Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama News for Feb 28

Clinton Advisor: Blame Mark Penn
"Mark Penn has run this campaign,” said Ickes in a brief phone interview this morning. “Besides Hillary Clinton, he is the single most responsible person for this campaign. ..."

Someone Vandalized the Obama HQ in Gregg County Texas
"The building is not only the headquarters for Obama’s Gregg County campaign, but it is also a phone service center. Early this morning the owner, Eddie Towles and his technicians found the words “a racist” spray painted on two company vans. ..."

White Men with Obama Since the Beginning
"In fact, Virginia was neither the first state (nor even first Southern state) where Obama bested Clinton among white men. Nor was it the state where he won this group by the largest margin. Obama has been doing well with this group since the beginning of primary season. ..."

Congressman John Barrow Endorses Obama
"Today, United States Congressman John Barrow (GA-12) endorsed Barack Obama, citing his success in the Georgia primary and his proven track record of bringing change that matters to working families. ..."

A Detailed Analysis of the Clinton/Obama Race in Cartoon Form

Race, Religion, Gender Didn't Matter
"If Hillary ends up losing, it will be because she never had a vision or a message that resonated with the majority of voters and that many voters were looking for a change candidate, and not a candidate who held out their Washington experience as crucial. ..."

Method Man Vs. Character Woman
"Obama's extraordinary momentum in the last 11 primaries is partly a triumph of casting. Hillary Clinton has not found a consistent role to play either on the campaign trail or on the debate platform, and Obama has. In an age when the camera captures every detail of a person's mood or karma, Obama's consistency has given him a superior sense of authenticity. ..."

Obama Takes the Pillow, Not the Bait
"Obama’s reaction was zilch, nada, nothing. He took the pillow -- but not the bait. He handed the pillow back discreetly with no reaction. ..."

Rasmussen National Poll: Obama Opens 9 Point Lead
"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows Barack Obama opening a nine-point lead over Hillary Clinton ..."

Rasmussen Pennsylvania Poll: Obama Closes Gap to 4 Points
"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Pennsylvania shows Hillary Clinton with a very narrow advantage over Barack Obama in the Democratic Presidential Primary. ..."

Updated: Rasmussen Texas Poll Shows Obama with 4 Point Lead
"Barack Obama has moved ahead of Hillary Clinton in Texas. ..."

In Texas: Bill v. Barack
"But six days before Clinton arrived for this rally, there was another one just down the hill from UT in front of the Texas Capitol: Barack Obama's. And there, hundreds of placards emblazoned "Change We Can Believe In" popped up from a crowd estimated between 15,000 and 20,000. ..."

Obama's Post-Boomer Language
"Obama has his own round with Ellen today, and what strikes me most about the transcript is his language, and how clearly he's of a different generation from either Clintor or McCain ..."

Obama Raises "Considerably More" Than $35 Million
"Obama spokesman Bill Burton, anticipating the Clinton campaign's announcement that she has raised roughly $35 million this month, tells me that the Illinois senator has raised "considerably more than that" in the same period. ..."

Obama: "Remember New Hampshire"
"In a press conference aboard his plane on the flight into Beaumont, TX this afternoon, Obama did his best to set a modest goal for Tuesday’s vote. ..."

Tennessee GOP Pulls 'Hussein,' Obama Photo from Fiery Release
"The Tennessee Republican Party has toned down a fiery press release that included a controversial photo of Barack Obama and blasted the candidate on his stance on Israel. The release was changed after a rebuke from the Republican National Committee. ..."

Obama Dishes with Ellen on How He Quit Smoking
"I've been chewing on this Nicorette, which tastes like you're chewing on ground pepper - but it does help, ..."

The Movement and the Maverick
"McCain has identified with the war more unreservedly than any national leader besides Bush; Obama can claim to have opposed it from the outset and promises to quickly begin extricating American troops. No voter could ask for a clearer choice on how to proceed. ..."

Obama Slams Bush, McCain on the Economy
"People are struggling in the midst of an economy that George Bush says is not a recession but is experienced differently by folks on the ground. ..."

Michelle Obama on the "Fear Bomb"
"They threw in the obvious, ultimate fear bomb," Obama said of her husband's 2004 Senate race. "We're even hearing [that] now. … 'When all else fails, be afraid of his name, and what that could stand for, because it's different.' ..."

Gallup Daily Poll: No Changes
"Barack Obama maintains a 48% to 43% lead over Hillary Clinton in Gallup Poll Daily tracking of national Democratic preferences. ..."

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Toledo Blade Endorses Obama
"THE Blade has a long-established principle of seldom endorsing a candidate in any primary election. It's easy to see, however, that this isn't a typical year. ..."

Daily Show Coverage of Tuesday Night's Debate
"He's dodging everything -- oh my gosh, he sees the matrix!"

Barack Obama's Dream Ticket: Bloomberg for VP
"If he rides the wave all the way to the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama could do himself a huge favor by picking a prominent New Yorker to round out a dream ticket. No, not Hillary Clinton. ..."

Newsweek: Decoding the Debates
"Sick of hearing Chris Matthews bark about who won and who lost the Democratic debates? So are we. That's why NEWSWEEK's Katie Paul called up Allan Louden, a professor at Wake Forest, the head of the National Debate Tournament ..."

Houston Superdelegate Switches to Obama
"Democratic superdelegate and state Rep. Senfronia Thompson, of Houston, defected from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign Wednesday ..."

Pennsylvania Poll: Obama Surges
"Sen. Barack Obama, surging among younger voters, has cut Sen. Hillary Clinton's lead among Pennsylvania likely Democratic primary voters to 6 points ..."

RNC Goes On Record Denouncing the Tenn GOP for "Hussein" Use
"One day after issuing a private warning to the Tennessee Republican Party over their use of Barack Obama's middle name in a press release, the RNC this morning went public with their complaint. ..."

Tennessee GOP Attacks "Hussein" "Anti-Semite" Obama
The below-the-belt attacks begin, I guess.

Time: Experience is Overrated
"... experience itself—the raw amount of time you spend pursuing any particular activity, from brain surgery to skiing—can actually hinder your ability to deliver reproducibly superior performance. ..."

Insults, Apologies Fuel Obama's Rise
"Senator Barack Obama has accepted the apologies of three United States senators, a former senator, CNN and various lower-level supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton. ..."

As Obama Security Rises, Lapses Remain
"Yet, despite the intense security ring protecting the presidential candiate, questions remain about security, especially among the huge crowds the candidate draws. ..."

"Obamacans" Could be a Significant Force
"Republicans for Obama may have a small, yet defining voice in the remaining primaries ..."

Iraq Spat Could Be McCain-Obama Preview
"Obama made it clear that he will not back down from such a fight, issuing a quick rebuke of McCain that linked him to President Bush and the war in Iraq. ..."

Rasmussen Poll: Obama Takes 4 Point Lead in Texas
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