Monday, March 10, 2008

3/10 Evening News: The 'Dream Team' Unravels

Note: If you're looking for the initial media coverage of Obama's VP rebuttal, go down to the midday news, below.
A Nice Summary of Today

The Monster: A Loyal Clinton Soldier Turns in His Badge
"She has no idea how many times I defended her. How many right-leaning friends and relatives I battled with. How many times I played down her shady business deals and penchant for scandals -- whether it was Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster, Cattle Futures ..."

Obama Aides: VP Talk Is A Ruse
"It is somewhat amusing that at the same time...the Clinton camp is trying to suggest that Sen. Obama is not ready to be commander in chief, they are touting him as a potential a running mate, which puts him a heartbeat away, ..."

Can Clinton Make Mississippi a Race?
"Even Wayne Dowdy, the head of the Mississippi Democratic Party, thinks Barack Obama will win his state's primary on Tuesday, and it's Dowdy's job not to take sides. Yet there are good reasons for Obama to be anxiously watching the returns today. ..."

Hillary and Bill Push Idea of Clinton, Obama Ticket for Third Time in a Week
"It's a dream team all right, as in dream on. It's a fantasy because, in the Clintons' pitch, naturally, she is on top of the ticket and Obama is her No. 2. That's rich of her, considering that Obama leads in both the delegate race and the popular vote. ..."

Political Play: Obama as Wedding Planner
"Campaigning in Mississippi on Monday, the Illinois senator offered the advice while chatting with patrons of The Little Dooey restaurant. ..."

Obama, Clinton Embrace Earmark Moratorium
"After months of partisan sniping, the great earmarks debate in Congress may be collapsing in a marriage of political convenience between conservatives and leading Democrats. ..."

Clinton Camp Straddles on Obama's Readiness
"If you thought the Texas Two Step was tough, it's nothing compared to the dexterity needed to simultaneously paint Barack Obama as unacceptable on national security while tantalizing Democrats with the prospect of what Bill Clinton calls an "unstoppable" Clinton-Obama ticket. ..."

Obama Accuses Clinton of Using Republican Tactics
"When in the midst of a campaign you decide to throw the kitchen sink at your opponent because you’re behind, ... and your campaign starts leaking photographs of me when I’m traveling overseas ... and then you run an ad ... straight out of the Republican playbook, that’s not real change. ..."

Obama Surrogates (Military Advisors) Defend Candidate
"Seeking to further combat the Clinton campaign’s insinuations that Obama would not be suited to serve as Commander-In-Chief, the candidate was praised by three of his military advisors in a press conference in DC. ..."

What About that 'Dream Ticket'?
Clinton Now Says: "Well, you know, this thing has really been given a life of its own, ... obviously Democrats have to make a choice, ... and it's premature to talk about whoever might be on whose ticket ..."

Clinton Supporters Favor Quick Creation of "Dream Ticket"
"Fifty-nine percent of Hillary Clinton supporters favor a quick decision to form a "dream ticket" with both Clinton and Barack Obama, while a majority of Obama supporters oppose the idea and would rather the campaign for the nomination continue. ..."

Clinton's Loony Veepstakes Logic
"Obama was smart to call Clinton out for her loony veep logic; he's made it so Clinton is either "hoodwinking" voters (his term) or conceding that her rival is, in fact, experienced enough to lead the free world. ..."

Obama's Next Phase
"The 3am spot has gotten way too much ink and didn't run in Ohio at all. Obama's media team handled it brilliantly, almost instantly counterpunching. Unlike other Obama supporters, his media team didn't whine about how unfair it was they just fought back. ..."

A Battle for the Democratic Endorsement in Philly
"In fact, a recent routine meeting of Democrats in Philadelphia turned into a battleground in the race for the state's 158 delegates. ..."

Does Clinton Benefit from So-Called 'Dream Ticket' Talk?
"This kind of gamesmanship, talking about me as VP but not ready for commander-in-chief, that's exactly the kind of doublespeak, double-talk that Washington is very good at," Obama added. ..."

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