superdelegates). Obama picked up another superdelegate today..."

Will Clinton Try To Poach Obama's Pledged Delegates?
"Methinks maybe--but in the end, it'll probably be a moot point. ..."

Obama Looks to Mississippi for Momentum
"With 33 delegates at stake, Clinton stumps in friendlier Pennsylvania ..."

The Clinton Tax Returns: What's the Holdup?
"Sen. Hillary Clinton has offered little explanation for why she has delayed releasing the tax returns made public by most other Democratic presidential candidates in recent years. ..."

More Clinton Camp Spin: Obama Could Be Ready By Summer
"Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokesman said Monday that Barack Obama was not yet prepared to serve as commander-in-chief – but might be able to cross that threshold in time to join the Democratic ticket this summer as a vice presidential candidate. ..."


Mike in Michigan said...

Chris - Great site! I've already added it to my favorites list. One suggestion: help visitors distinguish between (a) video links and (b) news stories links. Great job & keep up the good work!

Cris said...

Thanks for the visit and the suggestion! I'll do so going forward!

Iwan Syahril said...

chris, this is great. i am following the election news everyday and now, i can rely on your blog for the compilation of the obama news. great job!

Jena said...

This is a super site - thank you VERY much.
I wonder if you can help get some publicity for this.
I am very sure Clinton won Texas only because of the conservative radio talkback hosts who urged Republicans to go out and vote for Clinton to ensure chaos in the Democratic race.
4.2% of the overall vote was from these republicans voting for HRC - and she only won the race by 4%.
They are now urging the same action in Mississipi and so will cause a much less margin there tomorrow.
Imagine the spin Clinton's team will put on only a narrow lead there.

Beth in VA said...

Nice Obama web site! I just watched (on the web) Obama's rally speech in Jackson, MS. It was fantastic!

I think his discussion of real change--given as a way to contrast his candidacy with Senator Clinton's--was excellent. I am ready for dignified leadership, for positive change, and politics that doesn't bring us down. I really, really hope Senator Obama wins the nomination, and then the General Election!

Laura said...

Chris, great site. I check it a couple of times a day. Do you know what happened with the military leaders' endorsement that was supposed to happen this morning? Haven't seen anything about it.

Also, it seemed like there was a way to get email notices about your updates, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I might not be the only one...can you post how if there is a way.

thanks again for the great service you're providing.


Cris said...

Thank you all for the encouraging comments!

Jena - thank you for the heads up re: the conservative radio talk-show hosts. Everyone needs to be aware of the tactics at play in this nomination period.

Laura - I was wondering the same thing about the military leaders' endorsement. Perhaps it was pushed back due to the big news story concerning Eliot Spitzer (in order to ensure it receives the proper media coverage). Re: email updates, I think what is available is an RSS feed (see the "Subscribe to: Posts [Atom]" link at the bottom of each page, which would lead you see when the site is updated through any RSS feed reader. I hope that helps, but if it's not what you're referring to, please let me know and I'll look further into it.

jackel15 said...

Good site, I enjoy following the news on all the candidates. However, I am curious to why you favor him over McCain. It seems to me McCain has a better actual laid out plan. Just curious what you have to say. Thanks

Cris said...

Thank you for leaving a comment, jackel15. All three remaining candidates have well laid out proposals and plans, which can be found on each of their websites. The differences between Senator Obama and Senator McCain are both substantive and stylistic. Senator McCain has committed himself to continuing the Bush tax cuts that benefit the rich. He plans to continue our current efforts and spending in Iraq. He is against normalizing relations with Cuba. He will not engage in direct diplomacy with countries like Iran (which was one of the primary recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group). There are other differences, but I'll refrain from listing them here.

More importantly - some of the main reasons I support Barack Obama go beyond specific policy positions. He understands the need to engage and inspire the general population to become involved in the shaping of their government. Further, he has the appropriate balance of idealism and pragmatism that will allow the formation of what he calls a 'working majority' that is actually able to bring about change in Washington. And finally, he rejects the notion that Washington must be run by insiders and lobbyists, and therefore calls for greater transparency in government. I do not see Senator McCain as able to do these three things nearly as well as Senator Obama.