Thursday, February 28, 2008

News for Feb 28 (Evening Edition)

New Texas Ad

Obama Busts a Move - Again - For Ellen
"One day after Hillary Clinton appeared on Ellen via satellite, Senator Obama did the same. Last fall he danced his way out, and he thanked Ellen for the boost in the polls he says it got him. He then busted a move once again. ..."

Michelle Obama Holds Women's Issues Roundtable in Zanesville
"Michelle spoke about how she likes meeting with women all over the country because she enjoys talking about their common challenges and struggles. She tells Barack about her experiences with women so that he can "continue to be accessible to folks and still connected to what's happening on the ground. ..."

Bruce Springsteen on Obama
"I always look at my work as trying to measure the distance between American promise and American reality," Springsteen says. "And I think (Obama's) inspired a lot of people with that idea: How do you make that distance shorter? ..."

Video: Inside Obama HQ
"Charlie Gibson talks with top Obama strategist David Plouffe about the campaign ..."

Clinton Hauls in $35 Million; Obama Camp Says They'll Do Better
"Democrats familiar with the Obama campaign's fundraising operation told ABC News his campaign is expected to have raised north of 50 million dollars for the month. ..."

Obama: Best Education? Good Parenting
"Barack Obama assumed the role of Dr. Phil at a town hall meeting in Texas, where he coached over a thousand jumping and cheering people on parenting skills and healthy eating, while they listened and laughed. ..."

Obama Rebuffs Challenges on Israel Stance
"Washington Post: Growing Republican Effort To Question His Tolerance, Support Of Israel ..."

For the Record: Barack Obama
"A Closer Look At The Candidate's Background - From Local Church To State Senate To Capitol Hill ..."

Texas Republicans Cross Over to Vote for Obama
"As many as a tenth of the Texans voting in the Democratic contests could be Republicans, and overwhelmingly they favor Obama, a first-term senator from Illinois, the polls show. ..."

Democratic Intensity Shows Up At the Polls
"It is a slow but steady trickle all day long at the Hamilton County Board of Elections: The Ohio presidential primary is Tuesday, but turnout is already smashing records. ..."

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